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Bikini Shopping

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My sister and I live together in a condo to save on money. Two weeks ago my sister had to go into work on a Saturday and told me if Beth came by to tell her she had to go into work. I was eating breakfast when the door bell rang. I answered it and Beth brushed past me and started to yell for my sister. I told her she was gone and she tried you on your cell. Beth pouted and asked if I was busy today. I said I wasn't going shopping with her. Beth said she was looking for a few bikini's. Beth was very good looking and seeing her in a bikini always made me hard. I asked what was in it for me. She came over and whispered I could check her out in a bikini in the dressing room. I ran up the stairs and changed and told her I would drive. Beth loves to tease me and once caught me jerking off. She never told my sister but always joked about it.

We went to a surf shop that had great deals and off she went. I found a few shorts and went try them on. As I was pulling down my shorts Beth comes into dressing room. I yell at her and she tells me I have the biggest room and she didn't want to wait in line. Plus she tells me she has already seen me naked. I tell her okay and change and try on a pair of shorts. Beth tells me very nice and I then try on two more and she tells me she likes them. I then sit on the stool naked and tell her to try on her stuff. Beth looks at me and I say she has seen me now it's my turn. Beth smiles and takes off her shirt and shorts. I start to get hard and place my hand over my crotch. Then she takes off her bra and panties and I let out a moan. Beth is smiling and tells me to put up my hands. When I do my dick springs out. Beth comes over to me and is a foot away and asks in a low voice if I am horny. I nod yes. She then stands right in front of me and lift my head and kisses me. My hands goes around her and I bring her in tight. I feel her soft skin and when I break our kiss I look down and start to kiss her breast. Beth moans and a worker asks if were okay. I look at Beth and tell her to get dressed we are going to my place.

After arriving at our condo we head up to my room and strip. I then set up a chair and sit in it and Beth gets in front of me. I kiss her breast again and then the other. Beth moans and guides my head from one to the other. I stand and Beth touches my dick tells me how big I am. I smile and tell her she is beautiful. We go to my bed and lay down and start to explore each other. Beth starts to rub my dick as I start playing with her pussy. I am getting close and Beth asks me to lay back and starts to rub me faster. In a minute or two I cum and Beth asks if I needed that. I look at her and say I usually jerk off thinking about you doing this to me. I then clean up and start to rub her mound. I get her nice and wet and then start to rub her clit. Beth moans and says yes and then she has an orgasm. We lay in bed and dose off.

I wake later and see I am spooning Beth and my dick is hard again. I love the feeling of her and when I try to move she tells me to stay. I do and when she rolls over my dick is pointing right at her. She laughs and asks if I plan on using my weapon. But as we lay in bed cuddling my sister walks in. We look at her like deer in headlights and I start to say sorry. My sister smiles and says it's about time and shuts the door.



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