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Biology Lesson

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I never looked at Mr. Churchill the same again.


I will never forget the first time I saw sexual action, it has left a lasting impression on me and has formed the basis for my fantasies and my own sex life. I was still going to prep school (high school) when I came home unexpectedly. For some reason, we had an early dismissal, and I went straight home. I was not expected, and I guess I didn't make much noise when I entered the back way. I heard conversation in the parlor and I recognised the voice of Mr. Churchill, our neighbor talking to my mum. The closer I got to the parlor, the more I realised it was not a normal discussion. They was talking loud and in choppy sequences. I was curious so I silently looked into the room while keeping out of sight. I was shocked (to say the least) to see Mr. Churchill with his pants down and my mum with her hand on his cock. At first, I couldn't believe my eyes. But then I heard my mum saying things like, 'your cock is so hot....it feels so good...I love to slide your skin up and down...'

I had never seen a rigid cock before in my life. I was fascinated. Of course, I had seen my dad naked on occasion (rarely) but never in a stiff state like that, and I have seen penises in textbooks and drawings, but never like this. My first thought was, Oh my god, what would my father think if he ever found out. That is when I heard my father encouraging my mum to jack him off and make him come. Then my dad walked over to my mum and lifted her hem to expose her wetness, she had no knickers. My dad had no clothes on and his cock was standing tall. He must have been rubbing his cock because it was all red and looked slippery. I couldn't believe I was an eye-witness to this activity with my own parents, but I could not look away. Mr. Churchill reached for my dad's cock and stroked its length making my dad moan and thrust toward Mr. Churchill. They were both moaning and my mum kept saying things. Some of the things she said, I don't even remember, but I know she was encouraging them to come.

I had heard stories about such things, and I had read descriptions of the sex act in textbooks, but had only imagined what it must be like. I somehow knew that to 'come' must be what I had heard referred to as the climax when the man squirts his semen, but this again was only in my imagination. I guess I lead a sheltered life (until then). The pace picked up and the talking got louder. Mum's hand was a blur on Mr. Churchill's cock and Mr. Churchill's hand was flying up and down on my dad. All of a sudden, dad let out this primal scream and started jerking his body I looked down just in time to see this white stuff some streaming out of his cock in big arches hitting Mr. Churchill's chest and all over his hand. Mum was saying Yes! Yes! That's it baby... and stuff like that. That is when Mr. Churchill's cock erupted and my mum squeezed out the last drops. Mum let go of Mr. Churchill's cock and sat back and started rubbing her crotch. Dad and Mr. Churchill both got close to watch, and that is when I thought I better leave and go back out the backway before anyone discovered me.

They were so intense in what they were doing I think I could have walked right into the room without being noticed. But I didn't want to take any chances. I spent the rest of the afternoon away and when I came home I acted a though nothing happened. I could never have let them know what I saw, but I have thought about it often. I think I had the best biology lesson a girl could ever ask for. To this day, that one encounter has formed my own sexual appetite. I love to jack off cocks and I love to masturbate while they watch me. I love the feel of the cocks sliding through my hand and the increased tempo of moaning and the ultimate squirting. I guess I'm very much like my mum, and loving it.



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