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Big Screen Tv

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Sometimes I walked home from school with this kid Gary who lives just a couple of blocks from my house but we didn't hang together much because we had different friends and classes. So one day he told me they just got a big screen TV and I had never watched one and asked if I could come over and watch it some time. He said sure, and one day I went over after supper and we watched a game. He was sitting the whole time in his jockey underpants which I didn't care, but was surprised because his parents were in the room a lot and his sister too. In my family you couldn't do that. And also for a long time he just had his hand inside his underpants and was like holding his dick. He wasn't exactly jerking but he was moving his hand very slow and I could tell he was keeping his dick puffed up but not hard.

I went over again on Saturday night and just knocked on the door. He wasn't expecting me but his mom answered and said he was watching TV and I could go in. So I did and he was again sitting in his underpants and right there on the other side of the couch was his dad who was sitting in his boxer underpants. Gary was happy to see me and told me to sit and watch with them. His dad paid no attention to me. I sat between them and even with his dad right there Gary had his hand inside his briefs like the time before. I couldn't pay much attention to the program because it was so intense I was getting hard but trying not to. Also the trap door on his dad's boxers would come open a little when he moved and I could get a glance at his dick which was fat and hairy.

After maybe a half hour his dad started to doze off and as he slouched in the sofa I could stare at his dick and balls up his boxer leg. I was wearing loose shorts with no underpants and I put my hand down the waist and was holding my own dick just like Gary did and gently rubbing it just a little too. Gary didn't seem to care or even notice. There was this movie on and it had a sexy scene come up. It was not that great and if I was not so horny then it would not have done much for me but the way things were, I was starting to lose precum. By then Gary was noticing me because I made little sounds that I couldn't help and moved my hand harder, and my dick hole was making this little clicking sound like it does when I start to get wet drops coming out. Gary said 'You must really like the movie'. His dad was still asleep and snoring so I whispered to Gary that I was getting wet with pre. Then he said 'Look' and he showed me he had a wet spot on his underpants and said, 'Me too. Come with me'.

We got up and he led me outside to their lawn. It was a nice warm night with moonlight and he was still in his underpants. Anybody from the road could have seen if they had looked. Then he wrestled me to the ground and we really wrestled for a while. He definitely had the advantage because he was a good wrestler. And when he really had me and was on top of me he put his hand down my pants and started squeezing my balls. Just hard enough so it would hurt a bit but not more than I could take. I was pinned and there was nothing I could do to stop him but I didn't want to. I started to moan as though I were in more pain than I was and he liked that and I could feel his dick get real hard because it was pressed against my chest. (his legs were around my head and his head was on my lower belly near my joint).

He moved his hand from my balls to my dick and yanked on it pretty hard. There I had a huge explosion and the hardest orgasming I ever had before or after. While I was still cumming in my shorts I felt my chest getting warm and wet because he creamed in his underpants and it soaked through to me.

We laid there with him still on top of me and were both panting to catch our breath. After we calmed down we started to laugh. We didn't know what to do next and neither did he. I said I thought that was the greatest time I ever had. He thought so to. My shorts were soaking wet in cum and they were a light color too. It's good it was night time. I walked home and washed them before anyone saw.

This was the first time I ever did anything with somebody else. Gary and I have been doing a lot of wrestling since then.



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