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Best Times With the Best Lube.

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Is there anything better than looking down at your big hard cock knowing it's going to give you so much pleasure? I remember when my cock became my best friend & masturbating was at the peak in my life. I would say the years between 17 & well still today have been the best. Sex with women is great & I'd never give it up for sure but there's something about having time when you know you'll not be interrupted & you can spend a few hours with your hard cock in hand. I still do it & more often now then when I was younger.

Getting ready with your favorite stimulating mags or movie, sitting naked looking down at your body. Whatever your look, learn to enjoy it. Mine is fit, slim & long, lean with muscle not big. I've got no visible body fat & I keep my cock & balls bald smooth of any hair. My body has very little hair so it looks good like this. Seeing my cock stiff & hard sticking out with all the veins popping out. The head bulging & red ready & wanting some action. My legs crossed with lean muscles flexing, my ankles & feet bare & tucked up close to my balls, ready to tighten up when I cum so hard. My flat tight abs moving with each breath then tighten & role with each pump of cum that flows when my orgasm hits hard & long. It's not weird. Learn to love your body as well as your cock. It's not weird, it's great.

I wrote a bit on my favorite lubes here a while back about a mixture for the best lube ever as a reply to a fellow reader. Let me tell you, if you ever try it you'll never use anything else again. It is THE perfect mixture & it's easy to buy & use.

I found this out by mistake many years ago when I first began using lube. I wanted to make my hand feel like what I thought a pussy would feel like. In my dad's workshop was a small jar of Vaseline. I used to go down & steal a bit each night before going to bed then masturbate with it of course. One night I got just a bit before I heard the door open so I quickly slammed the lid on & got out. Back in my room I coated my erection with the tiny bit of Vaseline but after a minute it became very dry & not easy to slide my hand up & down. I went to the bathroom & the only thing I could find was some baby oil. I took the bottle back to my room & drizzled a bit into my hand. I covered my erection again & to my surprise it was the most smooth & slippery my cock had ever felt. I began masturbating that night & what a great time I had. There was zero friction & when I was done, no after soreness at all. It was like I just came & my cock was still perfectly soft & sensitive.

That was the beginning for me of a new method of masturbating. I went to the store & bought my own jar of Vaseline & to another store for baby oil as if I was buying some big thing & they'd know what I was using for. One word to note, get the unscented of both. The smell will give you away if not.

So to all who want to try this formula for the most slippery cock ever, you must do it right. DON'T think that mixing the two together will work. You MUST coat your DRY cock with the Vaseline but use just a bit. Enough to only cover your cock bottom to tip, then slide your jerking hand up & down your shaft until it becomes very hard to do. It should feel very hard to slide your hand after two minutes at the MAX. Then your cock is ready to add the oil. Drizzle about half a teaspoon of oil into your hand & coat your cock with it making sure to cover every inch & all sides evenly. Your cock should now feel more slippery than it ever has. If it isn't you may need a bit more oil. More oil is ok, more Vaseline is not. More oil maybe required after 30 minutes of more. Go ahead & add the oil. The only time you may ever need more Vaseline is if you are going for a long one, I mean at least two hours or more. Once the oil is no longer working dry off with a towel & start over with the Vaseline first again. I have never tried a lube that is as good no matter who makes it & I've tried many.



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