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Birthday Present from my Sister

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My sister gives her shy brother his best birthday present ever.


The days leading up to my 14th birthday were not my best. I had missed two days of school out sick with a cold and I was just feeling pretty down with the teenage "I hate my looks, I hate my zits, sick of school and well just kind of sick of everything." Since I was generally shy, going through puberty about 6 months earlier was no great experience either. Sure, I masturbated but I never shared anything with male buddies so like so many kids or did anything too creative. It was pretty much once a day humping the mattress or releasing in the shower - enjoyable but generally not earth-shattering.

Since it was Friday and I was just finally recovering I didn't have anything great planned for my birthday evening. My best friend was going to treat me at the game-plex the next day when hopefully I was more up to snuff. Little did I know that my sister Terri who had just turned 16 a few weeks earlier had other plans. She is so different from me it is hard to believe we came from the same parents. She is outgoing, social, athletic, an 'A' student and has a self-confidence that drove me nuts as it always seemed like she could handle anything with ease without being embarrassed about any mistake she made. At first glance, most people wouldn't think she was gorgeous but her 5'8" frame, hair down to her muscular hips and unusual measurements (I’m guessing about 40-30-46) definitely could catch one's eye.

Near bedtime, after I received my B-day presents, I was getting ready to call it an early night. Maybe I would doze off reading one of the new books Terri gave me. I was in my nightgown when there was a knock on the door. It was Terri - and she said she had one more present for me. I let her in and returned to sitting on my bed. Then I noticed she wasn't carrying anything, was wearing her bathrobe and she was just kind of smiling in a strange way, flicking her long hair back off her face.

"Steve, I know you haven't been feeling too hot recently." "Maybe you need some extra attention - I don't remember anything too great happening for my 14th birthday so I think you deserve better"

I just kind of looked at her with this quizzical look and came back with "Can you fix my face?" I really hated my acne and was feeling more self-conscience about it.

"Oh come on - I've seen boys a whole lot worse."

"Have you ever seen a girl naked before?"

I froze - OK - I wasn't quite ready for that one.

"Uh - well not really...maybe in a magazine?" I could feel myself turning red, not believing how calmly she just blurted out that question. The internet was barely in its infancy and we had no computer yet so seeing naked women was still done the old-fashioned way by a nerd - via books, magazines and movies.

"Well, I think it is time for you to see your first naked lady" May I?

I remember quietly saying something like "and how do you propose I do that?"

With that, she calmly flipped off her bathrobe letting it fall to her feet. There three feet in front of me was my sis with no bra or panties - just standing there with her hands on her hips in all her naked glory.

"Well, bro - what do you think?"

"Uh - I - wow - amazing" I stammered feeling all kind of emotions. I was terrified but I also was mesmerized. Her hips and butt were huge - and gorgeous. She had a perfect looking triangle of pubic hair. Her breasts looked perfect - well especially since they are the only ones I'd seen up close. The nipples were large - maybe a half-inch wide with large wide areolas. I never had thought of Terri much in a sexual way but I just kept staring at her big curvy butt.

“Here is my clit which is feeling pretty horny at the moment” she calmly said as she spread apart her lips and squeezed her knob between her fingers.

“May I please see yours – handsome?” – as she glanced down at my crotch.

I hadn’t noticed how quickly I had gotten hard. I stood up from the bed and flipped my gown off and flicked off my undies. I had barely gotten them off when she exclaimed “Nice!! My bro’s all grown up!”

She reached over to the desk nearby, grabbing a ruler and quickly measured my cock.

“6 ¼ inches – very nice. You’re probably not done growing yet either”

Terri looked at me intently, saying she was “hot” and started to rub her clit in long motions with it squeezed between two fingers. Since I had never seen a clit I didn’t realize how prominent they could be. It was so quiet except for the soft squishing noise she made with each stroke.

“Here, do you want to try this?” as she paused with her bush standing maybe 6 inches in front of my face as I was seated on the edge of the bed.

I placed my fingers on each side of her clit trying to imitate what she just showed me. I couldn’t believe how warm and wet it was. She bent over putting her hands on my head and started to slowly rock and make whimpering sounds as she bent over me.

“Oh Stephen! God that feels good!”

She never called me Stephen – just Steve or Stevie. I started to feel light-headed.

“Do you like my nipples?” she said as she jutted them out over my head. They were rock hard. I rubbed one while keeping my other hand busy on her clit. With one hand she put some juice on and started to rub her other nipple. She put her other hand on my head using it to balance herself during her ever increasing rocking motions.

