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Biking Arousal

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Oh man, did something that caused me to get very aroused & turned on by last night coming home from work.
It started off as a rather nice nice sunny warm day...so I decided to cycle to work for a change. But - since the forecast called for rain showers later in the evening, I through my rain gear in my knapsack (which proved to be a good thing).
So - now I am at work. A couple hours into the evening, I took a break and went out to the staff lounge. As I walked out of the office door and looked outside.......it was raining. After the break and back to work, I took my 2nd break (the longer one of the 2 for dinner). By this time - it had stopped raining and the streets, etc had dried up even. So - I thought to myself...No problem, i'll maybe get home before it rains again. NOT!
Went back to the workroom where the photocopiers are and was working away. The night cleaner came by doing her tasks; vacuuming, etc. I was so into the routine I had going, with pulling the copies off the copiers, bundling them, etc.... I just totally lost track of time. By the time - I had gotten everything done it was almost 10:30.
I headed out of the office area and saw through the windows of the main doors to the building that it was raining again. I walked into the staff lounge and bought a drink. There, too I also saw, Gloria, the cleaner (who was on 1 of her breaks). We chatted for a bit , then she said, 'aren't you going to get soaked riding home?' I said; 'Nope, I brought my rain gear with me.'
So - just b4 I was going to go change into my rain gear. I saw Gloria carrying 5 bags of garbage out the door. I said; 'here - i'll help you with those.' She stopped (holding the door open with her foot - to make sure she had her keys), but I kept going. Just as I passed the overhang - the skies opened up. It lasted for a few minutes only though.
After we got the garbage out to the bin and ran back, I grabbed my bag and went to the men's room to change. Here - is where the arousing fun comes in! Every piece of clothing I had on was soaked - so I peeled it all off. I had a towel in my bag, so I dried off and slipped on my rain pants and top (was still naked underneath though). When I walked out and around the corner - Gloria was standing behind the reception desk (she had also changed into dry clothes).
Anyway, as I stood there talking to her - I could feel my cock starting to get a little stiff. Eventually, I finally did leave the office and went out into the drizzle, unlocked my bike and rode off towards home.
Whether it was the fact of lack of clothing under the gear, or the cool air -- I was totally hard and had a huge tent sticking up in my pants. Before - injuring myself or something ... I decided to jerk off. So - I rode onto a path through some tress (a shortcut) and since I knew I was all alone -- I stopped and got off my bike and walked over to a bench. I sat on the bench and slid my pants down and jerked off. After I shot my cum, I sat there in the rain, resting an saw my hard cock go limp.
I pulled my pants back up and got back on my bike and continued home.
Ok, now people -- if u ever want to feel very very aroused.... the next time you ride your bike to work, etc and it rains. Just take off all your clothes and slip into your rain gear (the pants and pullover top - works best) and go ride in the rain......au natural under your gear. It is a great rush and thrill. If it worked for us guys...then it should surely be as good or even better for the ladies.
If anyone has ever done this before - post your experiences here. would love to read about them!



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