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Biology Boneuhoney

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I didn't complain when Kathy and I got into a pissing match!


The first time I noticed her in my biology lecture I found it hard not to stare, especially as she was sitting next to me. She was about 5 ft 4, maybe 100 pounds with a lovely curvacious figure, especially those hips and arse which looked fantastic under the jeans she was wearing. Her breasts looked pert and upright under her sweatshirt. She had a sweet set of lips and those green eyes under straight eyebrows smiled with just a hint of mischief. Her brown shoulder length hair looked just right as it framed her face. About ten minutes into that first lecture she leaned across to me and quietly asked to borrow a pen. She smelt clean and fresh. Her warm smile produced her a pen and a hint of a hard on in my pants. After that we struck up a conversation.

Her name was Kathy, 20 and, as it turned out she was living in a small apartment of her own not too far from my flat. This was her first year away from home. I told her a little about myself, but I didn't press. For the next few weeks we nodded and smiled at each other and I finally decided I should see about having more than a nodding aquaintance. Next chance I got I managed to squeeze into the place beside her before some other bloke I'd noticed sniffing around got in.

She smiled 'Hi, are you chasing me?' she whispered. Without really thinking I said 'Hell yeah!' She pouted with a hint of a smile 'Hmmm, at least you're honest.' Then came a lovely grin. I felt on top of the world when she agreed to join me for a coffee in the varsity cafe later.

Late afternoon and we were wandering home through the park; it was cool and there weren't many people around. We had got to one of the shady bush walks and were about 100 yards in when Kathy stopped. 'I hope you don't mind' she said urgently, looking around she moved to a small ditch at the side of the track. 'Could you keep an eye out.' With another sweet smile she handed me her bag then kicked off her shoes. unzipped her jeans and dropped them to her ankles. Her lacy white panties followed. She stepped out of them and stood astride of the ditch. Her pubic hair was black and naturally curly and her pussy lips were a lovely warm pink As I watched with my heart doing loops and my cock stiffening rapidly she peeled back her labia and a stream of silver-yellow water flowed from her hot, deep pink vulva. I could see right in and she didn't mind! She looked at me, this time almost looking shy. ' Sorry, I just had to go; I hope you don't find this disgusting?' What could I say? I was so turned on! And I knew she knew it.

I found myself thinking 'If it's good enough for her!' Putting her bag down I moved closer to her and dropped my trackpants and boxers. Holding out my erection I started peeing into the ditch. Kathy laughed as our combined pee turned into a puddle, and she lifted her hips so I could see her open cunt more clearly. As the last trickles dripped from our genitals Kathy bent over to pick up her bag. I ran a hand over her gorgeous buttocks, enjoying the feel of her firm, warm skin. She pulled out some tissues and started wiping her cunt, then she said 'I don't mind you doing this.' and handed me the tissue. I stood close in front, gently rubbing up and down her slit. Meantime Kathy was holding my cock with one hand and gently wiping my tingling bulb with another tissue. God it felt so fucking good! She blushed when I kissed her on the lips. Her tongue slid into my mouth. I eased a finger into her vagina, eliciting quiet moans from her. 'Not too hard, she likes to be touched gently.' She murmered. Just then we heard voices!

Kathy and I grabbed our stuff and made a mad scramble for the bushes! Seconds after we found cover several middle aged people came wandering slowly past, admiring the flowers, yakking away.

Fortunately we'd found a patch of long grass so we were reasonably comfortable sitting on her jeans and my trackpants. I could feel Kathy trembling beside me, trying not to fall about laughing. I was feeling the same way.

She spluttered a little when I gently patted and rubbed her bare mound. Her small fingers walked up my penis, and she teased my pubes. Then she gently wrapped her hand around my shaft and started a slow rythmic wank. Normally when I wank I like a little lubrication-but hey! why complain when a sweet girl is doing the pleasuring? I started gently sliding my fingers in and out of her slippery hot little honey pot. The people were still out on the path and we had to be sooo quiet...Kathy's fingers found the dribble of pre-cum oozing from my slit and I had to stifle my giggles by burying my face in her panties! They had such a lovely, warm, womanly scent. I was looking forward to burying my face and tongue in the snatch that they clung to! At the thought of that a deep, hot surge ran through me. With a suppressed grunt I spurted my wad. Kathy blushed furiously at the sight then lay back and pulled up her sweat shirt and bra. By now the oldies had gone. For the next half hour or so I got to suck and slobber over her gorgeous nipples and breasts, then I was allowed to tease her tiny clit. I wasn't allowed to stop until I'd made her cum twice.



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