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Big Red & Lil Sister

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Big Red & Lil Sister
I had used a vibrator years ago but it was a small , hardbody unit that I used to stimulate the clitoris primarily with some added penetration. That was so many years ago I don't remember why I had it except that it was welcome at the time.
Now that I am a devote of masturbation I feel that I want to fill out my toy box with the toys that I can use to enhance my pleasure. Sooooo I spent my time checking out the web sites that advertised fun stuff. I got a catalog and ordered a vibrator for starters. I did not want to order direct from the internet so I got a paper catalog and spent time checking out all the insertables. The battery vibrators seemed best. What if I were away from a outlet? If I was in my motorhome I would not want to fire up the generator and anyway I would have a partner along (I refuse to drive the rig) to make the use redundant. (you could argue that point) I ordered something called Joltin Jelly vibrator. The description was a realistic looking model shaped like a penis. 6 1/4" long and 1 3/4" in diameter. variable speed. made of resilient jelly rubber. Hmmmm
If you click on the site you would not see it because I got a discontinued item. however it resembled the Corkscrew Jelly Vibe. Try www.goodvibe.com
After , what seemed like a long time, I finally got it from UPS. At the time I had my son home to help with my computer and my daughter was sleeping here while her move out of town was in transition. It was hard to keep from opening the box for a peek but I savored the anticipation.
The next day I opened the carton and I should have been alerted. It was filled with overized packing peanuts. When my vibrator came to light I lifted it out and I was surprised at the heft of it.. I checked and it weighed in at a cool 12 ounces. Quite a handful. (a pussy full maybe?)
Stripping off the plastic wrap I felt the jelly rubber and found it to be quite lifelike feeling. This promises to be quite a treat in sensual excitement. I looked at it and....It looks so ...large!!! I thought I will never get that thing inside of me. I checked the catalog again and found that 1 3/4" dia is indeed what I ordered. It had markings on the shaft that resembled a penis and the bulge at the base was designed to rest where your balls would rest whenever you to use your cock .
I call her Big Red because the catalog said there were two colors. Black and PINK. I chose pink but the lil darlin' was a bright neon RED. Wow
It was sightly flexible and very soft to the touch. I could grow to like my new friend. I still wondered at the size but before when I used a cucumber to try for size I found that this is what I took with no discomfort.
That night I fitted her up with the required 2 AA batteries and set about to enjoy the promised sensations. After preparing my bed with a towel under my hips to catch any overflow of love juices or K-Y I started to do the things that excite me. I rubbed my nipples and got the sensation traveling down to my pussy and then I spread my labial lips apart and trickled a bit of K-Y down the length of my cunt. I was so tense with expected excitement I tried to calm down and bring myself to the brink of orgasm by rubbing my clitoris alone but tonight I could not hold off . I wanted to try my friend and see if the promises I got from just looking at her would give me the ultimate thrill I desired.
You might wonder why I refer to it as Her? Well, why not. You might reason that since I intend to penetrate my pussy it should be male. So? I have fantized about another woman giving me pleasure and lacking a woman to put her fingers in my pussy and eating my clitoris I will pretend that this big beautiful vibrator is in her hands as she gently introduces it at the inner lips and waiting for the right moment when I relax, press it in until the tip of it rests against the back wall of my recess. Just reliving it makes me hot and my pussy twitches at the memory. Yeah
By this time I had forgotten that I ever wondered at the size. It slid in comfortably and filled me up so completely that I felt that every surface was touched and stimulated. It was wonderful... WONDERFUL !!!
I have longed for the feeling of being filled up with a firm shaft. Having something to press against as I tense and then relax in the spasms of beginning orgasm is the ultimate climax for me. I needed to grab my fleshy mons and press hard with my thighs against the feeling of the hardness filing me up . The resistance of having something that was not my own hand was exciting and brought me to a sudden spasm and the rolling surges of orgasm after orgasm began.
I left it in place as I rested and let my legs spread apart a little then it took over again. My legs gripped hard on my pussy and I felt the hardness that filled me. I was thrashing around by now and I reached down and adjusted the vibrations up to maximum. I wanted it all. I was over the top and I felt I could stay there forever. Shudder after shudder shook me and I moaned and grunted as I pressed her even deeper into my depths. I was in a paroxysm of a tremendous orgasm. I waited until the interval between orgasms gave me a breather than I turned the vibrations off and slowly, so slowly I withdrew her from the hot depths of my inner being.
I think that I will keep her close to me and I will use her often to bring me to the intense orgasms that I crave. I am weak from sitting here while writing, with my pussy twitching, and so if you will excuse me I will go and visit with my new friend Big Red. What a find!!!!!!...
[A couple of weeks later....]
When I got my regular mail yesterday the box was stuffed with a small package that I knew contained another vibrator I had ordered at the same time as the big red one. I got this one from a gift catalog that sells knick-knacks, and other useless items with one exception. Advertised as a health item it is a vibrator for the price of $3.99 . I could not turn it down.
This vibrator is smaller, 7"'long and not as big around as the red one. It is hard molded plastic with lengthwise ridges and it takes 2 -'C'- batteries. Red uses 2 AAA batteries. I am sure I can find a use for her.
