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Bethany is Breathtaking

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I enjoy reading the stories on Solo and I have jacked off to many of them. I wanted to share an experience I had with the readers. Every since my sister became a cheerleader in junior high she always cheered with a girl named Bethany. Although she is 2 school years ahead of me I have always been unable to keep my eyes off her. I enjoyed seeing Bethany at ballgames and always kept my eyes peeled for a peek at her panties. Last summer when my sister and Bethany were going into their senior years and I was going into my sophomore year my sister Amy asked Bethany over to stay the night and swim the next day. My cock was hard the minute I heard that Bethany was staying all night. That night Bethany was sitting across the room from me as we were watching a movie. Since she only had on a tight pair of shorts her ass was hanging out as she walked and as she sat on the couch. Since it was dark and I was at an angle from her I began to stroke my cock while stealing glances at Bethany. She has the most perfect hair and perfect face that I always get hard looking at her. Her small yet firm tits were pressing through her t-shirt. Toward the end of the movie I glanced over and my sister was asleep. Even though Bethany was not asleep I couldn't help but keep stroking my cock. It was such a turn on to be jacking off in the same room as she was in. Soon I began to come and I spurted a creamy load on my fingers and my shorts. I was able to get up out of my chair and leave the room in the dark without Bethany seeing me. When I went to bed that night I jacked off 2 more times in a pair of musky panties of Bethany's that I found in the bathroom. The next day was the day I was waiting for. My eyes almost bugged out of my head when I saw Bethany's small blue two-bikini. She was knockout gorgeous!! My sister got a call from my mom asking her to pick her up at work which left me alone by the pool with Bethany. My cock was already throbbing in anticipation as I stretched out in the chaise lounge next to her. Bethany slowly and seductively put suntan lotion on her legs as I watched. Since I had sunglasses on I could stare right at her without being noticed. Next she rubbed lotion on her shoulders and her chest and worked lotion into her sexy cleavage and just under her top on her tits. Suddenly Bethany asked me if I had enjoyed myself last night. I asked her what she was talking about and she said she saw the chair shaking and knew that I was masturbating. I could not think of what to say and then Bethany laughed and told me if I got horny last night she bet I was really getting a hard on now that I was staring at her in her bikini. Before I could say anything Bethany asked me to take out my cock. Even though I was turned on I wondered what she was up to. As I slid my trunks down my cock sprang out. Bethany told me she thought it was sexy to see a guy jack off so I started to slowly stroke my cock. I was trying my damnest not to come but I could feel a huge load building up. Bethany then asked me to come over to her and stand in front of her. As I did this she continued to stare at my now throbbing cock. Bethany asked me if I had ever 'titty-fucked' before and I told her no. She then took off her top and I was amazed to see two perfect tits in front of me with perfect perky nipples. As Bethany rubbed and squeezed her tits together she asked me to stand over her. As I stood over her she took my hard shaft and rubbed her lovely soft tits over it. I began to hump back and forth and soon I was titty fucking her good. As the head of my cock stuck out Bethany stuck out her tongue and tickled the head which made me even closer to coming. Just as I was getting the hang of it my cock pulsated and the first two pearly strands of come landed on her beautiful face and the rest of my load on her heaving breasts. My God I was so turned on!! Bethany continued to titty fuck me then she licked on my shaft and sucked on the head telling me next time she wanted to give me a blowjob. We quickly cleaned up before my mom and sister returned home. I didn't get a chance to get back together with Bethany last summer but I have been watching her cheer all winter and she often winks at me at the ball games. I can't wait for this summer to get here!



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