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Biggest Fright, Biggest Turn On

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I have become something of an addict regarding masturbation in public places. 'Daring', I suppose is the word, because I do not try to do it so that no one can see. Quite the opposite.


I love masturbating in public places, and preferably, places that are 'charged' sexually. There are car parks in Brighton (UK) that, at night, are used by couples to have sex with others watching or even joining in. I tend to go there some weekday evenings. (The sex happens mainly Friday and Saturday night) I walk around looking at the discarded condoms and panties, and get horny. This usually ends up with me masturbating leaning back on my car. Other times, there is a lovely meadow near where I live with a wood. I like going there too. A couple of times lately, I have laid down on a railway embankment and masturbated as trains go past. (That REALLY is horny.)

So three evenings ago, I had gone to the car park. I know it is frequented by people I would not normally want to know, but something in it attracts me. I had wandered around as usual, and as usual, was getting very wet and horny. I decided that I would masturbate in my car as it was a little cold that evening. I got in the car and wriggled out of my dress, (I don't wear a bra) and then my panties. I lay back in the seat and began to rub. Now and then I would look around although I knew it was most unlikely anyone would be there. I loved it. I could see used condoms and although that sounds pretty tacky, at that point I found it horny as all fuck.

I closed my eyes and imagined me being there on a Saturday, being fucked by any number of strangers. (Actually I also thought about being taken forcibly too) I was getting deliciously close and I had opened my eyes one last time before cumming.... and stared straight into three faces standing right next to my car and leering in at me. I glanced at the central locking but I figured as soon as I reached for it, they could get the door open first. So I took a deep breath and decided just to carry on. One of them tapped on the window and pointed at the door handle. (By now I was pretty scared) I shook my head. Instead of him opening it anyway, he smiled and mouthed 'OK'. Something about that gave me some confidence.

I wound my window down a crack and said 'You guys can watch, but there will be no touching or fucking. That ok?' One of them said, 'Can we jack off?' I said 'Sure.' (I learned that there seems to be a code of conduct for this kind of thing.) I wound my window down and went back to my fingering. From time to time I would hear them grunting and I would look at three very hard cocks all because of me! I said 'Ohh fuck, I'm gonna cum.' And then I felt a rope of cum hit my tummy and thighs, followed by many many more. Some went onto my breasts, some on my tummy and thighs and some even landed on my cunt. That only sent me off into an even higher orgasm. You know what happened next? They actually thanked me in turn and left. So polite.

So I lay there, covered in cum from three total strangers. I had to cum again so I used it as lube for my fingers and enjoyed five more orgasms. Then I did something I know is kinda kinky. I got out of the car, stark naked, and, still standing, I peed. (I love pissing like that)

I drove home (only a short distance) still naked. When I got into bed, I phoned my boyfriend and told him what I did. Ten mintues later, I was getting the fuck of my life.



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