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Between Two Cougars

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After helping out at a concert at a nice resort I bumped into two older women who weren't shy about having a good time in public.


Last summer I was working as part of the crew for a concert at a resort. It wasn't what I normally do but I was filling in for a friend who had warned me that after the show I might be approached by a few horny cougars. At first I thought he was just pulling my leg but as I began to set up my equipment for the show I saw that there were tons of older women in the crowd.

Once the show was over and I was done working I just hung around the lobby waiting for my ride home. After reading a text that they would be a lot later than I expected I started to wander around the resort a bit more. Since I had my crew pass around my neck I didn't have to worry about anyone really bothering me about walking around most places. I came across a dimly lit lounge that was built like a big circle. There were multiple levels of tables and booths that all faced inwards toward the pit in the middle where there was space for an act. It was just past midnight and there were only a few people scattered across the wide room watching a man in the pit play piano. I took a few steps past the entrance and started to circle the room a little from the top level. A lot of the guests there were people that I recognized from the concert.

As I passed by a pair of women sitting in a booth one of them called out to me. "Hey, hey you there." A brunette called out to me with a grin. She looked to be in her early forties and she was wearing a shirt featuring the band that had played that night. "Come sit with us. You're with the crew right?" She asked patting the space in the booth between them. Her friend looked slightly older than her and had flowing blonde hair that looked dyed. I thought what the hell and decided I would talk to these women while I waited for my ride. They didn't really come off as threatening to me and I'm sure if they caused any trouble the resort staff would work with me seeing as I was part of the crew.

I found out that strangely enough they were both named Megan. We started to make small talk and I explained to them what my job with the concert was. They told me that they had come to the resort every weekend that summer to see the live music. The blonde showed me on her phone several pictures they had taken of them meeting the bands that had played each week before. "We haven't seen you here before though." Brunette Megan mentioned. I told her that I was just filling in for a friend and it was my only week at the resort.

As I was talking I could feel her hand creep around my crotch under the table. "It's so fun going to these shows and seeing all the younger guys who are into the same music as we are." Blonde Megan told me. They started to flirt more and more about how much younger I was than them and asked if I thought they were hot. " I must say, you have got a very hot rack ma'am." I told blonde Megan. They both exploded with laughter at my usage of the phrase 'Ma'am' and I have to admit it was kind of a reflex. I felt like a huge dork but that is when things started to get really interesting.

Brunette Megan who had been carefully massaging my left thigh throughout the conversation moved her hand closer to my crotch and pulled down the fly of my pants. She did this all without looking and as she glanced at me and my deer-in-the-headlights face she blushed and nodded to blonde Megan. Leaning up against me and pressing her breasts to my arm the blonde Megan whispered to me: "do you like where this is going?" Looking for a quick reply I could only murmur: "Yes Ma'am." She giggled and winked to her friend. I expected to go to their room or something like that but right then and there brunette Megan pulled my cock out of my pants. This was all under the long white table cloth but I instantly felt strange about the situation. "What if someone sees?" I asked her in a hushed panic. "Nobody comes by here and it's too dark to see anything from the rest of the room." She assured me. "Just don't act strange and it'll all be fine baby." She said with a smile.

As I sat between the two lovely older woman brunette Megan started to slowly pump my cock with one hand while the other Megan cupped my balls with her right hand. While all of this happened we acted very casually over the table cloth. Just as they had said no one wandered to our section and since the whole room faced inward the only people facing our booth were all the way on the other side of the piano. Blonde Megan took her hands off of me and reached in her purse for her phone. She held it in her hand and opened up her camera roll, showing me several pictures they had taken before that nights show up in their hotel room. She slid through picture after picture of the two women flashing their asses and hairy pussies at each other. Brunette Megan whispered "you like this huh?" All I could do was nod.

Then blonde Megan grabbed my right hand and guided it toward the bottom of her dress. It was one of those slim little black ones that every woman keeps in their closet. As I explored her bare thigh she hiked up the dress further and leaned back against the booth. Her fuzzy blonde pussy brushed lightly against my knuckles as she coyly humped my hand. I extended my middle finger and carefully entered her. Her vagina was slick and loose and as my finger explored her insides she locked her thighs around my wrist. While she moved slowly around my hand, brunette Megan continued to stroke my cock which had grown slippery with pre-cum. She bit her lip and this sent me over the edge. I gave her a silent look that told her I was close and she clearly understood. With her free hand she slyly brushed her folded napkin off the table and onto the floor on her opposite side. Taking her hands off of me she turned toward the edge of the booth and bent over to pick up the napkin, giving me a full view of her backside. Sticking out of her her tight dark pants was a red lace thong. She turned around with the napkin in her other hand. "Do you like the thong? I stole it from my niece she's probably around your age." She whispered to me. I curled my finger inside of blonde Megan and she humped harder. Nearly shifting the end of the table.

Brunette Megan wrapped the cloth napkin around my cock and milked me into it. I blushed heavily as I orgasmed as silently as I could around the small group of people who uninterestingly occupied the room. Once I had finished up blonde Megan pushed my finger out of her and adjusted her skirt. Brunette Megan retrieved the cum soaked napkin and pulled a pen out of her purse. "What's your number honey." I gave her my cell number and she wrote it on the edge of the napkin. They didn't recognize my area code and asked if it was the right one. I zipped up and pulled my phone out of my pocket... My ride had called and texted me 3 times. I explained that I needed to leave and they told me they were just about done in the lounge anyway. Brunette Megan hid the napkin away in her purse and they both kissed me goodbye. "We'll text you later. Good boy." She winked. At first I thought she said "good night," but later that evening once I was home I received a text from the Megans.

What she sent was a picture of a hairy pussy covered by the napkin I had cum into. At the very bottom of the frame I could clearly see Megan's wetness dripping down to her rim, it came with a text that read: for our good boy. Needless to say I touched myself to the thought of the Megan's and wondered about how well they preformed hidden in plain sight. I'm sure they had a lot of practice from all of the concerts that they went to, and I guess that my friend really wasn't kidding about the wild cougars at the resort.



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