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Birthday Massage

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My husband left me more than ten years ago and since that time I got a good job and found a nice apartment downtown in a big city. I work with several women and one of the newest of my colleagues talks a lot about sex. Our lunches and breaks are now filled with stories about her adventures and she has been asking me lately about my own sexual ventures. She has proudly announced to all of us that she is bisexual. Sadly I have not really had a relationship since my husband left and until she began regaling me with stories and questions I had almost forgotten about my own sexual needs.

She talks a lot about masturbating and actually introduced me to this site where she has made several submissions. Shockingly some of her stories involve sex with other women; something that I have had fantasy's about but never done.

For my 60th birthday she presented me with a unique gift. It was a certificate for a home massage and she told me that the masseuse was one that she had used. There was a phone number and after hesitating for several weeks I finally called it.

On a Saturday morning after I called, a nice looking young man rang the entry bell at my apartment building and when I buzzed him upstairs he came carrying a portable massage table and a suitcase filled with other things. I was really nervous but when he told me to change into a terry bathrobe that he brought I did so, leaving my underwear on.

When I stepped out of the bathroom he had set up the portable massage table and helped me to climb onto it. He indicated that I should begin on my tummy and after I had arranged myself he began by working on my feet and my lower legs. As he moved up, he slowly pushed the robe up with his hands and things were moving smoothly until he began to work on the backs of my upper legs.

As his fingers moved up he encountered my panties and stopped his strokes. 'This will be much better without those,' he whispered. Then with a smooth motion of his hands he slipped them down and over my feet. I didn't object, mostly because as he had begun touching my upper thighs a series of electric sexual waves were coursing though me. Suddenly I was more aroused than I could recall being for years.

As his hands cupped and pressed my bottom, I struggled and stiffened trying not to lose control, but the more I tried the more aroused I became and as he moved toward the small of my back with strokes that were finding their way back to the crack between my cheeks, I gasped and lost control.

I was hoping that he hadn't noticed. No such luck. As I tried to dampen my response to my own orgasm, he returned his hands to the round curves of my bottom and added to my excitement by applying downward pressure. 'I think that you must have waited a long time for that one,' he whispered. I started to apologize but he interrupted me. 'That happens all the time,' he said. 'In fact that is the main reason that some women ask for my services. But it usually takes more than three or four minutes,' he added.

With the climax that I had told myself would not happen over, I relaxed as he continued And when he reached my shoulders he removed my terry robe from one of my arms. Then he slipped my bra off, whispering that no masseuse could work around such an impediment. As he did my shoulders and neck the waves of arousal returned, and when he asked me to turn on my back, my concerns that he might see my breasts evaporated as the robe fell to the floor.

As he worked his way back down toward my legs he stopped at my breasts and applied his smooth lotion aided touch to both of them at the same time, stopping at the end of each stroke at my nipples which were swelling under his touch.

Then he poured a puddle of his warm rubbing lotion on my tummy and began a series of circular touches that extended from just below my tingling breasts to my pubic hair. If he had any doubts about what I was hoping for, they evaporated on each down stoke when my hips rose against his fingers to make his pressure translate toward my now-wet vagina. Finally he bent over my ear and whispered 'If you would rather that I not continue with this, please tell me.'

I couldn't have said anything. I was more aroused than I had ever been in my life and about to have a second climax in just a few minutes; something that had never happened to me before in my life.

Somehow I know that my friend who sent the masseuse will be reading this when I put it up on Solo Touch and I wonder what will happen next between us. I recognize her stories and she will know who I am. Now that I have had my first (but not last) massage, I wonder if our relationship will evolve into a sexual one. I can now see that she has been gently nudging me in this direction for quite a while. Could I really be bi-sexual?



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