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Birthday Jerk

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Birthday Jerk
I am 16 and about 1 month ago me and some friends came around to my house for my 16th birthday...
We started talking about girls and if we had ever fucked any before. We got onto the subject of masturbation and we all admitted to doing it quite a lot! By this time we where very horny and hot. With no one being in the house we all let ourselves go mad........ I reached for the lightswitch, so we wouldn't get scared of what we where going to do! None of us where gay either. In the complete darkness, we reached for one another's cocks and we where all hard. Everywhere in my room you could hear loud jerkin' noises and you could here the foreskins of our cocks making a noise as they slid over the precum on our heads. After a while some of us where screaming, and really wanting more i heard the noise of one of my mates getting fucked up the bum by another boy! (you could hear the sound of his balls slapping against the guy's bum!) I was sooo horny that i went up to the guy that was getting fucked, and put my cock in his mouth. All the guys in the room gathered around where all the noises where coming from and one turned on the lightswitch, coz we weren't scared anymore.
Everyone got a partner and started fucking them, taking turns to give and receive it. A few went into the bathroom, which is nextdoor to my bedroom, to get lube. Some of them started kissing to, it was all so hot i couldn't believe it was happening on my birthday! In the bedroom now, four guys, each of them giving blow jobs and fucking, lay on my bed, my cock head was so red and had became so large after all the excitment.
It was about 11pm at night. We had all been at it since about 9pm! 2 HOURS! wow. But it still didn't stop yet, the fun hadn't ended! I went downstairs to fetch a glass. I came back up to my bedroom. I said to everyone to shoot there load, and warn me before they were going to shoot so i could catch it all in a glass. 1 person went at a time. They shot there cum into the glass. I got them to circle around me (my room is kinda big), and completely naked, i sat down on the carpet with my cock way out in the air tilted my head back and drank a hot glass of cum. It was amazing. It even tasted better than precum (and i love that)
Just like to say that we where just having fun (but we got a BIT carried away!!!!!!!)
Everyone really loved it and we may do it again



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