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Best Time Ever in Adult Theatre

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A real experience story, inspired by previous recent Adult Theater stories


The sex scene playing out on the screen showed the naked starlet leaning face forward with her hands against the rough sea side rock. She raised the leg nearest the camera to display her beautiful shaved pussy to the audience. The camera zoomed in on her clean shaven lips. She parted her long lavish dangling inner labia lips to the audience signaling permission to her on screen lover to enter her soft salty cornucopia of love, by inserting his swollen penis into her vulva gold mine.

The on screen close-ups of his throbbing member pounding in and out of her willing elastic hole, indicated the film had returned to the scene where I had entered the dark multi-screen theater.

I had selected a seat at the end of a row near the front of the theater which, as the darkest seat, afforded the greatest privacy available. I usually tried to find a dark secluded corner, so that if the hot on-screen action excited me too much, I could relieve my built up sexual tensions by discreetly masturbating myself to climax into a handkerchief covered cock. The scene previously described had provided just such an opportunity. Making sure peter was wiped clean, back in my pants, and that I was zipped up, I got up and started to leave the theater. I strolled to the end of the row and up the center aisle. About three quarters of the way back toward the rear of the theater, I caught a glimpse of a very unexpected sight. Not really believing my eyes, I quickly took a double take. Sure enough, I was looking directly into two beautiful fully exposed alabaster white female breasts held high on a shelf formed by a red under wire bra which pushed outward the twin mounds of flesh tipped by two coral nipples

Not really believing my eyes, I stopped in the rear of the theater, thinking about what I just observed. Although I had on previous occasions observed women giving a hand job to their male escorts during a skin flick, I had never actually seen a woman openly expose herself like this before. I had read in adult magazines about adult theaters that provided a separate couples only section or theaters that provided couches in the last two rows on each side for couples who might wish to engage is some mutually satisfying foreplay or self gratification.

Deciding to reaffirm my observation, I returned to a seat across the aisle from her. Discretely observing her, I found that she was flanked by two men, one on each side of her. There she sat with her white blouse pushed back under her arms, her rather nice size naked boobs sticking out while appearing totally engrossed in the on-screen fucking action, oblivious to her surroundings or what was taking place on both sides of her. The man on her right seemed to be ignoring the action taking place in the seat next to him. The man on her left alternated between feeling up her left breast or sucking on the coral nipple of her boob. Occasionally he would grab her right breast at the same time he was mouthing her left tit.

Desiring to get a closer look at this action, I changed seats to one situated directly behind them. I slipped forward on the seat so that I could by peering over her shoulder get a better view of her naked boobs. I now realized that the man on her left was simultaneously stroking his meat while he massaged or sucked her breasts. By now, the man on her right had turned slightly sideways so that he could observe both the on-screen action and the real life action taking place right next to him.

After watching from her left side, I observed that the guy on this side yanking on his dong was totally monopolizing her left tit. So I decided to change seats and shifted over to her right side. By now my male libido was taking over, so I decided to get a little more brazen myself in hope of perhaps grabbing a feel of this lady myself. Slipping forward on the front edge of my seat, I leaned forward over by her head and right shoulder to get a better view of her endowments. As I watched, the man on her right, occasionally reached up and squeeze her right pillow. Getting a little braver, I slowly slipped my arm between the seat backs letting my open hand slightly touch the outside flesh of her naked right breast. Not receiving any rebuke, I slowly slipped my hand forward until I cradled her whole right breast cupped in my hand as I hefted its weight. Continuing my exploration, my thumb and forefinger creep up over the fullness of her melon shaped appendage until they felt the stiffness of her extended nipple. I tenderly tweeted the flesh of her protrusion until she reached up and pulled her nipple away from my fingers. She continued to allow my hand to cup the soft underside of her fullness. I continued fingering the smooth soft flesh for another 20 or 30 minutes. She remained stoically involved in the on-screen action while her breasts were being appreciatively massaged by three different men. One of which was also jerking himself off beside her.

Finally the man on her right signalled her and she pushed our hands away by pulling up the lace of her red bra over the fullness of her twin peaks. While she buttoned up her blouse, the jerk off returned his weenie to his pants. The threesome got up and left the theater together.

From their actions and his possessiveness of her left breast, I assumed that the man on her left was either her boy friend or her husband, leaving the man on her right and I as simply casual observers taking advantage of the situation as it played out. However, when I got out to the lobby of this multi-plex theater, the individual activities of the three quickly changed my mind. The jerk-off left them without saying a word sneaking into theater # 3. The man on her right engaged her in a lengthy conversation, bought her a soda and then left for the men's room, leaving her alone in the lobby. When he returned they engaged in more conversation. After she finished her soda, he bought them both tickets to theater # 3. I watched as they disappeared into the darkness of that auditorium.

Going to the men's' room to relieve myself, I removed the pre-cum seepage dripping from the eye of my semi-flaccid flesh tube. Running my thumb and forefinger around the rim of the underside of my cockhead, I collected the excess accumulated pre-cum and licked it's salty sweet liquid from my fingers. Returning my cock inside my trousers, I zipped up and returned to the lobby.

I loitered in the lobby for a few minutes, debating if I should take the gamble by investing in the price of another ticket to follow the threesome into the next theater in anticipation of continuing our little escapade. I bought the ticket and stepped into the darkness of theater # 3. When my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I spotted my prey four rows down on the right. This time they were seated in a row, right over against the outer wall where the three were back together again..

