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Birthday Surprise

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My wife gives me a birthday treat to remember.


My wife and I have always had a very active and exciting love life. Masturbating alone and together is a big part of our routine. We are always looking for new and unique ways to get ourselves off. It was my wife that out-did herself this time in finding a new addition to our masturbation games that we can both use and enjoy.

We have just returned from a vacation in Arizona. Our stay at one of the numerous desert resorts gave us an entire week of quiet time together to enjoy all the decadent pleasures that such time allows for. During our stay, I celebrated a birthday. We spent my birthday day playing golf, a bit of shopping for me, a fantastic dinner under the Arizona sky and what would be a fantastic evening back in our room. My wife and I have always enjoyed indulging in some mild bondage from time to time. Mostly the basic spread-eagle stuff that allows the partner to have total and complete control over the other. Regretfully, the bed in the room did not allow us the simple bondage pleasures that we normally enjoy at home. In times like this, inventive minds must make do with what is available. My lovely wife told me that I was to lay back on the bed in a spread-eagled position. She placed a pillow on both arms and legs and told me that for this time, these would be my restraints for the evening, and that any attempt to move my arms or legs would be futile. Playing along, I assumed the position. She had me put on a pair of silk boxers that she had purchased for me earlier in the day. She went to her over-night bag and brought out a blindfold that she had conveniently packed for just this occasion. Already my cock started to firm, with the growing anticipation of what she had in store for me.

Once I had taken my place, she said she was going to go and freshen up and I wasn't to go wandering off anywhere during her absence. Giggling, she jumped off the bed. I heard her fumbling around in one of the drawers for some naughty lingerie. Then I heard her head for the bathroom. Lying there, my mind began to wander as to what fiendish and erotic pleasures she had planned for me.

Soon after, I heard her move back into the room. She asked me if I was comfy and ready for something that would make my birthday one to remember. I assured her I was. I heard her rustling in her over-night bag again and then she climbed back up on the bed.

At that point, she began with little kisses on my forehead and a gentle massage of my chest. Moving down to my lips, she kissed me deeply as our tongues danced between our mouths. She moved on down my body, gently licking and pinching at my nipples. I could tell that she had brought them to full erection after only a short time.

'Oh, what's this,?' she said, see my now rigid cock straining against it's silk cage. At that point, she began to massage my hardness through the silk. The feeling was electric. Finally she relented and allowed my cock freedom from the silk confines through the hole in the front of the shorts. Stroking me softly she gently massaged her hand up and down the shaft. 'Now, baby, I'm gonna' rock your world,' she said as I felt her move away for a moment. 'You ready?' I nodded that I was. All at once I felt a coldness on my cock, some type of material, then I realised it was some type of glove. 'How's that feel? If you like this, you're going to love what comes next.'

For just a second, her hand moved from my cock and all at once I heard a soft vibrating sound. A moment later, her hand returned to my cock. She was using some type of vibrating glove to jack me with. The feeling was totally intense. My hips lifted from the bed to meet every stroke. What ever this new toy was that she had found it was absolutely mind blowing. She continued to stroke me with a bit more intensity now. I could tell that I wouldn't be able to control myself for too much longer. I told her that I would be cumming soon. 'That's OK, baby...that's the idea.' With that said, she continued stroking my cock with one hand and moved the vibrating glove hand to my engorged ball sac. Within a few seconds I began to shoot stream after stream of my hot cum all over myself, the bed and her.

'Oh, sweetheart, that was fantastic! What is that thing?' She reached up and removed my blindfold showing me the vibrating glove she had found.

'Did you like that?' she asked. I affirmed that I did. 'Good, cause I have a couple of places I would like you to try it out on me with!'

It was my turn to pleasure her for a while. That story is for another time.

For those of you that are looking for something unique and different, the massaging glove is it. After doing a bit more reseach on the item, we found that it is available in both a left and right-hand model. Upon arriving home, we've purchased one of the left hand gloves, too. Enjoy!



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