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Best Sister Ever

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When I was thirteen, I discovered the wonderful pleasure of masturbation. However, I did not learn on my own. My sister, who I accidentally caught one day, guided me. She is three years older than me, and she was the girl I wanted to grow up to be. She had a great body, nice medium sized boobs, a nice butt, and a hourglass figure. I was 13 at the time, so I was still developing and still getting used to my new body.

One day when just the two of us were home, I was in my own room minding my own business. My sister was 16 at the time, so she had a mind of her own. It was a day when we didn't have to go anywhere, so I was still in my pajamas. There was something I needed, which I can't remember, that required me to ask my sister for it. We did not have locks on our doors, so I just gave myself permission to go in. I opened the door, saw her sitting in her chair facing the computer, which caused her back to be towards me, and her pants were down to her thighs. I could see her elbow moving for a split second, and then she heard me. She quickly pulled up her pants, closed out whatever was on her computer, and turned and told me to leave in a loud-angered tone.

Of course, being the curious girl I was, asked what she was doing. She quickly replied with 'Nothing; get out of my room!'

I then said 'Well, if it was nothing, then why is it such a big deal?' And again she told me to leave, so this time I did.

I went to my room for a while, and thought about what I had seen. Now, I did not have a clue what masturbation was, so I was just curious to why she was so mad. Anyway, time passed for a while; I then later decided to go to the kitchen to get something to eat. As I walked out of my room, so was my sister. We looked at each other, and then she apologized to me for yelling. I said that it was all right and that I was sorry for treating her so condescendingly.

Then she asked, 'Do you masturbate?' I said no because I didn't know. She asked me if I knew what it was and I again said no. She asked me if it was all right for her to teach me, and I said yes, not knowing what I was getting myself into.

We both went into her room and sat on her bed. I asked, 'Okay, what is it,' and she said to take my clothes off. I said 'No, that gross,' but she told me to relax and trust her. So I remorsefully took my shirt off, and then my bottoms. She looked at me and said 'wow.' I was skinny, with small boobs and a patch of pubic hair. I had started shaving only my legs about six months prior to this encounter. I asked her what the point of this was, and she assured me that everything was going to be fine. Then I asked her to take her clothes off, and the she did.

As she pulled off her top, I saw her c cup boobs fall out. They were amazing to me because I had never seen boobs other than my own, which weren't that much to begin with. She commented on how big my eyes were staring at her boobs. She then pulled off her jeans and panties, and I saw her wet, shaved, vagina. I asked her why she had no hair, and she said she shaved it, which was something that I had not thought about but tried the next day. I was fascinated by how gorgeous her body was, and at that moment hoped that my body would look like that when I was 16, and indeed it did. I again asked why we were doing this and she told me to stop asking her that; this is how you masturbate. So I kept quiet and went along with the flow.

She started off saying, 'Masturbation is a thing that almost every person does. It feels great, and once you find out, you will want to do it every single day.' Then she told me how to do it, and continued with talking about her past experiences such as when she learned and how. Then she demonstrated. She stuck two of her fingers into her wet pussy. She began to move then in and out. I saw her and I could feel myself becoming very wet and very horny. She continued to finger herself as I noticed her breathing style changing. Her pussy began to make squashing sounds. Then, she changed positions from sitting on her butt to lying on her bed. I then moved positions as well to get a better view. As she fingered, her breaths were getting faster, her pussy was getting wetter, and she was squirming a bit. Then, she told me that she was about to cum. Not knowing what this was, I did not expect anything. But, my sister grabbed her boob with her left hand, she moved her hips in the air, and she let out a moan, which was not too loud but still noticeable. She then informed me that she just had an orgasm. I asked what that was, and she told me it was the 'feel good' part of masturbation. Then she looked at me and told me that it was my turn.

We switch positions so now I was the one laying on the bed. I told her I was not really sure what to do. She said, 'For this first time, I'll show you how, and whenever you are alone you can do it by yourself.' I agreed, and she put her fingers inside of me. This made me feel uncomfortable, but at the same time it felt really great. She did the same thing to my vagina as she did to hers. I commented on how great this felt. I could feel this tingling sensation building up all over my body. Then, it started to feel stronger, and stronger, until eventually, it cam over me like a giant wave. I squirmed and let out soft moans.

After I caught my breath, my sister and I laughed and I thanked her for teaching me this. We got our clothes on and talked about the subject more. She told me boys could do it too, and a whole bunch of other things. I was glad I walked in on her, and she was glad to. And Of course, we kept this a secret from our parents, but when I was 16 my mom caught me, but that's another story.

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