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Birthday for Me, Treat for My Partner

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My husband and I often fantasize about others. Me with a man, him with another girl. Sometimes, we go a little further than that. For example, I have sneaked a pair of my friends panties home before now. But, since it was my birthday...


Martin asked me what I would like for my birthday. I told him that since I have arranged for him to have the scent of another girl, perhaps he could arrange for me to have the scent of another man.

He LOVED the idea, but with conditions. No fucking. Masturbation, kissing, anything else, but no way must it go all the way. Well, sounded great to me and it was up to him to make it happen.

I had no idea who he would chose, or how he would set it up. In the end, it was a surprise beyond my wildest imagination. I have often fantasized about older men. Since I was a teenager, (and had my share of boys my age cum on me WAY before I was ready) I fancied the idea of being taken by a man older than myself.

So, I was home one afternoon when a colleague of Martin's came to call. (Martin is a pilot and I knew this guy was too. Let's call him Steven). Steven is in his mid 40s, and is a typical pilot. Mature, and very dashing and, despite his age, quite hunky. He walked into my kitchen, and just took me in his arms. He didn't say a word. His mouth was on mine and his hand quickly found my right breast, first over my t shirt and then under. I wrapped my arms around him and returned his kisses. Martin had obviously briefed him well because, between kisses, he started to talk to me in the most disgusting way, a way that always has me creaming myself. As he tweaked and twisted my nipple, he told me what a slut I was and by the time his hand had worked down into my panties, I was more than ready. I also realised that if he had tried to fuck me, to hell with the agreement, I would have gone the whole route in a second! Instead, he fingered me off to such a huge orgasm, that I squirted, something I have only ever done twice in my life before, and I think one of them might have been me peeing.

Then, with my skirt up around my waist and my panties half way down my legs, and after another crushing cum, he guided my hand to his cock. Smaller than Martin's, but fatter, I started to jack him. At one point he put it against my pussy lips and for one delicious moment, I thought he was going to squeeze it in me, in fact, I think the thought crossed his mind too. Instead, I closed my thighs around him for a moment and he slid it between my thighs before I spread my legs wide again and finished him, allowing him to spurt all over my upper thighs and right between my legs. Then, with another knee-melting kiss, he pulled my panties up and left.

Martin came home about an hour later. I was hot, sweating heavily, and, of course, had another man's copious ejaculation (Steven redefined the words 'heavy cummer') between my legs, and in my panties.

What happened next is not for here, but it was primal, savage, and rough, fucking glorious! I lost count of how many times I orgasmed.

It was lovely! More please!



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