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Birthday Play

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The story that follows is based on true events that really did happen to me. Names have been changed in order to protect identities. I had fun participating then, lots of fun writing it now, and I hope that as you read this you have a little fun yourself, too.


Two years ago for my girlfriend Alana's birthday, we and a few friends including the impeccable dark haired Katherine decided to go out to a local bar to celebrate. It was one of the few dancing bars in town, although the music was by no means danceable in my opinion and we spent the greater part of the night sitting at the bar whilst talking about the finer points of life. Just before last call, we all decided to leave and go our separate ways. My girlfriend and I wound up going back to Katherine's place at her invitation. It was easy to tell that Alana was horny as all hell and was definitely expecting some kind of birthday sex that evening and as it turns out, while no actual sex was had, it was by and far a birthday to remember.

Now, let me just explain right now that Katherine, Alana and I had done things together in the past at least once prior at this point. That particular night was one that dreams are made of, but that's another story. This specific tale began when we got back to Kat's place and Alana had to use the restroom. She went in and Katherine and I sat down on her bed and discussed the night. A couple of minutes later, Alana came out of the bathroom, which was adjoined to Katherine's room, without her pants or panties on and proceeded to pretend as if everything were normal despite the fact that she was flashing both of us her cute little pussy. Katherine and I looked at each other with wide eyes and then just smiled. Alana joined us on the bed and shamelessly started to play with herself. I got hard almost immediately while I could see that Katherine was also equally as interested by the sight of her nipples poking out against the material of her tight black t-shirt.

I'm so wet you guys, Alana cooed as she was stroking away at her clit and getting visibly turned on while I was tenting to the point where it was painful so I got up and out of the bed and took my own pants off. Kat, have you ever seen a girl squirt? I asked in order to break the silence otherwise only disturbed by the sound of Alana going to town on her slippery clit. She shook her head slowly, her eyes locked onto Alana's furious assault on her pussy. Would you like to? Again without saying anything, she nodded almost hypnotically and I went into her bathroom to grab a towel since I knew things could end up a little dirty with what I was about to do.

I laid it down on the bed and scooted Alana onto it near the foot of the bed so that I could kneel down and get good position from which to work on her, by this time, soaking wet pussy. Katherine also shifted her position in order to get a better vantage point and I could see her begin to massage her cute B cup tits through her thin t-shirt as she was affected by the promise of the spectacle about to occur in her own bed.

I inserted two fingers into Alana's slick pussy hole without any further pretense which brought a deep moan from her lips as I flexed my fingers in order to apply pressure to her G-spot. With my thumb, I began to circle her clit which caused her hips to begin gyrating in time with the loud panting of her breath. I stroked her G-spot with my index and my middle fingers, alternating smoothly between the two in a motion similar to how one might pluck a bass string. I knew this was one of her favorite ways to be played with and pretty soon I was starting to feel the beginnings of an orgasm building in her pussy. I took my left hand and started playing with her clit that way while straightening my fingers out but still angling them up so that I could hit her G-spot heavily while I started to finger fuck her quick and hard. Her breathing became more ragged and soon I felt her insides ballooning out and her pussy walls begin to contract around my fingers. I started pulling out with every stroke and she sprayed her girly cum everywhere while moaning in ecstasy and clenching all the muscles in her body, causing her giant double D tits to shake with every orgasmic heave. I kept her going like this for a while until she started laughing due to the intensity of her orgasms and reached down to stop my hand and pull my fingers from her wet little hole.

I licked the cum from my fingers and smiled as Alana crawled up towards Katherine and reached out to caress her tit and leaned in to kiss her. They began making out and playing with each other's tits while I became rock hard and took off my underwear to begin playing with myself while watching this little show. I saw as Katherine's left hand travelled south down Alana's body and began to play with her pussy drawing a gasp from Alana. Ohhh, that feels so good! she moaned as Katherine began her own ministrations on my girlfriend's pussy. I was jacking off furiously by now since I was so turned on by the scene of my girlfriend being finger fucked by one of our best friends right in front of me. Ohh, I'm coming, I'm coming! Alana yelled as her hips humped into Katherine's skilled fingers and she was brought to another orgasm.

I got back into the bed on Katherine's right side and boldly reached out and began to massage her perfect little tits through her shirt while Alana moved down her body made to take the still fully clothed Katherine's pants off. I smiled slyly and said, Now it's your turn. She reacted to this by grabbing Alana's hands to stop her progress and shook her head.

I'm on my period! she said simply as explanation, her eyes looking sad and disappointed.

I grinned. You still have a clit, don't you? Alana also smiled and reached into Katherine's jeans and began to finger her clit which brought a groan and a thrusting of the hips out of her. I continued my stimulation of her tits through her shirt and leaned my head down to bite her nipple through her shirt before I reached down and lifted her shirt to give me better access to her lovely breasts. With Alana working on her swollen clit and me sucking on her rigid nipples, we together made Katherine cum in her pants as she arched her back, pushing her tits further into my face and grabbing the back of my head to hold me there. As her orgasm subsided, she released me and her body relaxed as a slack smile appeared on her lips. I gave her nipples one last kiss each before settling back on my bottom and beginning to jack off my rock hard dick while my girlfriend began to slide her hands over my thighs. I thought I was in heaven at that moment and so incredibly turned on that with every stroke, I could feel myself getting impossibly harder and harder.

Is there anything we can do to help? Kat asked in what almost sounded like a purr. She was massaging her bare tits and tweaking her erect nipples which brought another jolt of pleasure to my cock. Alana began to pass her hands over my inner thighs and to touch my balls ever so lightly as I kept up my pace and let my head fall back onto the pillow.

You two could start making out again, that'd probably get me over the edge, I suggested. They both smiled and Alana crawled up Katherine's body and gently brushed their lips together before they really got into it and started to devour each others mouths, trying apparently to crush their two separate pairs of lips into one. I increased my pace at this sight and began to breathe heavily. I felt my body tensing as my hand sped up and down the shaft of my dick and my eyes took in the scene of my girlfriend and our mutual friend's tongues performing the most sensual dance I've ever witnessed. I moaned I began to cum one of the hardest orgasms I've ever had. My dick pulsated with pleasure and spewed ribbons of hot white semen high into the air, landing on both of the girls at my side, covering them in my thick cum while they continued to make out. I groaned and smiled as I finished blowing probably the second or third largest load of my life all over Alana and Katherine's writhing bodies. They broke apart and smiled, Katherine sighing happily while Alana cuddled up to her. Happy birthday, Alana. I smiled, leaned over and kissed her softly on her cum covered lips.

Alana, Katherine and I played together a few more joyous times over these past years and every time was unique and fun as fuck. Those two hot little minxes really know how to cooperate, to say the very least. There are many more worthy tales to be told about those experiences, and more that have involved mutual masturbation since that's one of my favorite ways to get off. But as they say, that is a story for another day.



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