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Big Dick and Little Dick

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When this happened, we were just kids who didn't know about gays or straights. We just wanted to have fun. Glad we did!


The recent death of a close childhood friend brought back many fond memories. This is just one of them.

I was 13 when this happened. Big Dick was a year older, having been held back in school due to a childhood illness. We'd been pals all through grade school, playing together every day. Big Dick (from now on I'll just call him 'Dick') only had brothers in his family, so his knowledge of girls was limited. I, on the other hand had sisters, both older and younger, so I had some experience with girls. As we entered puberty, our play naturally gravitated to sex talk, and we would speculate about what it must be like to have sex with a girl. We were both active masturbators, producing copious amounts of semen by this time. Stories I told Dick about my sisters (some of them out-and-out lies) stimulated us to talk about the pleasures of jacking off. One day, I suggested to Dick that we jack off together. He enthusiastically agreed, and we went to our favorite play site which was very private, and we quickly stripped down.

My circumcised cock was then about 4-1/2 inches long, and it was surrounded by sparse blonde hair. My ball sack hung low. Dick's uncircumcised cock was a good 6 inches long, and his foreskin covered the head of his cock with more the 1-1/2 inches of skin hanging off the end, even while he was erect. His balls were larger than mine and hung even lower. His cock was surrounded by a full bush of black hair. As we started to jack off to my descriptions of what pussies looked like, I noted that Dick's foreskin continued to cover the cock-head even while he jacked it. I asked him how it felt, and he said that the pre-cum lubricated the inside of the foreskin and made it very slippery, so he preferred to keep the head covered while jacking. I asked what happens when he cums, and he said that he liked to pull the foreskin all the way back to let the cum shoot out. If he shot it inside the foreskin it was too messy. All this talk led me to begin to ejaculate. I felt the wonderful tingle in my cock, and I shot two or three globs of cum about two feet in front of me. Shortly after I shot, Dick grunted and skinned back his cock, squirting about five big shots almost three feet away.

We continued to meet periodically for a jack off session, usually accompanied by any pictures we could find of scantily clad girls and my exaggerated stories about what I'd seen at home. One day I asked Dick if I could find out what it felt like to jack him off, and he agreed, As I grabbed his big cock, I was amazed by the softness and smoothness of it. He, in turn, took my cock in hand and proceeded to jerk me off. Having a short fuse, I came first. It felt great having someone else's hand on my cock as I came. I kept sliding Dick's cock back and forth until he suddenly groaned and I felt the large vein of his cock begin to pulse as he came. I forgot to skin it back, so Dick erupted into his foreskin. The foreskin ballooned up, full of his semen, and it began to pour out the end. I apologized for forgetting to skin it back.

This gave me an idea. The next day, we were at it again, and I asked Dick if I could try something. I wanted to jack off my cock with his long foreskin. He said OK, and I held his cock, skinning back the foreskin touching my cock-head to his, then sliding the foreskin back over both cock-heads. It felt great. I told Dick that this must be what a pussy feels like. I then proceeded to jack both of us at the same time, keeping our cock-heads in contact. Suddenly I came. I could feel his foreskin fill with my semen, as it shot out of me over his cock-head and mine. Then Dick came too, flooding our cock-heads with his cum mixed with mine. There was so much semen that it was spurting out the end of his foreskin, covering my cock and balls with cum. It was the most intense sexual experience I had ever felt. I continued to hold our cocks together as cum continued to spill out over my hand and onto my balls and legs. I didn't want to let go because it felt so good. It took us a while to clean up, but we both agreed that it was a most unique experience, and the closest we had ever come to actual fucking.

Much as I enjoyed that experience with Dick, we never did it again, and I have lived my life thoroughly enjoying the charms of women. Masturbation has always been a major part of my sex life, and it continues to be so today.



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