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'Bird Watching' With Dana

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My parents own a nice beach house and every summer we would spend three to four weeks there, sometimes with friends, as you could sleep up to eight people, less if all were just adults.

One summer, when I was 17 I had one of my friends, Dana come up with her family as our families are good friends.

Now every year I would get up early of a morning, grab binoculars and see if if I could spot any topless girls just past the sand dunes, as there is the house, about 80-100m of dunes then the beach. There were some good spots for relaxing and they were relatively hidden from any lifeguards and such before they made their patrols later on in the day so the best time to get any good nudity was the first couple of hours of dawn. I had not long bought a better pair of binoculars, which allowed me to see, well far beyond than I actually needed for the occasion but extra zoom can't hurt.

I had told Dana about this and so she wanted to see if she could see any topless men as well, though they could be seen at any time of the day but I guess it was more of the fun of the chase and the off chance there would be someone a little more less clothed.

On the second morning, Dana and I were alone as our parents and siblings had gone visiting other friends for a couple days and they knew we wouldn't get up to any trouble as we were mature enough.......well almost.

Dana wakes me up not long before dawn, she just had a bikini on, I suspect she was up earlier to see if there was anyone out there but it was too dark at the time. I have breakfast while I wait for the sun to come up more and Dana is periodically going out to the balcony to see if anyone is there.

The sun starts to break but it's probably another 15 minutes before anyone would be out there. She asked what would I do if I saw any topless girls out there.

'I dunno, get hard I guess' I tell her.

She asks 'Do you masturbate?'

I go red a little but tell her that I do that afterwards.

'Would you like me to do it for you while you watch?' she asks me, looking a little too eager.

Dana is a little more forward than most people and more often than not would say what's on her mind. About a year ago I started taking interest in her as a girl rather than 'just another person with girl parts', so she asks if I want to see her naked, after a little persuasion I agree and she strips for me. Best five minutes of my life it was at the time.

I am a little reluctant, more so thinking that our family could come back at any moment, even though in reality they'd be sleeping plus they would send a message or call us first. After some pestering, I finally give in. I never had a handjob before. Just staring at Dana's perky C cup breasts were suddenly turning me on. I had to focus on other things for the time being so I could last as long as possible.

We take turns every few minutes on the binoculars to see if we can spot anyone, after a few false alarms and old semi naked people, there was eventually a girl down on the beach. Dana quickly hands me the binoculars and directs me to where she is. It's just a girl walking by herself down on the beach, taking in the dawn of the new day, has a bikini top and a towel around her waist from what I remember. Small breasts but nice beach body. She doesn't hang around long before she walks off again and disappears behind the sand dunes.

I keep scanning the area and every so often it's just girlfriend/boyfriend type couples walking along the beach in the morning. It was about 45 minutes after the sun first started rising, I was getting a little frustrated as there was normally something by now in previous years. During the time Dana had gone back to the bedroom and got out a leather glove and some lube.

'I thought it might enhance it for you' she told me. Whatever worked I guess. Even Dana was starting to get bored.

'How about we call it for the morning and do it again tomorrow, plus I think I saw a lifeguard earlier'

If there was indeed a lifeguard, that would end our fun earlier than expected but I kept at it and said if nothing happens in the next 10 minutes then we'll call it for the morning. I furiously scan back and forth for anything good, getting even desperate for a bikini clad girl but still nothing.

'Four minutes left J.D.' Dana told me, I was starting to get anxious. I couldn't zoom in too far as slight movements made it hard to stay in one spot and I didn't want to zoom out too far in case I missed anything.

'Two minutes J.D.'

I was actually starting to get nervous as I really wanted to see something and I don't know when I would be able to get a handjob from Dana again.

Then just off in the distance I see four people coming towards the spot. It was four girls!

'Yes!' I say in excitement and almost instantly my cock gets rock hard.

