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Better Than Baseball

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Better Than Baseball!
First of all, I just have to tell you that women can appreciate your site too! I am a 36-year-old wife and mother of two. Just cruisin' the internet one day and searching under that incredible word "masturbation"- I found you! I have always been comfortable with the act of self-pleasure, due mostly to my darling mother who taught me that it was perfectly natural and normal- and just plain necessary at times. She did stress that it was something to be enjoyed alone and privately though . . but I must admit that watching and being watched is an incredible experience. My husband, Jim, loves to watch me and I enjoy being watched tremendously, not to mention seeing him do it as well. The sight of a man gushing . . . always makes me get warmer, wetter, and just plain dizzy!
I've been trying to think of which incredible memory to share first, and my husband thought I must start with the most recent - 2 nights ago! It was Sunday night, 10/17, and that baseball game was on that went on for 15 innings!! We live in Arizona, so it was going on 8 p.m. as that game dragged on. Jim had one of his best buddies over to watch the game and I had fixed a nice light dinner for all, only to have the guys insist on watching in front of the TV (in the game room). That was a little annoying but no big deal until the 8 o'clock hour was approaching and there was a movie on cable I wanted to see. Well these two sportsaholics were not about to give on such a "great game" and insisted they would stay up all night till it ended.
In the past, I had distracted my husband from TV sports by performing a little amateur striptease or just plain crawling into his lap and unzipping him. When the alternative is sex, he isn't such a sports fan anymore! With his friend there, I ruled out oral sex and stripping, but I had to try something. With our daughter in her room and our son off to his friend's after dinner, it was just the three of us. I went upstairs and changed. A nice tight pair of jeans with that little white tank top that Jim loves so much. It was a little too open at the sides and a little too thin. With a bra, all you would notice is the bra! Without a bra- well I'd never worn it without a bra. Until tonight. Since having two kids, my once light pink nipples turned a deep reddish-brown, and they were surely visible through this sheer top!
I slipped back downstairs carefully to make sure I didn't bump into my daughter, then stopped by the kitchen to make a little tray of snacks. A couple of cold beers, heavily salted goodies, and I was ready. With a quick check of my hair and a deep breath, I headed for the game room. I went in, locked the door behind me (just in case the kids appeared), and casually approached the guys. Jim saw me first and blinked like he was seeing things. As I set the tray on the coffee table and stood back up, his friend, who we had known for four years, looked at me like he didn't recognize me. He quickly looked over at my husband and Jim said, "Damn Sharon- that's some outfit". I know him well enough to know that he likes me to showoff a little- but this was taking it a bit further than before. This was a good friend though, and it wasn't like I was naked or anything. I could feel their eyes on my chest as I smiled and tried to keep from trembling.
I have always been considered "cute and perky" - 5'3", size 5, 34b, dark hair and big brown eyes. The looks I was getting said I was a lot more than "cute" and I just loved that! I sat nearby and watched a little of the game, always catching them looking and just plain staring. The majority of the time my nipples were hard and trying to tear through my shirt, partially from the air conditioning, but mostly from the attention. At one point when our friend wasn't looking at me, my husband glanced over and winked, then looked stunned as I reached up and squeezed my left breast finishing with a playful pull at my nipple! I almost cried out loud at the shiver it gave me.
I soon realized that my daring outfit was not about to stop them from watching the game, they simply watched the screen and me, alternating like I was another channel! I was thinking of giving up when my husband smiled and said "You aren't trying to distract us from the game are you, Hon?" I thought he had it figured out and that made me more frustrated to hear his question.
"Well I guess it won't work," I pouted, "Guess I 'm not sexy enough to compete with baseball". Naturally that got both of them insisting I was gorgeous, sexy, hot, yada yada yada. Our friend insisted he was thrilled with the show and glad that Jim didn't mind him seeing me in a top like this. Jim admitted it was hot and he liked having his friend see me, and then told about my past "performances" to distract him, including the stripping nude and blowjobs! I turned a deep crimson and sat there across from our friend who was speechless, and for the first time I noticed a prominent bulge in the front of his shorts!
I broke the awkward silence by announcing that I thought I should use a little more subtle approach with our friend there. I told them that wearing that top took a lot of bravery and they both told me how glad they were that I did. By that time, both men had obvious erections and were fidgeting to sit comfortably, my nipples were again fully engorged and standing out proudly, and I was squirming a little in my chair as well. For the first time, no one was watching the game! My husband insisted that I could still dance for them if I wanted to- even in the tight jeans and braless top, it would be hot.