“Don’t Stop! I’m cumming”, Terri was nearly nearly screaming. I looked up her face which had this tortured look while she stared straight at me with her large light-brown eyes. Suddenly she sharply snapped up thrust her hips right at my face and I could feel this rhythmic pulsing gripping at my fingers. Her hair was flailing all over and she grunted. After maybe 10 seconds of rocking back and forth she finally stopped.

My hand was soaked and the smell was something I’ll always remember. I instinctively licked them and rubbed it on her breasts.

“Wow! Are you all right? I blurted. I noticed she had red blotches all over her chest and face and she was panting.

She finally cracked a smile and said that yes – women have orgasms too – and that was one of the best she ever had! She reverted to her academic self for a moment when explaining about how the nipples always get hard at orgasm, the blood rushing causing the splotches and how she gets spasms every 0.8 seconds just like a guy does which helps pull the sperm in. I couldn’t believe I was hearing this.

“Speaking of sperm…your turn!” as she firmly pushed me over onto the bed, put a pillow under my head and straightened out my legs. I had pre-cum oozing thickly out of my cock making a line from my belly button up to the tip.

“You have a wonderful cock Stephen. Someday, you’ll have this in a lucky lady making babies” she softly whispered as she took her hair and wrapped it around it along with her hands.

Her hands were incredible. It was the first time I remember anyone touching my dick.

“Oh Terri – that feels incredible.” A wave of light-headedness got to me as I tipped my head back and opened my mouth slightly. She gently used one hand to stroke just the underside from my balls to the the tip. The other hand lightly cupped my balls and her finger rubbed that magic spot right next to anus.

“Here goes” she exclaimed as she rubbed a finger in my pre-cum and gently pushed it up my ass while she was still cupping my balls with her palm.

It felt electric – I had never felt so good in my life. I was starting to lose sense of reality.

“Terri, Terri – oh oh I’m gonna…”

I think I last heard “Let it out bro” as I nearly completely blacked out. I just remember convulsing, jerking while feeling an incredible build up in my whole groin area – feeling liquid move within me. My mouth gaped open and I just felt wave after wave of intense pulsing of my whole body.

It seemed forever before I finally felt liquid splashing on my face and chest. One, two, three – I started counting and feeling blasts of liquid plopping on my chest, stomach, everywhere.

“Holy Geez!” Terri shrieked – bringing me back to full consciousness. I looked down and saw nice thin lines of cum streaking down from my chin to my belly button.

“Look behind you Steve! Holy Geez!” I couldn’t believe how shocked she looked. It then became apparent as to why when I turned around. There were four lines of sperm dripping down the headboard - I had shot clear over my head! I don’t recall ever seeing cum shoot out more than a few inches before. To this day, I’ve never come close to having that powerful an orgasm again. Of course I had never gone four days without cumming either.

“When I turned my head back to look in amazement back at the lines of cum melting on my skin, Terri was madly rubbing herself again.

“When a woman is horny like this, she can easily have several orgasms” she stuttered between her grunts. Her swollen clit really jutted out – maybe an inch? Little did I know how big she really was.

I boldly swept up some of my cum on my fingers and placed them at her lips. I loved seeing her puffy lips licking off my fingers. Seconds later – she bucked again and came…and came…wow.

Terri slowly collapsed on me during her last spasms. Her soaked crotch was on my thigh and my sperm lay between us. I gently stroked her long hair and started to jitter a bit. I couldn’t believe what happened – it was surreal. I couldn’t let go and she just breathed in time with me as we lay there a good 5 minutes just soaking it all in – definitely the best hug in my life.

“The last words I remember were something like “Never let anyone tell you that you’re ugly. Happy birthday bro”.

Fast forward nearly 20 years. Amazingly, my sister and I never did anything overtly sexual again but I still remember that day so vividly. Maybe we probably both wondered if we took it a bit far but I took a lot more interest in masturbation and sex after that point. We’ve always been close and I definitely broke out of my funk after that! She married and popped four beautiful kids from those gorgeous breeder hips. I married a woman nearly as shapely as her and we both love masturbation and have three kids of our own now.

Now the kicker - her husband is out of town on business for a week and she has had some hard luck including recently recovering from surgery. Her 36th birthday is nearly here and I wondered – should I “surprise” her with a birthday treat like she did 20 years ago for me? Maybe I should leave well enough alone and always enjoy those memories but wow I get pumped up thinking of the possibility – with or without my wife!



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