Four young looking girls, late teens by the looks of it, all beach babes. One is relatively small busted, no bigger than a B, two girls were between C and D and the fourth girl, well she was massive. She obviously had implants, they were like massive melons, she made C & D look like beestings at the distance I was at. At least a G cup, probably. I didn't care how or why she would want to have tits that big, all I cared was if I could see them naked.

I heard Dana put on the glove and I felt her slide my boxers down and then squeeze some lube into her gloved palm.

'Let me know when to start'

It was a rather dumb thing to say considering I was rock hard, I didn't say a thing as I was far too engrossed at staring at Melon tits. It wasn't long before I felt Dana stroking me. At the same time I was staring I was hoping that I'd last long enough to make it worthwhile.

The other three girls all take their tops off, run round and chase each other while ending up taking each others tops off. A little bit of breast grabbing ensues while Melons stands there and laughs at them while it's going on. After their tops are off, they run around and tackle each other for a bit while Melons continues to laugh at the escapades.

This is when they gang up on melons. She starts running away from them and around in circles, or as much as she can with those large breasts. I hear the occasional squeal in the distance and random noise but I can't hear any actual words. While melons is running around with those large tits bouncing and jiggling, I start to get closer to the edge so I tell Dana to go a little faster.

Eventually the other three manage to catch melons and force her to the ground, where unfortunately the dunes block my view so at this point it's up to my imagination to fill the gaps.

I hear squealing and all sorts of noises from that direction so I begin to imagine that C & D are sucking on her large tits while she fingers them and B is fingering melons. I tell Dana to slow down a bit as I start to get close to cumming.

Eventually melons gets up first and brushes herself off, only now she is pantiless as well.

Then I hear shouting from one of the other girls, I can just make out the words Big and Clit, whether or not it was in reference to melons having a big clit or any one of them or just clit and big tits or whatever the context, I didn't know but just the thought of melons having a huge clit as well was starting to drive me a little wild again, plus with melons being stark naked, I could see that she had a dark patch of pubic hair around her pussy, it looked to be well maintained as I tried to zoom in but she moved and one of the other girls got in the way.

I lost sight of them for a moment while I readjusted and zoomed out a bit but when I found them again, it appeared that B was sucking on one of Melons' tits while the other two looked on and seemingly giggled like little school girls.

C and D then began sticking their chests out, walking around appearing to imitate melons with her big tits. I moved my sights off melons and started watching them walk around with their breasts jiggling. I was starting to get real close to cumming, no matter how slow I got Dana to stroke me. When I focused back to melons, B was getting up from her knees. I could only imagine what happened just moments before, I would of like to think that B did some tongue exercises on melons' nether regions. Regardless, Melons was looking rather pleased.

All four of them then got in a circle and held arms and started jumping up and down. Melons was the one that I could see the best and when they were doing that, I asked Dana to go as fast as she could. Unfortunately for me I was done about 20 seconds later while the four girls spent another two to three minutes down on the beach. Though before they left, I saw that each girl was doing star jumps in front of each other, I guess so that they could watch and compare each others' breasts and movement.

As big as melons was and fun watching them bounce up and down, D had the best breasts as she was rather cute and kind of looked like Dana a bit, not that I told her that part.

Once they left, I started looking for the spot where my cum landed so I could clean it up quickly but when I looked there wasn't anything, not even on the hedge in front of the balcony. I look back at Dana and she has a clean glove, she's just wiping off any remaining lube, so I ask her where did my cum end up.

She says it went into the hedge but even I knew that not all of it would have gone in there plus I couldn't see any evidence of it ever being there, near where I was standing. Even to this day she still sticks to her story but I strongly think that she had it for herself and it was the first time that she had it and enjoyed it because as far as I knew later on she had no issues about giving pleasure to me and other guys and not leaving any evidence.

For the rest of that holiday though, that was the only thing I masturbated to the whole time, even had a few dreams about meeting the girls down at the beach. They never did return as I was up every morning at the crack of dawn and when I couldn't get to the balcony, made my best effort to view from my window.



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