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Big Oak Tree

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Thanks to the tree


My family lived on a large farm and the house was in a grove of trees. The west side of the grove had a country road along the property line and one of the large oak trees had limbs that were easy to climb. One particular limb was large and extended over the road. Since it was so private it was one of my favorate places to masturbate and I would climb up in the tree maybe 25 feet and climb out on my favorite limb. I had been an exhibitionist for a long time and it gave me a thrill to go naked in the woods and climb the tree nude, on occasion urinating as I watched the stream go a long way to the ground which made me horny and I would masturbate, often several times. Occasionally a car or truck would go by and it was a special thrill to think I might be seen and would masturbate again even though I had just done it. As far as I know no one ever objected or turned me in to the cops but I got several 'honks' that let me know I had been seen.

One very memorable afternoon I was sitting naked on my favorite limb with a raging erection when I heard female voices coming up the path to the tree. My first thought was to scramble down the tree and retrieve my shorts that I had hung on a nearby bush but the girls called my name and I was trapped so I just stayed as quiet and motionless as I could hoping to avoid detection but they insisted I come down and I told them 'I can't' and immediately they wanted to know why. I told them to go away but that just made them more curious and they wanted to know why and I was reluctant to tell them. (I recognized the girls as they were from my school in a class ahead of mine.)

About that time the younger girl spotted my shorts on the bush and grabbed them exclaiming that they would take them home to my mother if I didn't come down as they made a game of it, playing 'keep away' laughing and teasing me. Now I had to come down and let them see me but had lost my erection and I reluctantly came down limb by limb and stood in front of them and they had a good natured laugh which somewhat relieved my fears. We stood and talked for a little while and they wanted to know why I was naked and I said I enjoyed the freedom and there was nobody to see and my parents were OK with it as I was allowed go go naked in the hot summertime. They retorted that they had seen me and I had to pay to keep it a secret but that didn't bother me, just being seen by the girls was a big turnon.

Slowly as we talked the idea of a couple of girls seeing my penis made me get an erection which was immediately remarked about with 'I bet he comes down here to play with it, why don't you play with it so we can watch. I said 'Why don't you play with it'? To which they both replied that they had never seen one before, much less touched one. I invited them to touch and have a feel of it and it was a real thrill to have them feel my hardon and balls and made my penis very hard and stiff and brought me almost to the point of ejaculating. I could stand it no longer and I took my hardon in my fist and rubbed it a few strokes to show them how but they were reluctant but after a lot of giggling and daring each other and girl talk the younger girl dared the other one to rub it and gingerly she took one finger and felt the head and soon she had it in her fist and I put my hand over hers and encouraged her to rub like I had demonstrated and she caught on and I took my hand away and let her rub it with her soft hand. She was going slow as if she was afraid of hurting me but I assured her she was only making it feel good and encouraged her to go faster and grip it harder until I could stand it no longer and I had to grab her hand to make her stop as my penis released a couple of drops of clear liquid as it throbbed several times and I was gasping for breath.

Immediately she asked if she had hurt me and I told her no, that it had felt sooo good I couldn't stand it anymore right then but I didn't loose my erection and the younger girl wanted to try it but I told her to wait a few minutes as I rested a bit. We talked about what we had just done and I explained that boys played with their 'thingy' as they called it and it felt good, especially when someone else played with it and I was enjoying the fondling as they couldn't keep her hands off me. After a little while I told her she could rub it harder and she was real gentle but asked what was in the sack as she fondled my balls and in a little while I told her she could do it fast and harder and it came again and turned a little limp and she asked if she had hurt it and I assured them they only made it feel wonderful and I would like for them to play with it some more after I had a little rest. It seemed to worry them that it turned somewhat limp but I told them they could get it hard and stiff again by playing with it or showing me their 'thingy'.

At first both were reluctant and I shamed them saying 'Here I am completely naked, now it is your turn.' At first there was silence, then some whispering and then they dared each other and slowly their dresses came off and I got to see a young girls breast for the first time. I didn't hesitate and started feeling my first breast. At first she drew back but I insisted since they had played with my 'thingy' and as I fondled her little mounds the nipples became erect and stuck out getting longer as I fondled them and I bent over and kissed one licking it to which she gasped and pulled away but I insisted and soon she was enjoying the attention as I put my arms around her and hugged her tight while slipping a hand into her panties and felt the soft hair and a finger found her damp crack to which she jerked back but the next time I touched it I inserted a finger in the crack and she didn't resist and soon I was feeling her soft vulva and she was humping me going OH OH and I let two fingers find their way in and she shuddered and breathed a loud sigh. I pulled her panties down and saw my first naked girl's bottom and she spread her legs and I got to see the pink inside and I pulled the lips apart looking for where she peed and as I probed I found a spot or too that made her shudder as I rubbed that spot and she said 'If you don't stop I am going to have to pee and she aquatted and I got to see my first girl pee. I got to see and play with the other girl too but she didn't have much hair but putting my fingers in her crack made her come too which she also enjoyed.

I lost track of how many times we made each other cum that afternoon but it was several as I was not shooting semen yet, just a few drops of clear liquid. I will never forget that old oak tree and had an occasion to visit the people that bought the farm and took a walk to the tree and masturbated several times. That limb is still there, only bigger, but I didn't try to climb and sit on it but it was great reliving old memories. By the way I married Jean, the older girl, and Betty married and moved out east somewhere, have lost track unfortunately.



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