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Big Bro's Circle Jerk

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My big brother Terry was a high school football star. He had all the girls' attention, and the envy of almost every guy in our small town. We had a close relationship, and the elementary school was attached to the high school, so sometimes he'd come over to my table at lunch and catch up with me. One day he told me to tell Mom and Dad that he went over to his pal Jake's house for studying. I said I would, and he went back over to his table of fellow footballers and cheerleaders. I'd been to Jake's before, and decided I'd get off a couple of stops before ours, to go to Jake's and hangout with my brother. I knew I'd get in trouble later, but I wanted to study with the cool guys.

I got off the stop by Jake's, and saw his car in the driveway. I knocked on the front door, and waited, but no one came. I walked around the sidewalk to the gate in the high walled fence that surrounded the back yard of their property. I heard voices, and lifted the latch, walking through. They had high bushes along the inside of the fence, and I followed the bush line around the side of the house, walking through another gate under an archway, into the back yard. I heard the voices, louder this time, and curiously peeked around the back of the house. I didn't see anyone, and made my way toward the shed in the back yard. The door was partially open, and I went in. There were shelves everywhere, and I slowly made my way toward the voices. I saw my brother's face through some of the shelving, and was just about to call his name, but then I heard Jake's voice say something about a cock. I slowly walked down the aisle, and peeked around the cluttered shelf at the end, seeing about five guys all completely naked, touching their cocks. They were all hard, and had hair on them. My brother had a lot more hair on his cock than the other guys, and even some on his stomach and chest.

They all took turns in the middle of the circle, while the other guys told the guy in the middle what to do. Jake was told to pull on his balls, and put his finger in his ass. My brother was told to spit on his cock and stroke it really fast for a whole minute. He argued for a moment, but did as he was told. He said something about cumming, and then a bunch of white stuff shot out of his cock. He had aimed it at Jake, and hit him square in the chest. At the time I was shocked by my brother. I wasn't sure why he'd pee on his friend. Jake got covered with the white goo, which dripped down his chest, and all over his cock. Jake stroked his cock really fast too, and aimed it back at my brother, "peeing" on him as well. Shortly after, all the other guys were peeing on each other. A really pungent odor filled the shed, and all the guys kept touching their cocks, and little drops of the white pee were all over the ground. I snuck out, and walked the few blocks home. I got yelled at by my Mom and told her I wanted to study with my brother and Jake, but they were peeing in the shed. She didn't know what I was talking about, and so I just went to my room.

That night, my brother was in a really good mood, and thanked me for covering for him. I didn't say much and he asked if I was alright. I said yes, but I still didn't get why he'd pee on his friend like that. Over the next few years, I'd learn a lot more about sex, puberty, and how I could make myself "pee". My brother and I have a great relationship today, and I've never once told him what I saw that day.



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