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Birthday present to my sister - 20 years later

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This story is a follow-on to the one I submitted on May 22nd where I shared a coming-of-age story about masturbating with my sister on my 14th birthday. This event happened on my sister's 36th birthday nearly 20 years later.


This is a continuation of my first story on May 22nd http://solotouch.com/story/birthday-present-from-my-sister-47769 of when I was 14 and my sister Terri was 16. Now, nearly 20 years later and for her 36th birthday, my wife Mindy and I were planning on giving her a special birthday treat – one that would thank her for one she gave me 20 years earlier!

Terri recently moved back to my hometown after being away for 5 years. She and I have always been close and I was ecstatic to have her and my wonderful nieces and nephews living only a mile from me! She’s married with four kids and now pregnant in her fourth month with her fifth. Her husband Eric travels occasionally on business and this most recent time included the weekend of her birthday. My wife, as well as being an amazing mom, loves sex and masturbation when pregnant – especially from the fourth month on. I never thought a woman could be so horny at that time but she assured me that she is not alone in having those feelings, After her first pregnancy, I was convinced her nearly daily orgasms were an extremely healthy part of being pregnant and one reason she had very easy childbirths. Her last two labors even started after intense orgasms! I had shared with Mindy my coming of age encounter with my sis and how she was the one who taught me how a woman masturbates and cums, and to be comfortable with my body. Because Terri wasn’t physically close to us, I never got to act out on my feelings once I started to fantasize about the possibilities. My wife is a bit reserved but she is extremely sexual and when I joked about “returning the favor” to Terri, she looked at me and said “Let’s do it babe!”

Let me describe Terri – she is a beautiful, curvaceous woman. Her measurements are approximately 5’9”, 40-30-48…and I love those 48” hips along with the long hair she has always had hair hanging down to her thighs. She is very athletic as she does a lot of cycling, swimming, climbing, etc. so she is in amazing shape for a lady that gave birth to four kids. I’m obviously attracted to strong big-hipped women as Mindy is 42-28-46 and 5’9” as well. When we found out her husband was going to be out of town, we asked her mom who lives nearby to be brave and babysit our 7 kids as well as having my 12 year old niece helping out. We just told the kids that Terri was going to be treated to dinner and a relaxing evening for her birthday. Mindy’s motto has always been “An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away” and boy she (or me) rarely miss a day but on Friday we talked and cuddled as usual but we intentionally didn’t do anything physical so we wanted to keep our sexual tension up high.

On Saturday, we were so pumped up and we both had energy to spare. I couldn’t believe how much my wife seemed to be looking forward to something special as she has never done anything with a lady before. We picked up Terri and brought her out to dinner. She looked stunning – without needing to do much of anything. Neither my wife or her were much into makeup or fancy clothes – they were just both physical, confident women. During dinner, Terri sat between us and Mindy and me. We toyingly eyed each other and we were all flirting like teens. Throw in a little wine and we were all feeling pretty good. When it came to dessert, we told Terri that we had a special dessert planned for her at our house. I couldn’t believe the bouncy energy my wife had – she didn’t look at all nervous. Terri looked at me , smiled and said ‘What…what are you guys up to?” and I just smiled back – “Let’s go”, I said – and we picked up and headed out.

When we got home, I immediately served up some wine and we talked for a few minutes until Mindy and I excused ourselves and told Terri we had a gift to prepare for her. Mindy and I raced upstairs, took off our clothes and put on our silk robes.

“Okay Terri – Come on up!” Mindy yelled down the stairs. I glanced over to Mindy and then realized how my heart was pounding – probably more nervousness than anything else. As Terri got to the door, Mindy asked her to close her eyes and come on in.

“Okay – you can look now!” Mindy said after we stood side by side and both slipped our robes off and let them drop to our feet.

Terri opened her eyes, awkwardly gasped and left her mouth open in surprise.

“Sis – remember the birthday gift you gave me nearly 20 years ago? It is time for a special thank you”, I said quietly.

“…and this time, Mindy wants to help!”

Terri still had her mouth open before finally muttered something like “Guys …whoa…uh...she knows about that?

“You’re darn right I do – and it makes me hot as heck thinking about you two doing that at that age!” Mindy said.

Meanwhile, my cock quickly sprang to attention to its full 7 inches. “Wow, bro – you really DID grow up!” Terri snapped back. I could see that she knew we were serious and was getting back to her normal confident self. “Mindy – you’re beautiful” she beamed at my wife, staring straight into her bright blue eyes.

“Terri – please close your eyes again – and relax”, my gorgeous wife quickly retorted.

“Terri did as told and we both started taking off her clothes – but making sure to gently touch her face, hair, her eyelids, any body part as it was revealed.

“Sis – you’re the second most beautiful woman I know”, cracking a smile at my wife. “These tits need a good licking”, I said as I admired her amazingly huge areolae and nipples.

