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Big Load from a Lost Bet

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18 days is an accomplishment


I am currently going to college. Here I have met people who are open with just about anything, including masturbation. I am catholic and with lent approaching I asked a few people for suggestions of what to give up. Unsurprisingly, giving up masturbation was significantly recommended. I didn't want to do it but eventually the discussion became a wager. It was bet that I couldn't do it, and if I could everyone would buy me a six pack. Naturally, I accepted.

The first few days weren't bad. Nothing noticeable had happened and I was off to a great start. As the days went by I began to feel the build up in my balls. Web banners started getting my attention more and girls I never would have normally thought to be attractive suddenly caught my eye. This went on for a few weeks, everyday being a little bit harder than the last. I started to get curious about what affects this could have on me so I did a little research online. What I discovered was that at the rate I normally masturbated, my body would start having wet dreams by the end of the third week. Apparently the most often one masturbates the harder it is for them to go a certain period of time without it. I reported this to the others and they said 'no ejaculation.' This meant wet dreams counted as failure. I pointed out how it was almost guaranteed to happen before the end of the terms and we eventually came to agree it couldn't be done (at least not without preparing first by slowly masturbating/having sex/etc less and less).

So I lost the bet but I decided to keep going and see how far I could make it.

I was in my room by myself and my room mate had just left for spring break so I was alone. This was my downfall. One thing led to another and I found myself looking at porn with a full erection. I had been hard for the last couple of days, on and off, so that was nothing new. I decided to tease myself and try not to cum, but instead distract myself. I thought that if I stopped the blood flow to my cock I could prevent myself from cumming. I found a 1 litre soda bottle with an extra big mouth. It was way too small with me hard but limp I thought I might be able to slide in. I turned off the screen and went and did something. After a while I figured I was soft enough and ran back to my room and tried to put my dick in. It was still to big but with some force it managed to fit. Once the head was in the act of what I was doing started to make me hard again. About a third of the way down the shaft it got caught. My now hard cock was bright red at the base and extra bulged before shrinking down like an hour glass through the bottle. I looked at some more porn and began to play with the bottle. I'm not circumcised so the extra skin allowed me some room to slide a little with the bottle. It hurt really bad at first but then it started to become a good hurt and I got into a groove. Eventually, I stood up, completely dropped my pants and boxers, and held the bottle down onto the top of the desk. In this position I could fuck the bottle while looking at porn. I timed my fucks out with the girl's moans and imagined I was fucking her and making her moan. I began to fuck faster and faster and the knowledge I was fucking a bottle made me even hornier. I fucked it until the bottle fucking, the porn, and the lack of cumming was too much. I reached a point where I simply had to cum. I fucked the bottle harder and pictured myself about to cum all over a willing girl wanting my built up cum. I came in the bottle in so many rapid long spurts I couldn't manage to count them. My legs buckled and I would have fallen down had my hands not already been on the desk. It felt so good to cum I closed my eyes and got down on the floor.

I laid there for a moment until I became soft enough to take my dick out. It was very red and had distinct rings around it. I looked at the bottle and was very surprised with the amount of cum I produced. The whole experience, the master-fast and the bottle fucking, seemed incredible to me I felt I had to post this on Solo Touch.

Hmm... I'm already hard as hell and my cum bottle is sitting right next to me. Looks like my master-fast is about to become a master-fest. Mmmm...



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