I laughed it off, though the thought made we a little lightheaded. I got up to get myself a cold soda and left the room, and when I came back the game was still on the screen but the sound was turned off. The stereo had been turned on. I pretended not to notice, but my husband teasingly said "Nice music huh?"
I playfully rolled my hips and struck a pose, totally grabbing their attention. When I stopped they looked so disappointed, and I stood there and laughed (nervously). They kept saying to go ahead and very slowly, I'm sure turning red again, I began to dance in front of my chair. Their eyes were all over me, but especially on my chest. My breasts moved easily under the sheer material and by nipples stayed up, aching for attention. As I got into it, I made eye contact with each of the guys, and it gave me shivers down my back. I had lost all shyness about my top and let them look openly.
Moving around a little, I was soon right in front of our friend, and with him staring up at my face, I put my hands in my hair and swayed my breasts like a stripper. With a move I had practiced in front of a mirror, while still swaying sensuously, I slowly ran my hand over the sides of my face, down my neck, and stopped with a hand right above each breast. His eyes were glued to my hands as I ran my fingers softly down the sides of my breasts and then firmly cupped them, holding them forward with my nipples pointing straight out. I sighed, he swallowed hard, and my husband groaned in approval.
My inhibitions were melting away. I finally gave in to the desire and fondled my breasts openly, pinching and massaging my nipples and feeling a tremendous rush of pleasure. I didn't even try to hold back the moan (I am very vocal when aroused) and cried out at the flood of excitement coursing through me. Having our friend right there watching was such a turn-on. The song ended and I found my way back to my chair, still playing with my nipples and feeling ready for anything. I sat back, and saw my husband was openly rubbing himself over the front of his shorts! I must have looked surprised, because our friend looked over and saw it as well.
He must have taken that as a sign that it was okay for him to do it as well, and both guys leaned back on that sofa and rubbed the bulges now pushed forward and held back only by their shorts. Now I have seen a few boys/men stroking themselves in my life and it always sets me off. Knowing that I was their inspiration made it even hotter. I realized that without making the decision, my hands had found their way to the front of my jeans and were pressing hard, rubbing those little firm circles that feel so good.
It occurred to me where this could go. A small part of me said we were going too far, but the majority of me said I could not turn back. We all rubbed over our clothes like that for a few minutes as if daring each other to go that next step. They were waiting for me! My right hand shook but managed to find the zipper and I slowly lowered it and felt the pressure of the tight denim relaxing. I wiggled slightly to lower my pants just a little and as I pulled the front open, my white panties came into view. I looked at each of the guys and they just kept rubbing themselves and waited. At first I put my hand over the front of my panties- chickened out a little I guess. God it felt good though- I was soaked. I heard my breathing growing louder and faster, looking up at them again. Their eyes were begging me . . .
I took my right hand out and touched my tummy, then gently pulled my panties up and away with my other hand, allowing my right to slip underneath and down over my little trimmed patch of hair and directly between my lips. I caught my breath and felt how wet I was, felt the hard nub of my clit, and then looked at my audience again. Seeing them watch me like that made me forget about everything but the pleasure I was feeling. Though all they could see was my hand working under my panties, I opened my legs wide and inserted a finger. My squeals were growing stronger and louder, and as I looked down, I saw my nipples, still aching under that top. With a total sense of abandonment, I grabbed the bottom of my shirt with my free hand and pulled it up, struggling and squirming until my breasts were free and exposed to the light and my audience.
My husband looked like he would explode in a few seconds. He quickly pulled up on the leg of his shorts and freed his penis, pumping it out in the open and obviously about to explode. Our friend quickly unzipped, yanked his shorts down, and exposed his very thick, red cock, which promptly began squirting huge streaks of semen into the air and down to the floor! I screamed as my orgasm hit instantly, pumping several fingers into my pussy and reaching down to press hard against my clit with the other hand. Jim exploded within a few seconds, almost equaling the volume from our friend.
We all laid back gasping and lewdly checking each other out. I was in heaven, my head spinning with that afterglow that comes after the really good ones. We all finally got around to cleaning up, laughing at how the game had ended with some sort of big play, but we missed it all! Not only do I not have regrets- I want more! What a night. Love to hear comments or questions- XO Sharon . email:

Well just two nights after the incredible time during the baseball game on TV I told you about already, the next game was being played, and sure enough, it was tied and running long again. My husband Jim was watching it alone this time, but when the overtime started, the phone rang. It was our friend from Sunday night who was watching the game at home and called to ask if I was putting on another show since the game was so long again! We all laughed and I assured him that I was not upset about what happened that night (though I was a bit embarrassed!). We all agreed that maybe another wild evening was in our future, but not that night as both kids were home and my daughter had some friends over.
