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Best Time of My Life

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I wish I was with her now.


I was inspired to write this after reading one submission concerning an unattractive girl masturbating in a dormitory. I have always found the idea of fat, nerdy, and otherwise quite plain girls a turn on because they seem more real and attainable (maybe more desperate and willing to try harder too!).

Anyway about 15 years ago I met this girl (Racheal) through some mutual friends and although she was quite silly and immature in some of the things she said I started to fantasise about her. She was 25 years old,must have weighed 18 stone, wore glasses, had pale spotty skin and said some of the stupidest things I have ever heard - often very loudly in restaurants. It had been a long time since I had had a girlfriend however and as most of the people in our group of friends were coupled up, it seemed natural that we should at least sit together when we all went out.

I hadn't realised this at the time but she had, for a longtime, designs on me and it was on one occassion when we had all met up at her flat that she asked me to look at some holiday pictures in her bedroom. The moment we got into the room she asked me if I had a condom and when I said 'No', she produced one herself and in a matter of a few minutes we had fucked on her bed.

Now admittedly, I had had more than a few wanks thinking about what sex with her would be like but the reality was quite unpleasurable. What was worse however was that she considered this practically a proposition of marriage. I remember in particular that she inspected the used condom to ensure I had cummed into it and then she actually put it, open and oozing into a silver casket by the side of her bed.

The next day she had keys to her flat cut for me and had had got her parents to invite me for Christmas. Suddenly I felt utterly trapped. All my close friends (and hers) were part of the same social set and so splitting up with her would have ruined my social life. The alternative however seemed to be having to marry her. She became very possessive too and demanded I spend all my free time with her.

She had also bought a block of brighly coloured paper which she placed by 'my' side of the bed. On the pad I was told to write loving things to her so she could read them when I was away at work. She said it was romantic but to me it was an utter nightmare. Fortunately my job entailed me working away 4 days a week and so at least there was some escape.

One day when considering the impossible situation I had got myself into, an answer occured to me. Instead of spending what seemed like hours writing lovey dovey romatic crap notes to her, I would write some real nasty filth. This way she would break up with me so letting me off the hook. So the next opportunity I had at her flat, after she had left for work, I wrote all the disgusting things I could think of. I said I wanted her to shave her cunt, and wank over her face and glasses. I wanted to spunk in her hair and over her tits and arse. I found myself getting so turned on that I had to have a wank then and there. Instead of doing it into a tissue however I pulled back the bed covers and shot a great wad of creamy spunk onto her pillow and her bedsheets.

I left the flat straightaway, afterwards feeling quite pleased with myself. Later, however, I started to worry that I had gone too far. From what I thought I knew about her she would freak and call her Mum, possibly the police too! I left for work in a really troubled state which didnt get any better after she hadnt rung me for three days. For my part I simply didnt dare ring her. On my fourth shift I came to work to find a message which just said she would be at home that evening and she expected I would be there.

I had by now decided that all I could do was to face the music and take the consequences. I was relieved to find that there was no police car outside her flat and when I saw her she was the same as normal. Only not quite. She said she had read my note and would I come straight into the bedroom. I nervously agreed expecting a lecture on how badly I had behaved but that was not what happened.

Once in the room she stripped off to reveal her freshly shaved pussy which made her cunt look even bigger than I thought it was especially as she has put lipstick around the flaps. She told me to undress and lie down. She then sat on my chest so that her (now fully open) 'spunk bucket' was staring at me. Also for the first time I could properly see her clit. It too was quite large, looking like a small cock and sticking out about an inch from her swollen cunt lips.

'I'm going to wank over your face you dirty fucker!' she said and then proceeded to rub her clit whilst at the same time pushing her fist into her fanny hole. I could smell her sex aroma and despite the fact that I couldnt touch my own straining cock I could feel it stretching and pulsating with excitement.

Rae was now grunting like a pig and pulling at her giant clit. 'Fuck, fuck, see my cunt cum!' she was saying louder and louder until suddenly a jet of cloudy liquid erupted from inside her. I didnt know then that girls could do this! At about the same time I felt my balls contract and the greatest orgasm of my life tore out of the slit in my cock head making me feel like it had been split open wide.

The jet of jiz must have shot practically to the ceiling and it fell back down over Rae's hair and back. There was more of it than I had ever known before or since. And it kept cumming, spurt after spurt until my balls ached and even when I was drained it kept spasming.

Meanwhile, Rae had forced her fist into her cunt which was now pouring like a tap rather than spurting and she was now making a noise like a low roar. At the end she was shouting so loudly that someone was banging on the ceiling for us to be quiet.

After we had calmed down she just grinned and I began to see she was actually quite pretty. She explained how she had read my note and got really turned on. When she found cum on her pillow she told me she licked it off. The first time we had fucked on her bed, the condom she had kept she had later rubbed into her face. She said she had often fantasised about being cum on and would I please now do it to her. So we changed places.

I explained I didnt think I'd have enough left to cover her, but she said to try and despite the fact that I had only just unloaded what seemed like a months worth of spunk in one go I was still stiff. In fact my cock looked bigger and redder than I had ever known it with head purple and already oozing precum.

'Come on, Chris, spunk for me now,' she said. I started to rub, thinking this might take a while but with her encouragement and the really crude things she was saying it wasnt more than about 3 minutes before I blew. It wasn't like the last time. Then the gobbets of jiz were white and thick. This time I was shooting almost clear semen. It felt like heaven though and as I spattered her hair and glasses with cum I was shouting 'Drink this, you fat whore!, you cum slut!, drown in my spunk!'. By that stage she had found her cunt again and was pissing her own cum over the disheveled bed.

This was the best sex I ever had. I only have to see a fat girl now for the memories to come flooding back and for my cock to twitch.



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