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Best Orgasm I've Ever Had!

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Love this site. Been cumming to it for years.

I am 20 years old, 5'8", brown hair, brown eyes, 6 1/2" dick. John is 5'9", blonde hair, blue eyes, about 7" dick and his is a bit thicker than mine.


A couple of days ago, I had some of my old grade school buddies over to spend the night. The night started off normal, swimming in my pool, watching a movie, making a gas station run, and then playing video games. Eventually my friend, John, decided to go to bed in my guest bedroom which is where we do all of our dirty deeds. And to not look suspicious I waited a half an hour to go in there and follow him. My other friends stayed up and played computer games while I told them I'm going to bed too.

The great thing about my guest bedroom is that the people inside the room can see out of it but the guys playing video games can't see inside without going through the bathroom to get in. Which also had doors, so me and John could always be prepared if they happened to barge in on us for any reason. So I get in the room and John is texting someone, like he always is, on his phone. I decided on my way into the guest bedroom to pick up some vaseline from the bathroom that I planted there because I knew that he was coming over.

So I set it under the bed, once we needed it. I got in bed with a t-shirt and sweatpants on. He was in a t-shirt and his boxers already. I decided to fake falling asleep until he got off the phone. Eventually he put down the phone, and right away he started spooning with me. And I could feel his cock start to swell in his very very tight boxers against my ass. He reaches around me and starts to fondle my dick and my balls through my thick sweatpants. I started then to grind my ass into his hard dick, as it went up and down against my crack. God, it felt so good. He then turned me over to be facing him and he then dissappeared under the covers and I felt his face trail down my body, lightly kissing my chest, then sucking my nipples, and then just pressing his lips down my happy trail, and just rubbed his face in my crotch, while I still had my pants on.

I let out a huge sigh while he motorboated my crotch with his face. He then put his hands on my feet and took off my socks, then slowly but forcefully glided his hands up my legs, then up my inner thighs and squeezed my dick as hard as he could. As I moaned with pleasure he was starting to untie my pants and while he did this he placed his face on my belly and was breathing really hard. Once he got my pants untied he started to push them down as I lifted my butt off for easier access. He then went back to nuzzling my crotch as I had just my tight navy briefs on. He felt so good.

Then he came back up then placed his body on top of mine so our barely clothed dicks were pressed against each other. He then ground on me, so hard that it kind of hurt, but definitely in a good way. He then leaned down and kissed me hard on the lips, which is something we have never done before. But I wasn't doing to object so I kiss back as hard as I can, even though both of our mouths were so dry becasue of excitement. I then turn him over so I am on top of him and I grind my dick on top of him and he moans quietly not to let the other guys hear us. And as I do that I go inside his boxers to feel his very hot thick cock and push it down under his leg hole of his boxers. And as I lay my head down on his pillow next to his and breathing down his neck I rub his dick all over with my hands.

He starts to kiss my shoulders and suck on them as I do this. And then he pushes me up for a second so he can take my shirt off while I sit on top of him. I raise my arms up and once my shirt is off, I crash down onto his lips and start kissing him to catch him off guard. And it definitely worked, he quickly recoperated and brought his hand up and played with my hair as he pushed me down harder onto his lips. Then I turn around so my butt is facing him and I put my fingers under his boxers band and slowly bring them down till they are off his feet and as I do this I slowly lay down on top of him, sort of going into a 69 position. Then as I do that I am pushing the covers to the end of the bed. And then he grips my briefs and pulls them so fast and hard that I thought they were gonna rip.

So here we are pantsless, and I'm shirtless on top of the bed, so we start playing with each others dicks, inspecting them in the dark, even though we both know the ups and downs of the others dick already. I start to fondle his balls as he plays with my head and trace my dicks veins down the base. I then start to push on the part of his body between his sack and the butt hole. And that drives him crazy becasue he instantly gasps and spreads his legs unknowingly. Since it was open, I went straight for his ass and put just one finger up his very tight hole. I look up at him as he throws his hands to his sides and claws at the mattress in ecstacy. I then turn back around so that we are facing each other less than inches of kissing and then I glide my hands to the bottom of his shirt and slowly coast my fingers up from his belly to his chest then to his neck bringing his shirt along with my hand and then he raises his hands grazing the headboard and I sit on top of him once again to take off his shirt.

And as I set his shirt off the bed he grabs the back of my head and once again forces me down onto his lips for a short but forceful kiss. Then, all of a sudden he gently pushes me off of him and he gets off the bed. I see him and his cute little white bubbly ass slowly walk over to the bathroom. I hear him start to pee, and I realize I have to do the same thing because of how much soda we've had that night. So I get up, completely bare, and walk over to the door to wait for my turn. He finishes up and then opens the door, a little surprised to see me, then grabs my dick and tries to pull me back to bed. I then give his now limp cock a nice long squeeze as he realizes I was heading to the bathroom as well.

So I go in, and lock both doors, the one behind me and the one that the other boys could walk in on. I do my business, then I look in the mirror and realize how good I look? not in a egotistical way but more in a surprising way. And so then I turn off the light, unlock both doors, and head back to John and his craving cock. I walk over and get into bed, and john instantly goes for my flacid penis. He starts to palm the shit out of my entire genital area, which got me hard in 2 seconds. He then sits on top of me and straddles me. He bounces on my cock, never letting me penetrate, but teasing me with my dick gliding against his crack. He starts to caress my chest and pecs then trails around my abs, as he's humping up and down. And just as he pushes off me and sits down between my legs and puts his under mine, so that I can feel his dick next to my ass. He brings his hands up to start getting me to climax, and then his phone rings. Yes, his phone actually started ringing, at that exact moment.

