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Big Hairy Trucker

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I work as a long-distance lorry driver, working long days and many times, having to drive over to the continent. On these occasions, I usually book into a cabin on the ferry and share with complete strangers-bliss, as I get to see many of them naked at some time during the crossing. I've seen cocks of all shapes and sizes over the years, the best one on the day in question where my story starts.

As you have probably gathered, I am gay and I LIKE COCK. I usually wear just shorts an t-shirt whilst driving, even in the winter. This particular journey started quite uneventful. I drove onto the ferry and left my truck and went to find my berth. I was the first one there and as I sorted my things out, I wondered if I could flick a quick one off before the rest of the guys in the berth arrived. I started to feel my hairy left leg for a moment and as I was just about to drop my shorts, there was a knock at the door. I recovered quickly and opened the door. What stood there I can only describe as an Adonis. A guy about my age, very muscular and tanned. 'Hi', he said, 'the names Pete' and he offered his hand. I shook it and spluttered 'Mike'. He came in and dropped his stuff on one of the other beds. He went on to explain that it was just me and him in the berth that night, his 2 companions had cried off at the 11th hour.

The urge to see him naked was welling up inside me, I didn't have to wait long. 'Do you mind if I have first shower' he asked, 'been driving all day, I'm goosed'. 'Go ahead' I replied. Immediately, he started to strip off. His chest was covered in dark trimmed hair. Next, off came the trainers and socks, then finally he dropped his jeans-he wasn't wearing any underwear. His legs were to die for, strong, shapely and very hairy, rising upward to meet his torso and in the middle, the biggest shaved dick and balls I have ever seen. He caught me having a sly glance so I said, 'you been on a sunbed'-he was tanned all over.'Nah, been sunbathing. Went to Skiathos for my hols in June and went on Banana Beach-I'm a nudist'. 'Nice tan' I stammered as he went in the bathroom. I longed to jack-off but resisted. Five minutes later he emerged from the steamy bathroom and said it was free if I needed it. 'Cheers' I said as I got off my bed and started to undress and entered the bathroom.

I decided to have a long cool shower to try to cool down after what I had just seen and was in there for a good 15 minutes. When I came out of the bathroom, I was met by the most joyful scene. Pete was lay on his bed watching the TV, still naked and ever so slightly bigger than he was before. He made no effort to cover his jewels up as I passed him. I put on a pair of loose boxers I have for lounging about it and sat on my bed. 'You don't mind me being naked do you' he asked realising I had put some clothes back on, 'just I love to be naked'. I reassured him it was fine, not telling him I was enjoying the show.

We chatted for a while about all sorts, then all of a sudden I blurted out, 'bet that turns some heads on the Banana Beach, doesn't it'. I was horrified, What if he thought I was coming on to him. I needn't have worried 'he's had his moments' he replied. 'Want a closer look' he said, beckoning me over to his bed 'caught you once or twice glancing at it. Come on, its fine' as he started to play with himself. He knew all along I was gay, he was too. Surprised my gaydar had let me down. I went across the room and looked at his beautiful cock, took it in my hand and began stroking it lightly. Pete moaned with pleasure then started to giggle. 'Whats up' I asked, 'you are' he said pointing at the tent in my boxers. 'Stand up' he said, 'need to get rid of those. I did as requested and he gently eased my boxers to the floor. I was then as naked as him. We sat on his bed and started to jack each-other off, wrapping our hairy legs around each other. We did virtually every jack-off position known to man over the next 5 hours amongst other things, but thats another story and fell asleep in each others arms.



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