The man I now assumed was her husband was again seated on the right, the guy abusing his ying yang was on the left and the exposed twin mountains were in the middle. I took a seat behind and slightly to the right of her, so I had a clear view of her naked mounds. I noticed however that this time one additional condition had changed. Her lap was now covered with a leather jacket. Mr. Jerk-off was no longer groping her tits but instead his right hand was under the jacket and his left hand was still jerking up and down on the tiny muscle protruding between his legs.

The seats in this theater were wider as was the space between the seat backs. Additionally, the supports for the arm rests were cantilevered out from the back, therefore there was no solid divider between the seat cushions.

In full view of the husband, I slipped my arm between the seats and again cradled the full weight of her firm bare mammary cupped in my hand. While I continued my gentle massaging of her soft flesh, my eyes observed the whiteness of her bare hip, slightly peeking out from under the rear edges of the coat covering her lap. With this revelation, I realized that she must be naked underneath the leather jacket and that the guy playing with his organ was probably fingering her, what by now must be her, very moist twat. Glancing down I saw that her legs were still covered by her jeans so I suspected she had just unzipped her jeans and slipped them down off her rump but low enough on her upper thighs to allow wandering fingers easy access to her pussy crack.

Her husband was, by now, turned totally sideways in the seat. I watched as his left arm slipped under the arm rest. When she felt his hand on her bare hip she moved slightly forward in the seat lifting her bottom at the same time. His hand disappeared between her buns. Suddenly she wiggled her ass followed by a low moan accompanied by an increase in breathing which I felt through the rapid rising and falling of her chest. I assumed heighten body tension resulted from her ass hole being impaled with her husbands finger. I felt her nipples and found them more extended and stiffer than they had been previously.

When I began to pinch and tweet both her nipples, all hell broke loose as she must have experienced an orgasm. Her bottom lifted off the seat, her pelvis quivered, her chest heaved rapidly up and down as she stuffed a loose sleeve of her jacket in her mouth in a vain attempt to stifle the muffled cries of ecstasy emanating from her throat. She caught her jacket just as it started to slip from her gyrating pelvis but not before momentarily exposing herself confirming to me that she was getting a reaming of her rear rosebud from her husband while having her pussy finger fucked by the jerk-off. I guess that the stimulation of having both of her holes reamed, combined with my pinching of her erect nipples must have been the trigger that sent her crashing over the brink of orgasm.

Even though she had tried to stifle her cries of passionate pleasure with her sleeve, it was quickly apparent that her attempts had been in vain as three other men had left their seats and were now swarmed around us like fly's on shit. The eyes of everyone in the back section of the movie house were now directed toward us.

Two fellows standing behind me reached over attempting to grab a feel of each of her boobies. They were too rough and she quickly brushed their hands away. A third man took the seat directly in front of her and tried to slip his hand up her leg to her crotch. Her husband quickly swatted his hand away before it ever neared her snapper. After the guys third unsuccessful attempt her husband leaned forward telling him to leave.

Eventually her rocky mountain high subsided and the uninvited spectators returned to their seats. I observed that the husband still had his hand under her ass and I assume his finger still penetrated her chocolate cave entrance. The guy playing with his organ meat returned to pleasing himself. She recovered her leather jacket and used it as a modesty shield as she pulled up her jeans. Due to her husbands hand still in her bum hole, she could not pull the jeans completely over her hips. Deciding to be real daring, under the watchful eye of her husband, I slipped my hand under her jacket letting it slide along the edge of her open fly, over the rounded mound of her tummy until I felt the coarseness of her pubic hair. Not receiving any rejection, I slowly let my fingers creep down between her legs until I had a fist full of wet moist pussy hair. I started to separate her bush with my middle finger seeking out the entrance to her snapper, when I touched her clit and immediately received a swat from her hand. My hand shot back wiping away the moisture accumulated on her bush with my fingers. I withdrew my hand to its previously safe position massaging her breast. She allowed me to continuing cupping the weight of her full soft breast tissue.

By now the most of the first feature film on the screen was over. At least three of the four of us had failed to see the on screen action as we were too involved in our own live action. Her husband withdrew his hand from under her rump which seemed to signal that this scene was now over.

Again she readjusted her clothes and the four of us adjourned to the lobby. The jerk-off directly left the theater without saying anything to anyone. The husband went directly to a telephone and the lady stood outside on the curb. I went outside and stood beside her momentarily. Neither of use looked or said anything to each other. Without looking directly at her, I decided to break the ice by just saying how beautiful she was and I thanked her for allowing me to sample the softness of her wares?. She replied "Thank You"?

Her husband then came out and joined us, again without saying a word or mentioning what had just taken place inside. I walked away in silence toward where my car was parked. When I reached the car, I looked back and observed that the two of them were still standing there. I returned and asked them if they needed a ride? He said, No, they were waiting for a taxi.? I complemented him on how beautiful his wife was and that I would be willing to drive them home, thereby saving them the cost of the taxi fare. He stated "No, thank you, it's only a short way and we always use a taxi?. With that I left. I have returned several times to the same theater on a late Saturday afternoon but I have never seen either the couple or the threesome again.



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