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Between Friends

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Just recently found this site, here's my first contribution. True story, I was 17 at the time. Oh and I've changed the names for sake of privacy


They say the worst place to be in a relationship is the 'friend zone', well, yes and no. First of all, you're actually quite comfortable with the person, and they tell you shit you probably wouldn't hear from them if you were in a different relationship. The shit thing is anything you may try comes with the chance of fucking up a good friendship. Fortunately here it was not the case.

In high school I had this huge crush on a girl. I tried so hard to get with her, we ended up friends as opposed to a couple, but for me the attraction was always there. Anyway we had this thing where every second weekend a bunch of us would meet up at her place for some bbq and a swim as she had the best entertainment area.

The one weekend came round and I ended up going a little earlier than expected, getting there at like 9:00am instead of the usual 11:00am 'ish we usually had planned. As I got there her parents and younger sister stormed out of the house, briefly stopping to say hello, then saying they had a function or something to go to. Little kids birthday I think. Anyway then they said Amy was still in bed.

So I figured I would just watch some tv until she woke up and everybody else started to arrive. A few minutes later the phone rang, which I decided to answer all things considered. Two other friends of ours saying they couldn't come. Looking at the time I figured Amy had to be awake so I went upstairs to tell her the news. When I got upstairs I was reminded why I had the hots for her in the first place.

She certainly was someone who slept comfortably. She lay there with the sheets almost falling off the bed, belly up, one leg hanging off the corner, the other curled under the sheets, one arm on her chest, and the other laying about on the bed. First time I saw her sleeping attire as well. All she had on was this blue strap top covering just her chest, and these white gym shorts allowing me to examine her beautiful long shapely smooth thighs. Aside from that she was basically naked. I figured this was as good a chance as any, so I tried carefully to edge her top down and I saw she was braless. My cock began paying attention as it made it's presence known.

From what I could tell, and now confirm, she was about a b cup though still very well shaped as smaller breasts generally are. Her nipples were also poking through, being a much darker colour as her skin. In fact she had tan lines, though her tits were clearly untouched, the nipples were a colour similar to that of her tanned skin, surrounded by lighter breasts. I was now gonna move towards her shorts as my hopes were confirmed, no underwear at all.

I was just about to attempt to slide them down a little when her alarm rang, sending me to the ground. She stumbled up, still half asleep, though easily noticed me on the floor. A little confused she looked at me, smiled and then stood up making her way to the toilet. Thank god that top of hers slid back down. I got back up and told her who called to cancel. She stopped, said 'oh, that kinda sucks. Jessie and Bill called me last night and said they didn't feel like it this weekend either. So I also called Jim and told him not to bother.'

A little surprised I asked her about myself to which she replied, 'Damnit, sorry I forgot.' and went into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.

Still catching my breath I started walking back down to watch some tv and collect my thoughts, then maybe going home. That is until the bathroom door flew open again, with Amy standing stark ass naked in front of it staring at me. 'You know, I wasn't sleeping you perv,' she says to me. So my face goes totally red as I turn away and try to apologize while trying to ignore the growing bulge in my pants.

I feel this hand on my face, as she turns me to face her and then says 'Well then I guess since nobody else is showing up we might as well do something instead of you just standing there with your cock almost busting your seam staring at my tits.' What? did I just hear that?

So we both get in the bathroom now, I'm still speechless and she says 'Well, we're not exactly in third grade here, but you know the rules. Since we're friends and you've seen me, I have to see you.' Right then, I decided to just go with it since this probably won't happen again, so I play along. When I finish taking my clothes off, she then takes a pose as if to check me out, then says 'Ok, I'm done with third grade, lets just jump right into college years,' and gives me the greatest jack-off I've ever experienced. I'm not ashamed to say I came in about 20 seconds all over her hand and legs. Then she looked at me, and told me that since I was done with the warm up so quickly, I might as well warm her up while I got my breath back.

So she gets up, sits on the toilet and spreads her legs propelling me to finger her. She had this amazing pussy. Aside from bikini line touch ups, it just had a slight trim, if there ever was the perfect amount of pubic hair to have, and the perfect way to have it trimmed, this was it. If anything, her bush just accentuated her pussy lips, a beautiful pair of shiny wet pink and red swollen lips standing out amongst a nicely trimmed patch of light brown pubic hair. They literally screamed for attention, all that much considering the pure white skin of her cunt being contrasted against the rest of her olive tanned skin. Fuck, if that picture were burnt into my retinas for the rest of my life, I would have a lot to be happy about. Actually I was pretty happy already if you think about it.

She was certainly a chick needing a lot of attention, so I figured, fuck it, if this is my only chance ever, I'm gonna give her all I can. It's gonna be all about her.

That's how it was for the remainder of the day, I tried to pleasure her as much as possible, and from where I was standing, she was satisfied with it.

She was my very first, and I love her just for that. We're still friends though having gone to different colleges, it's actually been a while since I've spoken to her. Still, would be nice to pursue something further one day.

After it was all over, I asked her the question that was plaguing my mind the whole time, 'Why?'

To this she simply replied, 'Ever since I've known you you've always seemed like a person that I needed to know as much more than just a friend.'



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