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Big Soft Girl

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She likes a man who's proud of his manly equipment. She likes to see a man who can show her how much he likes her, show her how good she makes him feel. She likes to see a man who trusts her. She likes to see a man open up to her. She likes to see a man with his legs spread wide apart, and his cock standing up proud and pink and purple for her.

'Oh, do I make you feel like that?' she says shyly, looking bashfully and innocently at the aching, bursting, delicate, senstive need that she's made to flower so brazenly between my legs and in full view of her admiring gaze.

'Oh it's so big and so beautiful,' she says. 'How good do I make you feel?' she asks. 'How much do you trust me? Do you trust me enough to show me everything? To show me how proud you feel? Would you show me everything if I wanted to see it, if I asked you to show it to me? Would you show me everything that a man has to show? Everything that a man has to give a big soft girl like me? Would you put on a show for me? A special show? Show me how good I make you feel? Show me what I make you want to do? Don't you want to do it? Don't I make you want to do it? Come one now, my big boy, show me how you do it. I want to see you. I want to watch you.'

She smiles sweetly and knowingly as she watches me grasp my achingly sensitive cock with my fingers and begin lightly stroking it. My cock rears up even more at my touch.

She smiles and whispers, 'Oh, look at you! You look so proud and so wicked taking your pleasure like that right in front of me. You're such a naughty boy to be showing yourself to me like that. How does it feel to be showing yourself like that to a pretty little girl like me? You look so proud and hot and totally into it, totally into your pleasure and your exposure. You like showing me your pleasure, don't you? You'd like to show me what a big man you are, wouldn't you? You'd like to show a sweet innocent little girl like me what a big full-grown man like you can do, what he has to offer, all that he has to offer, wouldn't you?

I feel the warmth of her smile and her soft glowing eyes on my face and my naked body, and finally I feel it between my legs where my fingers are softly, gently stroking on my delicate, sensitive, pink fleshy flower. My whole being surges down in between my legs. I give in to it. The spotlight of the big soft girl's attention gently warms it as she smiles and her eyes twinkle. This external warmth kindles a reciprocal warmth inside me and the warmth between my legs becomes increasingly hotter and thicker. It becomes more and more concentrated and focused on the proud hot pole standing straight up from between my legs.

Her soft loving expression continues to bathe me with its radiance. She whispers, 'Are you ready? Are you ready now to show me everything? Do you dare to do it? Do you dare to trust me by showing me your most private tribute and gift? Once you do, there will be no going back. You will be mine and I will own you, own a part of you that you can never take back. Will you allow me to be there, to be present during your most intensely private and personal moment?'

She lifts her gaze from my stroking fingers on my proud member and looks up into my face. I let myself go over the edge and hunch forward and shudder, emptying myself, emptying my soul out from deep down in the center of my being in thick hot spurts that plop & spatter on the floor. I look deeply and fully into her soft angelic face and surrender to her totally, trusting her totally. I hold nothing back; I give her everything, my most private essense, my innermost soul.

When I am done I sag forward in my chair, my cock drooping and oozing. She gets up and gives me a soft kiss on my cheek and murmurs, 'Good boy, good boy. What a lovely big mess you've made in my honor. I love you. And don't forget to clean up.' I give out one last shuddering spasm and one last glob of cum surges sluggishly out of the tip of my cock. I hear her giggle softly and she pads barefoot down the hall. Then I hear 'The Simpsons' come on in the other room.



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