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Big Brenda

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Brenda has lived next door to me since I went to kindergarden. She doesn't have very many friends. Her whole family are real big people and she is very fat. She has a real pretty face but she is very heavy. We have always been friends and after school a couple days a week we watch tv together or play video games. Her brother is older and is out most of the time and don't pay us any attention. My parents both work and so do hers.


I'm alone when I get home from school most of the time for a few hours. Lots of times I go around the house naked and sometimes put porn on the computer in my family room and maturbate when I watch it. One day Brenda and I were watching tv in my family room. The movie we were watching had some nudity and sex scenes in it and we just started talking about sex. She said how she wished she wasn't so fat and that she tries to go on diets a lot of times. I guess she just can't help it being obese and think its just the way her family is. She was talking about some of the boys in school and saying which ones were cute and how she would like to go on dates and stuff.

We were just talking about sex for along time and I think she is the one who started to talk about masturbation. I asked he if she did it and she said she did it a lot. I told her I did it a lot also and she just looked at me and said 'I know you do'. I just laughed when she said that but then she told me she watched me a lot of times from the backyard door of my family room. She just started to laugh and said she watched me walking around naked lots of times. I know I was blushing and embarrassed but just the way she laughed made me laugh. I asked her how many times she watched me and she just kept laughing and said she didn't recognize me with my clothes on. She said the first time she just came over to knock on the door to see if I wanted to watch tv. When she looked in I was naked on the chair watching porn so she never knocked and watched me masturbate. She then went on to tell me things I did several times when I was naked not knowing she was watching me. I knew right away she wasn't lying about it and as much as it might have been humiliating to me at the time I wasn't mad at her.

We talked about it a lot that whole week and the more we did the more I laughed about it. One Thursday afternoon it was raining out and she came over to play video games. She mentioned about her seeing me mastubate again and asked me what I would be doing if she wasn't here. I just laughed and said I'd probably be naked and watching porn. Brenda laughed at first then told me to pretend she isn't here. I thought she was joking at first but she told me to go upstairs and get naked then come down and pretend I was by myself. I knew she saw me naked before so I decided to do it. I undressed and came down the steps nude. I just looked at her and said this is really stupid but she just said not to talk to her because she isn't here. I went along with it, turned on the porn and sat down on the recliner. I was a little embarrassed at first but the fact that she was looking at my penis gave me an erection. I layed back and started masturbating and came within a minute or two. When I looked over at Brenda she had her hand down her pants and was also masturbating and I saw when she orgasmed. I cleaned myself off and got dressed. For the next hour or so we talked about it and she said it aroused her to watch me. I told her I would like to watch her and see her vagina but she told me she was ashamed of her body.

We started to masturbate together two or three times a week. We only do it at my house in case her brother comes home. She always wanted me naked but never let me see her vagina at first. After we did it 10 or 12 times she would pull her pants down but only to her thighs. Last month was the first time she let me see her breasts and since then we started to masturbate each other. I like it a lot when she masturbates me and she is not as self concious as she was before about her body. She is never completely naked but does expose her vagina and breasts to me all the time now. When I masturbate her she orgasms a lot of times and I like doing it even though she is fat. She puts baby oil on my penis when she masturbates me and somedays I cum twice. Neither of us are embarrassed about it anymore but I know she was the first time I saw her vagina. I think it embarrassed her even more when she first let me see her breasts and touch them. She has lost a little weight recently but is still very heavy. A lot of kids at school make fun of her and I get mad at them sometimes. I never tell anybody what we do and I am sure she doesn't either.



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