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Blessed With One Wonderufl Sister

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Hi. This story is basically a summary of when my sister taught me about masturbating and we shared some sexy stuff together. My sister is called Ella and she is coming up to seventeen now. She is quite tall and very curvy and her breasts are not big, but a nice size that don't stand out. I'm mid-fourteen and quite short, thin, and again curvy. My chest is almost flat! I'm a lookalike of Ella at my age, but my hair is mousey and hers is brown with a reddish tint.
One day about a week ago I came home from school feeling a bit dizzy and like feeling weird in my tummy. I decided I was probably tired so figured I should have a little doze for a bit. Mom was out so I thought I'd just crash until she phoned to see how I was (she works late all week).
I was well shocked to discover Ella lying on my bed. One, she was back from college early - she has exams but still it shocked me. Two, it was my bed anyway! Three, her trousers and knickers were off and she was rubbing herself and rolling around the bed making really weird noises! I gently dropped my rucsac and went up to my bed to lie on the side where she wasn't, and to just greet her. She instantly glowed a very dark red but couldn't seem to stop what she was doing - I had no idea what was going on! It sounds weird or whatever but I actually thought she was scratching and tried to help her rub where she was doing so! It was when I felt the dampness that I started to wonder just what was going on!
I just lay there watching in interest as she started to moan and then collapse looking very embarrassed. I was intreaged, and asked her what happened. She told me, quite mumblingly I have to say, that she was playing with herself to get a really nice feeling like in sex. She admitted she'd never had it but heard about the feeling and had been doing it for a few months now and then. I didn't think of it as being really private and just blurted out that I wanted to know the feeling myself. I was totally in awe!
What happened next is my fault. I begged Ella not to go and tried to persuade her to do the feeling on me somehow - I didn't know how or even if she could, but I wanted her to try as my loving sister! She said no frequently, but I was now quite desperate to get the feeling as that stomach feeling got stronger - I figured it must all be connected somehow! In the end she left to change, locking her door behind her. I was a little cheesed off, so put on some loud music as if I was making a point!
I came down ten minutes later and she was laying comfortable on one of our velvet sofas watching TV, in a gorgeous long and figure-hugging dress she'd recently bought herself. I told her she looked lovely and she smiled back at me. Then she gestured me to come and sit with her so I happily did. She told me she'd been thinking a little and that she would demonstrate on me how to get that feeling, but she was really good because she made sure I really wanted her to and wasn't just feeling a bit silly.
So when we'd figured it seemed all good and well, she stood me up and undressed me - no stupid striptease, just her undressing me! That meant she pulled off my school blazer and tie, undid my shoes, unbuttoned my blazer, pulled off my tights, pulled down my skirt, and unclipped my bra! I must confess I was a little on edge and excited already! She lay back and pulled me with her so we were lying together my back on her front. She very gently rubbed up and down the length of my crotch through my underwear - wow it felt really good, and weird yet secure being with my sister! Already I found myself trying to resist what felt like wetting myself, yet she seemed to sense this and continued. So there it was, my first ever climax with my sister. After that she gently squeezed by little chest mounds which tickled. Finally she slipped my wet knickers off and slid a finger in and out of me and used another one to 'rub my clity' I think she said. Whatever, it felt absolutely amazing and within a minute or two I had the best rush of my life! Wow it was so great! I was shuddering and shaking from it! I was really wet by then, it was quite weird!
After that I thought I'd try and repay her for her kindness so I lay around Ella and just caressed n rubbed her gently all over. In the end I was like bouncing my bits up and down on hers thru her dress and we both had the climax together which was fun. It's probably illegal or something, but it felt amazing! I'm just lad my sister did that for me, since then I've been going three times a day or more and I love it! Cheers Ella, thanks everyone for reading!



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