That night Jim and I started talking about doing such a thing again, and since our friend was single and seemed to handle the other night so well, I admitted that I was interested in continuing within limits. Jim reminded me that I had watched them both totally exposed when they came (like I could forget that!) but that they had only seen my hand inside my pants. I reminded him that I did bare my chest in the heat of the passion, but he informed me that our friend would think he'd died and gone to heaven if he could see me do it totally nude. It seems they had discussed the event and our friend was practically begging to see the rest of me, especially after Jim told him that I am partially shaved and have rather large labia that swell to an even larger, thicker prominence when excited. I did give my darling husband a slightly more than playful punch for discussing me in such graphic detail!
I was a little surprised that Jim was comfortable with the thought of me totally nude and actually masturbating openly for another man, but his expression said it all. He asked if I would do it and I admitted it was incredibly exciting, but made me really nervous. I promised to consider it.
I took a nice long bath and gently ran my fingers over my sex, teasing myself into several nice orgasms. I could barely get to sleep that night as I replayed in my mind how my brother was the first person to ever see me masturbate, and how much he liked it (we were teens). I had enjoyed mutual masturbation with a few other lovers and friends before my husband, as well as with a few close girlfriends over the years, but doing it now with another man when I am a mom and married for 15 years- it just seems so wild and inhibited! I also wondered if Jim had more than that in mind- we have discussed our many fantasies in the past and one of his is seeing me having sex with another man! I have already sat just 5' away from this man while watching his come shoot into the air, and he's watched me have a powerful orgasm with my hand in my pants, but actually making contact and having sex was a huge step- I was very unsure of that. I went to sleep that night with my hand between my thighs thinking of laying back for him and letting him see it all.
Friday night my husband came home and took me aside to tell me it was all set. Saturday night, a motel room, we'd all have dinner first- I was shocked. I insisted we slow down and talk about it further. Well we did talk that night and without making a definite decision, I found myself having the best sex in a long time with my husband. The next day I went through the closet and contemplated what to wear- hey I hear you guys reading this! "Who cares?" "Just get naked!!" Well it is very important to a woman, especially a nervous one. After deciding I had the right thing to wear and yet another discussion with Jim, I told him to call our buddy and tell him it was on. He thought I should call, that it would freak the guy out, but I was too nervous. Jim called him and it was set.
He met us at a restaurant and showered me with complements on my gorgeous burgundy dress- not real revealing, but definitely sexy. I sat between them and no one once brought up the subject of what was to happen after dinner. My nervousness really didn't start until we finished and waited to see who would be first to decide it was time. Jim spoke up, grabbed the check, and we left, driving just a few blocks to a very nice hotel. The room was already set up, paid for, and Jim had the key, so we all just strolled on in like 3 casual tourists back from a night on the town. Up the elevator, into the room, and lots of nervous chatter.
The boys had thought up everything. White wine in the little fridge, my favorite soft jazz music playing. The room was warm. I had no ides how we would ever get from there to being naked and masturbating for each other! I leaned back on one bed, our friend sat on the other, and Jim took a chair facing us. A little conversation and finally Jim asked me how I was feeling. I started rambling about being nervous and hesitant and he asked me if I would tell them about how I used to masturbate with past boyfriends and even a few girlfriends! I felt a little awkward at first, but Jim knew what he was doing- if he could get me talking about it, I would get excited and loosen up. I did. I surprised myself by telling about the first time- seeing my 15-year-old brother doing it and then persuading him to let me watch by doing it with him (I was 17 at the time).
This seemed to excite our friend greatly, as well as my husband, who still loved to hear about it again and again. Jim went over to the TV and switched on the VCR- surprise, surprise- a porno video! This was no great turn on for me, but they loved it, especially when the couple on the screen went at it and another guy sat and watched them (I suspected they were suggesting something). The room was getting too warm, so Jim suggested I open the drapes to the balcony and open the glass door a bit for that cool Arizona evening breeze. The air felt great and made my dress billow a little, making the guys take notice a little away from the TV. There I was competing with a television again!
I swayed in the cool breeze and watched as the man in the video approached climax and the girl popped him out of her mouth and started stroking hard, causing a wonderful explosion of semen. We all agreed it was incredible. I was definitely warmed up, but unsure what to do, when my husband walked behind me and cuddled a little, then began unzipping the back of my dress. I felt it loosen around my chest and finally begin to slip away. I wore a cream colored chemise underneath and as the dress fell to the floor, I posed for the guys in my little lingerie and heels. My nipples were already firm, but quickly grew rigid under the silky chemise as I felt the cooler air blow from behind me. My sweet little Victoria's Secret white thong was still hidden as the chemise went to about mid-thigh. ( I almost never wear a thong, but this night was special!). Jim rubbed the bulge in his pants into my rear and I could see that our friend was also feeling a rise! The video was still going, but I had the attention of the room.
