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Best. School. Dance. Ever!

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This was during a Middle School Dance.


Let me start off by saying this is the best site I've ever found. I love all the stories I read and I thought I'd share one of mine.

Now to the story. The school dance was like no other, same boring set list. So I proclaimed to my friends, 'Hey, wanna climb through the vent system and spy on the volleyball team?' We knew the HS Girls had just finished practice and we wouldn't have enough time to get there.

So we get to our locker room in the MS and climbed in the vent shaft. We've been in the school long enough and I've climbed through the vents before, so we knew how to get there.

When we got there the girls hadn't finished practice yet so we decided to split up and cover different parts of the room. One of us looked at the clock on his phone and we realized we were a half hour early, so we pulled a prank.

I snuck out of the shaft, I'm the tallest and we decided it would be easier to get me back up, we grabbed all the undergarments (Bras & panties) we could find in open lockers and on the floor. I kept throwing up handfuls of them into the vents to hide them.

It was the coolest thing ever, we rummaged through the pile we had in the vents to see what we found, we found two G-Strings!

A little later after that we heard the girls come out of the gym so we closed the vent and split up.

It was THE funniest thing you will ever see.

You should have seen it, the girls trying to find their underwear. I whispered to one of my friends 'Hand me something...' he did, I dropped it while they weren't looking. Complete and utter confusion was reached in that locker room.

Then it all went downhill...

One of my friends had sneezed...and all of them heard him.

They yelled 'GET OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!!' We obeyed commands and climbed out of the vents. They asked us furiously why we were hiding/spying on them.

All of us were mumbling trying to figure an excuse, when one of my friends blurted out 'We wanted to see the reason why you're all called hot!'

Most of them started to blush a little but then they asked what happened to their underwear, I responded saying 'We hid them in the vents as a prank'. They asked if they could have them back (they did so politely.)

I then said 'I'll give them back, for a trade'. They then asked what we wanted in return, I said 'Three girls of our choice, will give us a hand job'. One of my friends whispered in my ear 'are you SURE about this??' I said 'just wait and watch'. All this while the girls were convening about what to do with the trade offer.

Five or Six agreed to volunteer to jack us off while the rest would watch. So my friends and I convened to see who would pick first, I said just do Rock, Paper, Scissors, so we did. I won the first round and them they competed to see who would go second. I forget who won though.

So now the decision had to be made, who would be the three lucky ladies to jack us off and win the teams underwear back. I had first round pick, and I chose the Team Captain, now let me describe this beauty. She was a blonde senior, about my height, breasts were about a 34D, decent sized nipples, and an ass to DIE for!

So it began. And I was in heaven! The feeling of her warm hand gripping my dick and stroking it was amazing.

Not long after it began I came all over her tits. My friends I have no clue what happened to them but I think they had the same experience.

After we all came through I was boosted into the vents to give the underwear back. Before we left the Captain gave me a kiss on the forehead.

Like I said before, Best School Dance Ever!



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