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Big Brother

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This happened about three years ago


Ok so I guess I'll start by telling you what was happening at the time. Me and my older brother Matt were never that close when he still lived at home but this experience changed that. I had never had a boyfriend before because I went to an all girls school because that's where all my friends went but Matt went to the public school down the road. He was a senior at the time and was in a relationship for about a year when his girlfriend dumped him. He isn't bad looking and I had noticed that some days when I saw him getting out of the shower sometimes by accident he wasn't real ripped and cut but had a small six pack but his cock was quite big now I think about it.

So one day after I got home from school I heard him on the phone and he sounded real upset. After he came out of his room and into the kitchen I asked him if he was ok. He said that his girlfiend dumped him and he didn't want to talk about it. I told him if he wanted to talk I would listen and asked him if he wanted any thing food or drink wise but he just let out a small laugh and said a handjob. I laughed awkwardly but it kinda got me thinking about when I saw his cock last after he must have just shaved his pubes in the shower.

So anyway that night when we were up watching tv we got a call from the parents and they said that they couldn't get home because of the flood near the town that our uncle lives and that they wouldn't be home till late Saturday arvo. At this point I was quite tired and wanted to go to bed so I said good night to Matt who was still upset and went in the shower. When I got in the bathroom I stripped down and was looking at myself in the mirror when I decided to take Matts joke literally so I quietly took the towels out and put them in the closet and got in the shower. While I was in their I decided to shave my pussy to make it look nice and cute and got myself halfway their with my fingers.

When I got out of the shower I saw that my nipples were standing out pretty far and it made me more horny so I opened the door and called out to Matt to please get me a towel. When he came around the corner and saw my tits he actually dropped the towel and looked me over. I watched his face as he stared in shock at my naked body still dripping wet until his eyes reached my pussy and saw my clit exposed. When he saw this I watched his cock rise up pulling his pyjama boxers up a bit like it was caught and I got even more aroused.

I giggled playfully and bent over forward to get the towel and on purpose let my hand graze his almost hard knob. I stood back up and said oops sorry I hit your cock there and pointed it out to him. At this point he walked quickly out of the doorway and into his room. when I was dry I strolled down the hall slowly passed his door and looked in and he was there with still the biggest cock I've seen in my life (so far) lying back on his bed with head phones in and eyes closed slowly stroking his tip. He didn't notice me when I walked in and sat on the chair in front of him and propped my legs over the arms of it and slowly stroked my pussy while he did the same to his perfect shaped helmet it made me more wet to watch. Then he slowly sat up eyes still closed and grabbed it in his hand and slowly started to work it up and down. At this point I had made up my mind and got down on my knees in front of him and turned off his music he opened his eyes quickly when I took his nice smooth cock out of his hand and followed what he was doing he looked at me in shock and confusion and asked me what I was doing? I replied with a cute smile 'what you asked for' and started to beat his dick faster and faster till it was unbelieveably hard. His head started to get some precum on the tip so I slowed down and gently rubbed it around the eye of his 10 inch hero (a nickname we made up on another night and a different story maybe) until his whole cockhead was shiny. When I did that I licked my finger and that must have persuaded him to let me finish him off so he put his hand on my tits and started to pinch and pull my nipples.

With him pinching my nipples and me beating him off he couldn't stand it any more he started to tense up and said he was gonna cum. I was extremly horny from this so I put my head closer to his dick and closed my eyes and he took over with the wanking. I was expecting as what I got as I heard him moan and then a hot stream of cum went across my face up over my eye I wiped it off quickly and was about to tell him that I liked it but as I opened my mouth another shot went in there. I was overwhelmed I had never felt anything like it I loved the taste and feel of cum in my mouth. I leaned back and let him unload another few shots on my tits. I was surprised about how well his aim was and then when he stopped cumming I wiped the rest off of my face and boobs and swallowed that too I was so horny I just layed back on his floor and started to stroke my swollen clit faster and faster and I was doing this I closed my eyes and started to moan I was close but then all of a sudden I felt something down there totally new to me but it felt great. I opend my eyes to see Matt kneeling down sliding his finger in and out of me and as I watched my brother finger me I saw his cock was still rock hard. This sent me over the edge and made me squirt all over his floor and all over him. When I was done twitching and shaking he laughed and said that I got it in his mouth then we both just laughed after that.

So after that when I had gone to bed I was lying there still not being able to get his cock out of my mind and I started to get horny again so I snuck into mums room and found her dildo. It looked about the same size as Matts as I looked at it and pondered if I should use it or not I noticed some writing on the bottom on the under side of the balls it said 'specially made cast dildo. Casted from John' not going to say the last name because John was in fact my father. It was the first time I tryed to used a dildo and didn't know I needed lube.... Or a little bit of practise first before I try to straddle a dildo this big so after I just got the head in I felt really uncomfortable so I put it away.

The next day I went to a friends house to tell her what I did and she asked me what my orgasm felt like because she didnt know if she had actually had one or not after we finished our little 'chat' she told me she had not felt anything like that but would love to again. But again that's another story.

So that was my first time actually feeling and seeing cum in real life because I watched porn a lot back then but I loved it and I always have since then. After that night me and Matt became a lot closer and started doing other things and me and my best friend started exploring each others bodies but anyway I think I have written too much but I will right again with more stories of me and Matt and of me and Ashly my friend.

Bye for now gonna go call Matt and see if he needs to 'chat' about anything.



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