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Bi-curious Fantasy

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For my friend Jon who enjoys masturbation as much as I do


I have always been curious about what it would be like to be with a woman. This is one of my bi-curious fantasies that has given me countless hours of pleasure while masturbating over the years......

I am on vacation in L.A. staying at a beach house and I get invited to a party by one of my neighbours. For the most part I am here to relax, but I figured a night out might be a nice change of pace. My neighbour is a good looking guy, and he is paying special attention to me at the party. We admit our attraction for each other and he makes it pretty clear that he is interested in exploring it further. We flirt all evening and end up spending the night together.

The next day, while lying in bed chatting about the party, he asks me if I have ever had sex with a woman. I tell him I haven't, but admit that I get turned on thinking about it sometimes. Then he mentions that a friend of his was asking about me at the party last night.

'She thinks you're hot and asked me if I would arrange for you to meet her. I told her you were all mine last night, but that I would see how you felt about it in the morning.'

This surprises me, because I have never been approached by a woman before. It's also making me kind of excited, because I never thought I would have an opportunity to explore this side of my sexuality.

'How do you know if I will like her? What if I don't find her attractive?'

'She is a lovely person and quite beautiful! She approached me about it first because she did not want to put you in an awkward position. If you are interested, I have an idea.'

'What's that?'

'Why don't the three of us go for dinner together so you have a chance to get to know her a bit and then you can decide who you want to leave with, no obligations, no questions asked?'

'That could work. Let me know when you have made the arrangements.'

The more I thought about it the more excited I became. I went shopping and bought a sexy little blue dress for the occasion. I am a brunette with longer hair, about 5'6' with a slim build. The colour of the dress really shows off my blue eyes and the cut reveals a decent amount of my 32C cleavage and my long slender legs. I also found some sexy new lingerie and a lovely pair of CFMs to wear with my new dress.

I was so turned on while shopping for panties all I could think about was how it would feel if she were to caress her hand over them. I tested each pair this way and chose a pair that felt silky soft and luxurious. By then all this testing left me feeling very tingly. My clit was so hard I couldn't wait until I got home and I ended up jilling off right there in the change room, watching myself cum in the mirror! I'm sure I could smell the scent of my juices as I left to go pay for my purchases.

The next evening my friend picks me up and we head to the restaurant a bit early. 'You look stunning in that outfit! Sarah won't be able to keep her eyes off of you!'

'Thanks! I'm not sure if I'm more nervous or excited. I can't wait to meet her!'

We order a drink while we are waiting for her to arrive, which calms me down slightly. Suddenly, I see a woman walking towards our table. She is a beautiful blond, about 5'8' and beautifully proportioned, wearing a sexy red dress with gold strappy stilettos. As my friend introduces me to Sarah, I notice that she has the most amazing green eyes and her skin is sun kissed and glowing. She has a way about her that puts me at ease and before long we are enjoying a lively conversation over dinner. At the end of the meal, Sarah excuses herself to go to the washroom and my friend asks me what I think of her.

'You were right! She is beautiful and I am enjoying her company very much.'

'I guess I don't have to ask who you are leaving here with then?!'

I smile, 'I hope she is still interested in me.'

When she returns, Sarah asks me if I want to go out for a drink with her and I tell her I would like that very much. As we are leaving the restaurant my friend gives me a kiss goodbye and whispers, 'Enjoy! I'll see you tomorrow.'

We get into Sarah's convertible and start heading towards the club. I can't help but notice her sexy legs. Watching her shift gears is driving me crazy. She is so beautiful I want to reach out and touch her, but I am trying to play it cool, as I don't want to seem too anxious. I catch her glancing over at my legs as well, making me think the feeling is mutual. The thought of making love with this sexy woman is making my nipples hard. They seem to be in a permanent state of arousal which is causing my clit to twitch a bit just as we arrive at our destination.

We enter an upscale jazz lounge with a nice intimate atmosphere. The hostess seats us at a small round booth where we order a half litre of wine to share. There is a jazz trio playing and we end up sitting close to each other so we can talk over the music. I love having Sarah so close to me. She smells wonderful and I love the feeling of her leg brushing up against mine. She knows I have never been with a woman and asks me if I am feeling comfortable with her. I confess that I am feeling very attracted to her right now and she asks if I have been attracted to other women.

I reply, 'A few. I have always fantasized about men and women and it makes me wonder if I am bi-sexual.'

'Tell me about your fantasies. What do you see yourself doing with a woman?'

'I want to kiss her from head to toe, run my hands over her beautiful curves, caress my way up her thighs as I work my way towards her wet pussy.'

She caresses my thigh, 'Like this?'

My breath catches as I feel a rush of desire go through me. I squirm a little in my seat feeling my pussy swell in a surge of heat. I look into her beautiful eyes, 'Yes, just like that.'

Our eyes locked, she works her hand over my thighs.... moving towards my pretty new panties. 'What would you do when you get there?'

Trembling, I reply, 'I would gently stroke her through her panties with my fingers.'

'Like this?'

'Mhmmm...' I am speechless. OMG, this is hot! I can't believe I am sitting here in a jazz club with a beautiful woman who is sliding her hand over my panties. My pussy is wet and aching for release.

'Do you want me to stop?'

'No, don't stop.' I'm completely lost in her eyes. I have no idea if people are watching and this feels so good I don't even care.

Just when I think it can't get any better she slips her fingers inside my panties, slides my juices up and down my slit and says, 'Mmm, nice and wet! Should I keep going?'

'Yes PLEASE!' She starts tracing little wet circles around the tip of my very hard clit. The sensation is exquisite and the electricity shooting through me from her very light touch is blowing my mind. I can feel my climax building. Suddenly my muscles stiffen and I realize, OMG, I'm going to cum in a public place... in front of a bunch of people!!! It's too late, my pussy and my stomach start contracting as I lose control. I cum hard and the aftershocks seem to go on forever.

When I am finally spent, Sarah says, 'You are so beautiful! I'm so hot right now I'm sure there is a huge wet spot on my dress!'

'That makes two of us! I want you so badly right now! Let's go somewhere more private.'

We pay our bill and make a run for it, giggling about the wet spots on our dresses all the way out to the car. I would love to tell you the rest of my fantasy, but it goes beyond masturbation, so you will just have to use your imagination......



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