I gently place a breast in each hand and swirled my tongue around each nipple as Mindy guided Terri down on the edge of the bed so she could finish taking off her shoes and pants. Terri’s ass was amazing – the first time I had seen it in 20 years. Four kids later, she still had firm muscular thighs, a firm up-right butt and incredibly wide, shapely hips. Terri started to quietly moan.

“Ok hon” – Terri whispered as she gently pushed Mindy down on the bed, scooting her back. I couldn’t believe how hot my wife was. I think the sight of my raging hard-on really put in in high gear.

Mindy sat against the headboard and put Terri’s head right on her lap on top of her bush. I spread Terri’s legs apart and sat on the end of the bed with my hands giving her body rubs going from her clit to her tits. Her nipples were already rock hard, her breathing was getting heavier and she started to gently sway with the motion of my hands.

As I extended my hands out, the deep aroma of her womanhood filled my senses and brought back intense memories of my first encounter with her.

“That’s it sis – you’re doing just great – just relax” I said – now feeling just amazing knowing that Terri was fully succumbing to her – and our – desire. Mindy just kept stroking her forehead and wrapping herself in Terri’s incredible long hair. I placed my hand on her clit and just like she showed me so long ago, I placed it between two of my fingers and slid my thumb into her ass. Her clit is the largest I’ve ever seen (true, I haven’t seen many but I knew that a clit standing at least 1 inch high was huge.)

“Listen, Mindy!” I exclaimed as you could easily hear the sloshing of Terri’s wetness as I stoked her clit hard between my fingers and using the extra fluid to push my thumb as deep into her butt as possible at the same time.

“My god girl – you are one pregnant hottie!! Mindy shrieked as Terri started to moan louder and louder. My wife leaned forward, putting Terri’s head down on the pillow and having her face look straight up at her pussy.

“Here, let me have a smell” as Mindy pulled my fingers off Terri, smelling them and putting them in her mouth so she could taste Terri’s juices.

“Oh Terri – you taste so good…give me more of that cum! Your brother is making you pretty hot – huh?”

I was trying so hard not to lose it right there – I’ve never heard my wife sound so hot. Suddenly I heard a shriek as Terri plunged her fingers in my wife’s pussy.

“Steve – look at what your naughty sis is doing to me!” as I rubbed Terri’s clit harder and harder.

I jumped off to the end of the bed, lifted Terri’s legs onto my shoulders and placed my hard dick on my sister’s beckoning clit and start swaying forward and back. Mindy grabbed my penis and pushed it harder against Terri’s clit as I stroked it back and forth. The head was not touching anything so the tension build-up was gradual...this was an incredible feeling as Mindy just laid her palm on top of my dick so that the underside would rub hard against my sister’s clit. Terri started shaking violently so it was hard to keep my cock on top of her clit. I wanted so bad to slip it in her pussy but I knew I shouldn’t – couldn’t do that. Terri was turning bright red and her rock hard nipples were a thing of beauty sticking out of those huge black circles around them.

My mouth started to open and my mind was growing feint. I heard Mindy’s voice fading.

“Come on Steve – let her have it – paint her!” and I felt like I was going to black out as I lurched forward and after what seemed an incredibly long time before I started to feel the contractions throughout my whole abdomen. I tried to keep my eyes open but couldn’t most of the time. Sperm flew out in line after line coating my sister’s hair, face, and tits. I just kept leaning forward, mouth agape, plunging, spurting…

“”Way to go Steve!” my wife screeched as my consciousness recovered fully. My cum was dripping off my wife’s tits and face onto Terri’s belly where line after line of cum striped from her belly button to her face and shoulders on each side. Then I couldn’t believe what Mindy did next . She started lapping up my cum and kissing Terri.

“Happy birthday Terri – I hope you liked your whip cream dessert!” I said – my voice cracking with emotion seeing how my wife was treating my sister. Terri started to sob and quietly said “I love you guys so much”. I instinctively plunged 3 fingers in her pussy and within seconds she was coming again. I took my hand out and fed my fingers to my wife as she convulsed one more time in her own orgasm. We collapsed into a pile of bodies before finally we knew we had to somehow get back to reality and get Terri back home.

Now that it is a few days later. I think about this more and I know it was the right thing to do – it was my favorite sexual event of my life and it didn’t even involve intercourse. Now true – Mindy and I had intense sex the next few days – surely thinking of this experience. Terri shared that she jilled herself countless times in the next two days and she wondered if it was too much for her pregnant body. Mindy tried to reassure her that she would be fine and she even shared with her how she had many orgasms in her 8th and 9th month.

Terri now wants to go to the next level for my birthday – getting her husband into the action and have our first 4-some. I never have experimented with a guy and I have mixed feelings but I have a feeling it would bring out intense emotion from our wives and seeing how I got so turned on by my wife’s reaction to Terri, it just might be the right incentive. I also admit that I’d love to see my wife turned by having another guy and having him cum on her. We agreed there would be no intercourse - just masturbation, cumming and quenching of thirst.

Wow – I need to take some deep breaths now…



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