Jim led me to the bed and I sat facing our friend, closing my eyes and feeling the neck and shoulder massage of my husband. I felt only the slightest bit of apprehension now. The wine, the private location, and the memory of the previous Sunday night had my heart pounding and my head spinning already. To give Jim a hint, I reached up and slipped one strap off my shoulder. He caught on and the other one went down, and I waited while he slooooowly bared my tits to our friend. I had my eyes closed, but I could feel the moment that my stiff nipples were exposed. I felt a wonderful little shiver and opened my eyes to see the look of rapture on our friend just a few feet away on the other bed. I stood between the beds and Jim helped the chemise find its way down to my waist. He started to pull it down further but I stopped him as a devious plan came to mind.
I smiled back at him and slowly walked away from the beds and straight over to the open patio door. We were on the 10th floor, in a well-lit room, at night, with the curtains wide open. I had on my heels and this little chemise around my waist, bare from the belly button up, and I walked slowly up to the open door and looked out, knowing full well that anyone looking up from below or from another building would see me. In my sexiest voice (wavering a little) I said that the cool air made my nipples extremely hard, then I raised my arms into the air and stretched, letting the whole world see just how hard! I could hear the moans of the two guys behind me, knowing this was driving them wild! I kept my back to them and then rubbed my breasts, pinching and pulling at my nipples, feeling like I was ready for anything.
I was going to return to the bed, then I thought of them watching me from behind. Bending forward slightly, I decided it was time to remove the chemise completely. I pulled it over my hips and down, gradually revealing to my audience that I was wearing a thong. I work very hard to keep my butt tight and firm, and I think from the groans I heard, it was appreciated. The chemise fell onto my shoes, I stepped out of it, then turned with a smile. They looked like they were in pain!
In burgundy heels and a silky white thong, I modeled and posed for them, then returned to the bed. Getting comfy in the pillows, I suggested they were overdressed, and soon I was the only one wearing anything at all. Their cocks were red and throbbing and looking like they could not hold out much longer! I asked if this was better than last time, and they both instantly agreed as their hands wrapped around their cocks. I knew I was already thoroughly wet when I pressed the front of my little panties up against my sex. A jolt went through me that almost felt like a small orgasm. Definitely feeling sexy and wanted tonight!!
I had one more surprise that night and thought I'd better move it along before it was too late. I got back up and stood at the end of one of the beds, motioning for the guys to sit next to each other facing me. I stood there, right in front of them. They slowly stroked, trying not to come. They looked me up and down, my thick, hard dark red nipples, close enough to touch, and my little white panty, right there in front of them. I put my right hand on my tummy, trying to keep it from shaking, and slipped it down inside. "Gotta see if I'm getting wet yet" I whispered. Oh God I was drenched. My finger felt the swollen outer lips sticking out and I gently flicked my clit, also hardened and protruding, aching for attention. I shivered and let out a little gasp at the stap of pleasure, then slipped my glistening, trembling hand out for them to see. I held it in front of my husband's face and then our friend's, so they could see and smell how wet I was. I knew they were unable to take much more.
With both hands, I slowly slid the thing down to reveal my sex. My legs were parted just a little, and they watched closely as each inch was revealed. My final surprise was that I had shaved the little strip of dark hair that usually runs up from my lips, and was completely bare- and now totally exposed as I slipped the panty down my thighs. I looked down to see my lips were swollen and wet and my clitoris stood up like a little finger! I immediately slipped two fingers up inside and firmly pressed my clit with the other hand.
Both guys groaned, Jim looked up at me with a grateful smile, and our friend ejaculated with a gasp, pumping streams of semen over the floor, into the air, and on my leg! He kept moaning and coming as I watched in rapture. My hands continued lewdly, finger-fucking my pussy and with a firm pressure and a couple of rubs, I was shaking, crying, and nearly falling over with my own orgasm. I finally melted to the floor and sat back against a dresser, now riding on two fingers planted inside my and still having aftershocks. It was just incredible.
When my head cleared a little I saw that Jim now had a lap full of semen as well and both guys were rambling on about how incredible this all was! I laid there with my panties still around my ankles and my legs open, letting them continue to look me over. As you might imagine, the night didn't end right there, but the following part goes way beyond masturbation- don't know if that is suitable for this site!
Thank you all for reading and enjoying this- it brings me a special thrill to know the world can hear about me doing this! XO Sharon 



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