We both quickly react to putting on our underwear so that if the boys would come in. He starts talking on the phone while I sit there, losing my hardcore bone. But as he is on the phone I start to fondle around with his dick and balls inside his boxers and he is giggling and laughing on the phone, as I hear the other guy asking what's going on. And John replies with watching a funny movie or something. As I laugh under my breath, John then brings his available hand to spank my ass. which hurt like a mother, and I couldnt believe he was that brave with the other boys still up.

I then go up to his mouth more as in revenge and start kissing him while the guy on the phone is talking about something ridiculous because I could tell he was drunk out of his mind. Then john laughs as I kiss him and makes me sit on top of him with our crotches touching with our underwear on. But, then the guy's story on the other line got good, and john forgot about me. Which was fine, I was cool with it. So then I went out to the living room and got some water out of the sink. And thats when I realized the other boys were fast asleep, and im pretty sure my dick twitched with excitement of not having to be so cautious when I go back in to the bedroom.

So I drink my water, turn off the lights and the tv, then go through the bathroom and see that john is sitting up waiting for me, and I think he's smiling but I can't tell for how dark it was now. so I get into bed and see that he has taken off his boxers, he grabs for my crotch again, and pulls my dick out from the hole to pee out of. I let him have his fun before he goes for the waistband and pulls them down as my dick slaps against my chest. He then brings my head next to him and whispers in my ear, "I get you back for that", talking about messing with him while he was on the phone. So he starts to jack me off, going straight for me to orgasm, he goes too hard sometimes and it starts to hurt so I stop him and I sit on top of him and place him in the center of the bed. I grind my dick into his as he throws his head back and places his hands on my thighs while I stradle him.

I then remember about the vaseline under the bed, so I lean over and I try to find it on the ground. And while im doing that he feels that my ass is up in the air and is seperated so he diggs two thick fingers in my ass and I jump off the bed from surprise with a thud. We both then had to cover our mouths to not burst out laughing. With me on the floor butt naked and him up there rolling on the bed with quiet but still noticeable laughter. I find the lube, and get back on the bed. I called him an asshole. Then I grabbed a big glob of vaseline. Then I sat at the bottom of him with his legs on top of mine and our crotches once again next to each other. And I rub the vaseline all over his limp cock.

Getting it hard was difficult because we were still kinda laughing. But then he let out a couple of moans and we were back in business. I then gripped his hard dick with my right hand and I gripped his balls and the very base of his warm, sweaty cock with my left hand. I then start to jack him off with the utmost delight. I can see his eyes are slammed shut in pleasure and his arms are going from gripping his hair to touching his face and squeezing my thighs. After a couple of minutes of this amazing experience I start to hear him moan and gasp with loud breaths and he starts to thrust into my hand as his butt lifts off the mattress each time. Then I hear him give out the most innocent yet, totally sexy whimper i've ever heard. And his hands go straight for his dick to cover himself, and I feel his cock start to swell and get bigger and bigger and then I start to feel it pulse and as this happens he lifts himself off the bed higher and higher with moaning pleasure thrusting and humping with each spurt and I start to feel his warm and sticky cum flow down his head and onto my hands. He then starts to push my hands away but I milk his dick to the last end as he lays back down heavily breathing.

He lies there for a second then gets up to go to the bathroom to clean off. And as he's in there, i'm not sure if he's going to come back and help me out. So I lay there patiently keeping my dick hard by playing around. And then he gets out of the bathroom and goes over to his side of the bed. He then jumps on top of me grabs the vaseline and rubs it all over my dick and my balls. As he does this with his right hand, and claws at my chest and grabs my neck lightly, and then brings his left hand down to massage my right inner thigh. I last a long time this time, believe it or not, and he starts to get tired, I get him more lube and spread it around my member. Then he goes back at it a little slower but harder.

That was what I needed I guess because then I start to feel the build. John starts to notice this and then he starts breathing heavily with me, and starts saying Come on, Danny. Very lightly, but oh so sexily. He starts to thrust with me making it feel like im fucking someone and then I FEEL IT, I can tell it was going to be huge and intense. I smack my hands down onto his things and squeeze my nails into his skin. I lift myself off of the bed making my dick get closer and closer to his face. And then it happens. I let out the loadest moan i've ever done. And I just keep thrusting and quickly as I could with John still going at my cock as cum spurts out onto my neck, then my chest three times, and then my belly a couple and then all over my shaved crotch.

Right as I finish I lay down, and John rushes in to bring his hand behind my neck and frenches me hard rubbing his stomach onto mine and my cum gets all over him. Then he stopped kissing me because he realized how much I actually came. I run into the bathroom, and I lock both doors then I turn on the light, while I face the mirror. My chest was covered!!!!! I mean it was ridiculous, I was panting still and my chest was soaking wet with my jizz. I then go to the toilet and take tons of toilet paper and clean myself up eventally.

Go back to the bedroom as John passes me to clean my cum off of his chest. I put my briefs back on climb into bed, hide the vaseline inside my sweatpants that are on the ground by now. And I hear John, come out of the bathroom, put on all of his clothes, grab his phone, then he slowly leans down to kiss me on the head, as I rub my fingers into his hair, basicaly saying great job buddy, or thank you. Then he goes off and sleeps on a couch in the other room. I fell asleep in an instant. Woke up at like noon. And texted him "Wow..." and he knew exactly what I meant and then we talked about other stuff as if it never happened, even though we both know many more times will cum again.



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