I am lucky to have the house to myself at the same time as I get my new toy to play with. Wanting to have plenty of time to explore the possibilities I wait for bed time to fully enjoy myself. Play time came early and I am ready at 8:00 PM . Anticipation is high as I had the whole afternoon to think about the new fun I would have. I remembered the excitement the other wonderful vibrator gave me. Would having two vibrators double the pleasure? I decided to use the new one alone for this first time. If I ever want to use both together that will be later.
As before I prepared for a session of self love that would leave the sheets in a turmoil. Towels at the ready and Lil' Sister washed and waiting for me I stretched out and began the familar routine of trickling a little K-Y between the lips of my vulva. Oh drat, I forgot to warm the lube first and the coldness of the first few drops brought my clitoris to attention. Never mind, I will warm up in short order as I have already started nipple play that is a sure signal to my pussy that I will soon feel my fingers searching for the spot that delights me .
As I leave my tingling nipples and reach down to spread the lips of my vulva apart I give a few exploratory rubs to find the right spot for touch with the tip of the vibrator. WOW I now know the difference between a 'C' and AAA batteries. The power that Lil Sister has is stunning. Stun might be a good word to use here . I could easily fatigue the nerves if I applied so much vibration for too long a time.
Using the lowest setting I place it along the length of my vulva so that I feel the vibration radiating into my inner folds as well as on my clitoris. This is beginning to feel mighty good.
I try different ways to use it and as l nestle it against my pussy I pull the outer lips up over it to bury it deeper lengthwise. This is giving me a thrill of sensations from the top of my clitoris down to the area between the vagina and anus. It is quite sensitive there but I have never explored it before. So many different sensations all at the same time. There is great potential here. I try closing my legs together tightly to trap it in my pussy. Not penetrating but lying the full length. This leaves my hands free to return to my nipples to rub them and pinch them lightly to add to the sensations I am getting from my pussy.
All this time I have had it on the low setting but I try a higher vibration and now it really gives me the deep feeling of the familiar build-up to an orgasm. Suddenly I am no longer able to passively enjoy the many sensations but I am rocked in the surges of a great climax. I am coming hard and the surges are rolling over me and I reach down with both hands and take the vibrator and run it up and down on the clitoris and then I thrust it into my waiting depths. Ohhhhh ...I AM COMING HARD I am rocking my hips from side to side and arching my back.
Anything to intensify the already powerful contractions that grab the vibrator and try to pull it in deeper. It feels as if it will never stop. I am tossing and pushing against the bed. I am wild with the need to have it faster and deeper. I EXPLODE with a loud cry and almost lift myself off the bed with a spasm that shakes me. AHhhhhh.........
Finally I am able to reach down and gradually turn down the intensity of the vibrations . I know that I cannot sustain this high setting for very long. The feelings would tear me apart. I am still having aftershocks as the orgasms roll over me and cause me to spasm again and again. It feels like it would continue to give me orgasmic spasms as long as the vibrator were in place. I must remove it NOW. !!
Using my fingers in a gentle rubbing motion I soothe my tender and quivering pussy. I am limp and still having small twinges as my muscles relax one by one. This has been an experience that I could not have anticipated. If I do it again I will have to be in better control of the tremendous power this vibrator contains. It is not for the timid.
Well there you have it. My experience with my second vibrator. I prefer the quiet, deep hum of the larger, jelly rubber one and the orgasms are not as traumatic. Infinitely more satisfying. I am sure that I will be able to tame the wild one and use it to enhance my play whenever I want a little more but I will have to be careful. It is a loaded weapon.
I hope this has been a turn on for you as well as for me. I am glad to have you to share this because it was too much to keep to myself . I am still thinking about it and will remember for a long time this wild ride.****
[months later] Here is the sequel to my story about Big Red and Lil Sis. It is about my new Boy Toy ,' Big Brother.' I named him that because he has the balls for it.
He became part of my new collection of toys that I use to enhance my masturbation. I find that not every time that I choose to do a little playing is the same. There are times when I feel like some heavy duty excitement and I pull out all the stops and I use Big Red in my cunt for the sheer joy of having something hard in there to press down upon when I orgasm. I use Lil Sis because she has a good hard vibration that sends m up the wall when I lay her along side of my clitoris. It feels like a thousand fingers massaging my pleasure spot. I can fold my generous labial lips around her and hold her in place against my clit while I use both hands to tease and twist my nipples to send the additional jolt of sensation down to my pussy. It is intense and does not take long to bring me to as many orgasms as I have strength to maintain. I can cum and cum again and again as I let the feeling sweep over me.
Then there are the times when I want the languorous , long moments of playing that brings me to a deep satisfying but not bed shaking climax that is so good first thing in the morning when I wake with my clit twitching and my cunt already getting moist.
Now I have my new toy to add to my ways of pleasuring myself. He is just the right size. Built like a real penis with balls molded to rest where they should against my anal entrance. The base is slightly concave to form a vacuum to hold it in place on any hard surface like this chair I am sitting on when I write this. I can now sit here, rock back and forth . and get the wonderful sensation of having a good hard cock inside of me as I titillate my mind with thoughts of masturbating and all sorts of erotic delights. Ummmm
You see, with my toys and my vivid imagination I can enjoy having orgasms at my beck and call. It is an experience that I will be having many times as I use all my ' friends' to help me have orgasms on a grand scale.



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