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Bill the Bully

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When I was thirteen, I had a classmate, named Bill, who was the class bully. He picked on and beat up boys who had not learned how to defend themselves, including me. I therefore avoided him as much as possible.
One Saturday afternoon, I was walking in back of one of the school buildings next to the athletic field when, all of a sudden, I saw Bill walking directly towards me. I had no choice but to say hello. He stopped me and asked what I was doing. I answered, 'Just fooling around,' and he said that he was doing the same thing and that we should fool around together. In fear, I didn't know what to say except 'OK.'
Bill said he needed to pee and we should go into the basement of the school building, the basement being accessible by an outside door. Not knowing what to do, I followed him through the outside door, down some stairs into the basement. Upon arriving in the basement, I observed that the room, which was dark and gloomy, looked like a locker room, complete with lockers, showers, toilets and a massage table. Bill explained that visiting football teams used the locker room to dress before the game.
I asked Bill what kind of fooling around he wanted to do. He suggested that we could jerk off together. Upon hearing this, I immediately lost all fear of Bill. I walked over to him and softly put my hand on his crotch. I looked him straight in the eye and said 'Would you like me to jerk you off?' He said nothing, but the swelling in his crotch told me his answer.
Slowly and carefully, I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his fly and slid down his trousers and under shorts. Out sprang his swollen, throbbing penis. His prick was a dream: a long, thick, fully erect member protruding upward straight as an arrow. It was the biggest thing I had ever seen! The penis head was all purple and pulsing. I took my left hand and cupped his testicles. My right hand encircled his penis and I slowly started stroking his member. I could hear his breathing increase and I then sensed my own erection. I couldn't believe my luck.
I told Bill to remove his shoes, trousers and under shorts and lay down on the massage table. The massage table was narrower than most, so there he was, laying on his back with his head on a pillow. Both legs were dangling over the sides of the table and his fully erect penis was staring straight at the ceiling. In a small cabinet next to the massage table I found a bottle of baby oil. I climbed onto the table kneeling, facing Bill. I applied a generous amount of baby oil on my hands. I cupped his testicles in my left hand and encircled his enormous penis with my right hand. I started jerking him off with slow, intense stroking motions.
I couldn't believe how beautiful his fully erect penis looked. His pulsing member seemed to expand in my hand! In a few moments, his breathing and his soft moans told me that he would climax soon. I stretched out, stomach down on the table and enclosed the head of his penis in my mouth, my tongue encircling the crown of his member. I stroked his penis softly up and down with my mouth while applying a slight sucking action. From his testicles I felt the beginning shudder of his climax and then he exploded his cum into my mouth. I swallowed hard and continued to milk his penis with my mouth until he couldn't take any more. I didn't lose a drop of cum!
When Bill recovered, he offered to reciprocate, but I suggested another day when he was really horny. Although we never met like that again, Bill never bullied me again!



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