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Bike Riding Can Be so Exciting

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This happened a few years ago. I love to ride my bike around with some short, thin bathing suits that I have that lets my cock hang out a little and let some women see it.


I was riding around on my bike and the shorts I was wearing were very short and the leg bands were loose fitting so my cock and balls would easily work their way out of them. I usually put a couple of woman's ponytail bands on, at the base of my cock and under my balls, as cock rings. They work really well because they provide even pressure and make my cock and balls really swell up. The head gets really fat and purple from all the blood being kept in it. I also keep my cock and balls clean shaven. All the women that have seen me seem to like it that way. Anyway, I rode through this shopping center parking lot looking for a nice young woman to ride by so she could see my cock. I circled around for awhile searching and did ride by a few women that saw me. They just smiled then glance down at my cock then back up at me and just acted as if they had not seen anything and went on their way.

Then I saw this beautiful young woman in her late twenties or early thirties coming out of the grocery store pushing a basket. I rode slowly by her as she walked toward me. She smiled and I said 'Hi!' She said Hi! In return as she glanced down and saw my cock which was rock hard and sticking about half way out of my shorts. She looked backed up at me and just smiled and continued for her car. She was about 5 1/2 feet tall, long brown hair with a gorgeous face. She had on a thin white spandex halter top that you could clearly see her nipples through and an extremely short pair of flannel PJ bottoms that fit like a glove. You could tell she was either not wearing any panties or she had on thongs by the way the seam was tucked all the way up the crack of her ass. I wanted this beautiful creature to get a much better look at my cock so I turned around and followed her. She reached her car opened the door and started putting away her groceries. I pulled my bike up to the car next to her and propped my foot on the rear bumper and said 'hello'. She responded very warmly and I told her she was one of the most beautiful women that I had ever seen and that she had a body that could make time stand still. (It may sound corny but she liked it.) She blushed and told me I had just made her day. She said it had been a long time since anyone had paid her such a wonderful compliment. She had glanced down at my exposed cock (which was almost all the way out of my shorts from the way I had put my foot up on the car bumper) several times while we were talking. I introduced myself and she stepped over and shook my hand and said her name was Jamie. I held her hand for a minute and she didn't try to pull away. While we talked she took several long looks at my cock and I could tell by how hard her nipples were that she liked what she saw.

She finished putting away her groceries and it had started to sprinkle. Jamie asked my how far I had to go to get home. I told her it was several miles. She said it looked like it was going to rain really hard and if I wanted I could sit it out with her, in her car. I gladly accepted and as we got into her car it started to pour down rain. As I got in I made sure that most of my cock and part of my balls were sticking out of my shorts before she got in on her side. As she got in she said 'Wow! We just made it. You would have drowned trying to ride home in this.' As I was thanking her I could see that her gaze was fixed on my cock and balls. I asked her if she liked what she saw and she just nodded. Then she asked me if I always rode around exposing myself like that and I told her as often as I could. My cock was really throbbing now and I looked down and a huge drop of precum was leaking out. I asked her if she would mind if I took care of myself so I wouldn't have to ride all the way home like that. I told her no one had turned me on like she had in a long time. She said she would love to watch me do myself. She said she had never seen a man do that before and as hard as it was raining no one be out there to see me. I asked her if she would join me and she said maybe, but for me to start and she would think about it.

I had this snap on waist bag that I carried some lube in and I took it out. I took my shorts off and completely exposed all my cock and balls to her. She said 'that's really nice. Now I want to see you do yourself.' I put plenty of lube on myself and started stroking my cock. Jamie said 'I am 28 and have never seen a man do that to himself. That is so hot. I love watching you do that. Can you make yourself cum like that?' I assured her I could and it wouldn't take long with her watching me. I notice her hand had found it's way into her PJ bottoms and she was working herself too. I ask her if I could please watch what she was doing and she pulled them to one side and I saw that she wasn't wearing any panties. The light brown pussy hair around her swollen lips was all matted and wet and she started to work her clit at the speed I was pumping my cock. In just a few minutes I was done and told her I was going to cum. She just stared at my cock as the cum first squirted then just flowed out all over me. Her eyes closed and her hand was moving at the speed of light, then her whole body went rigid and she screamed 'OMG! I'M CUMMING.' After a long pause she said, 'I have not cum like that in a long time.' I told her it was very good for me too.

She said she didn't have a phone, but wanted to see me again. I gave her my number and hoped I would hear from her soon and I did but that's another story.



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