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Betty and the Purity Test - Part 1

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Betty was a girl I met at a church youth group. She was hyper intelligent and just didn't fit in at regular public school. She was far off the top end of the IQ scale. So am I and we got along great. I find high intelligence the biggest turn-on. She would make weird complicated jokes that nobody but me, her sister and a friend of hers would get. All three of them went to a pull-out school because they couldn't survive the bullies in regular public school.

None of the four of us felt constrained by convention. In fact we were rather contemptuous of it, and that was common in the late 60s.

I had a date arranged with Betty and we were going to a triple feature at the drive-in, to movies that we were not necessarily planning to watch, at least not all three of them.

We got our snacks and got settled in and waited for dusk. Better opened up her purse and pulled out a piece of paper and asked if I had ever taken a purity test. I hadn't but I had heard of them along with the idiot's test and other such. Purity tests were all the rage at the time. It started out easy, 'Have you ever kissed a girl (boy)?' and went on from there with points awarded for each thing ranging from 1 to 10 points per question. I told her that If I was going to answer she would also have to answer each question as we went a long. She agreed. After a bit we got up to things like 'Have you ever seen a penis' and she said 'No, but I want to. I need a bunch more points.' As it progressed to 'seen an erect penis' or 'had your erect penis seen by a girl' and 'touched an erect penis' she started getting decidedly flushed.

Then she asked 'Would you like to get some more points too?' I figured that was what she was leading up to. I asked her how we were going to do this in the dark. She reached in her purse and pulled out a couple of small flashlights. All we had do was to be careful about where the 'purity enforcer' was, with the flashlight who went around looking in cars. She even had a small tablecloth that we could quickly pull up over our laps. This girl was prepared which was no surprise at all. I bet she had been planning this for weeks. This drive-in was her idea tonight. Let's face it. I was a computer nerd before personal computers.

I could hardly pay attention to the first movie, waiting for all the kids running around to and from the swings and refreshments. Finally it was full dark, the family feature ended and the families either settled the kids down or left. The second film was literally much darker so the whole drive-in was darker. Between movies we had gotten in the back seat instead of the front seat. As the second feature started she pulled a couple of hangers out of her purse and hung them on the hanger holders on each side of the car with a dark blouse on each, blocking any visibility through the side windows. When she turned back she had her blouse fully unbuttoned and open wide and no bra, and said 'Now pull down your pants', just like that. Unlike some of the stories here where all the teenage girls have C, D or larger cups and all the teenage guys are hung like stallions that wasn't the case here. She had maybe A cup breasts with big puffy nipples. As the first pair I had ever seen alive up close and personal they were great.

I pulled down my pants and before I got my undies down I was fully erect, all of my average six inches worth. She had the flashlight shining on me from the first moment and she let out a little gasp. We checked and the enforcer was several rows past and headed farther out. I said 'What about your pants?' She pulled up her miniskirt and showed me that she didn't have any panties on. I was reminded of the joke of the time 'How can you tell if a girls mini-skirt is too short', 'You can see the string to her Tampax.' She hardly had to pull her skirt up at all for me to see all. She had a whole lot of dark curly hair. Nobody at all shaved in those days.

Then she said I should feel her breasts and see if I could get her nipples to crinkle up. I started feeling her breasts and they felt great. I got even more hard and erect if that was possible. She said that's five points for each of us. I asked if she would like five more points and she giggled. I leaned over and started tonguing her nipples and sucking on them. I guess we got kind of carried away with me sucking and tonguing her nipples until we heard some crunching gravel and barely managed to get covered up and watching the movie when the light beam came in the back window. At that point we knew it would be another 45 minutes until the enforcer would be back around.

Betty said 'Oh Goody. Now I get to see you rub yourself'. I was feeling kind of nervous at her glee. So I take hold and do a few strokes and said 'Ok, you have your ten points.' She said, 'Oh no, you're not done yet. You have to take it all the way to squirting. I get to watch you squirt without peeing.' I decided to get with the program and give her the best show I can. The feeling of slowly rubbing my penis with her attention riveted to was just amazing. I had been practising what is now called 'edging' since I had started masturbating when I was 13 or so. I had learned how to take myself consistently to 35 peaks or more in a session before finally ejaculating. Before I ever reach ejaculation I will have a flow of several tablespoons of slippery clear fluid over an hour or more. After about 15 peaks Betty asks when I'm going to actually squirt. I told her I can keep going on like this for another hour or more. Suddenly she said 'Can I make you squirt?'

I told her 'sure'. I told her 'slowly and gently' and showed her what to do after lubing up her hands with all the fluid flowing out. She started slowly sliding her hand up and down my as erect as it can be penis. Then my penis starts to pulse and throb. She starts giggling and says 'Neat, that feels so great and alive' and keeps going. Suddenly the throbbing changes and each throb gets stronger and longer. After a few of these the semen starts squirting out. Betty squeals in delight and repeats 'Wow, oh wow. I've never seen anything like this.' I help her get into the right rhythm and light touch to keep it going as long as possible until I run out of steam. After cleaning up I tell her that now it's my turn to watch what she can do. At that point she said 'It's too late tonight and I'm just too tired. Next week we'll both get some more points.' I was disappointed but as it would be almost two hours before I would get home from the time we left the drive-in I agreed. I was tired too. Boy, was I in for a surprise.



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