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Big Hands, Big Gloves

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One of my best friends is female, which is far from unusual but the reason being we are, probably is.

She's somewhat of a tallish girl, about 5ft 11' or so, I'm a few inches shorter but the thing about her is she has big hands, probably bigger than most girls her size. For me, I have a small penis, well not that small but a bit below average.

She never really liked her big hands and I never really liked my small penis, or at least before we got to know each other. One night we got to know each other more and one thing lead to another. I had some leather rigger gloves that were too big for me, so I gave them to her. My little soldier standing to attention, waiting for her. I was excited. Just one hand totally made my penis disappear from sight. It was being rolled around or whatever in there, I couldn't see it but it felt awesome. The leather gloves had never been used and I love new leather so it was pretty sweet. My balls aren't that big either so her other hand engulfed those, massaging them.

I was loving it, giant (relative at least) hands playing with my genitalia. I was loving it and in the end so was she. I had never noticed it before but she had rather large breasts, not massive but two of my hands enclosed her one breast. I took off her top for her, somehow, while she was playing with me. She stopped for a bit to fully undress herself and I found her absolutely hot with just the leather rigger gloves.

When I was near coming, she got me to move to the edge of my bed and spread my legs and more or less coaxed me into coming into her 'lovely big warm hands' as she stroked my penis with one hand and held out the other underneath.

I eventually did and it pretty much just weakly shot out and dribbled, which it usually does.

'Well done, I love to see that you enjoyed it' she said to me. I felt pretty awesome, I've never been praised for coming or had someone comment on me positively in that situation. I complimented her back on her hands, I can't remember what she said but she blushed.

After she cleaned up the cum, she asked if I had any rubber gloves I don't use.

I had some that I bought about a month ago but never even opened them and said she could grab them from the laundry. A few moments later she came back with them and put them on. Her fingers were longer than the glove allowed so they were kind of stretched but that just made it even look hotter.

The cuff of the glove came past the wrist and she only had slender arms so the cuff was loose and flapping and for some reason, it aroused me a bit, whenever she moved her hands. I wasn't ready to come again, at least not for a short while, so she sat on the bed in the corner where the walls were and spread her legs and just started softly fondling her breasts. I could see the knuckles of her hands through the glove somewhat when she bent her fingers and I thought it was kid of sexy. Her pubic hair around her pussy was completely shaven as she liked to go no hair all the time.

One of her hands was slowly making its way down to her pussy and before long she was inserting her long fingers into her pussy. Every third or fourth 'stroke' she would play with her clit for a few moments and start it over again, getting faster and faster, to the point it was every eighth or ninth that she was clit playing but the time was still the same between it. The other hand was still on a breast squeezing it and playing with the nipple, stretching it as well. She was almost in a rhythmic trance of sorts, as you could see a pattern if you looked long enough.

All of a sudden both hands go to her crotch and just furiously fingering and clit playing then she lays down and arcs her back while holding onto her pussy. She didn't make much of a noise but it was all in the body and face that she came, then she flopped down on the bed. Afterwards she had a satisfied look on her face.

I asked her what she was thinking about, she just had a smile on her face. I didn't quite figure it out straight away but it basically was that she had someone love her big hands and get off from it, or something to that effect.

We decided to sleep together that night, that is actually sleep in the sense of slumber, only that she had those rigger gloves back on, cupping my penis.

Our best friend relationship is more of a sexual best friendship, well mostly. Not quite a relationship. She sometimes jokes to me that I'm dating her hands and that we should get married or something.

I just like the fact that for once my penis size is a good thing for pleasure of both parties.

I love it in the morning, I wake up and her hand is covering my penis, it's strange but I love it.



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