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Best of Friends (3)

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Whoops, just came!


We had been having alot of fun, as seen in parts one and two and this is the final (but not last) story. We talk all the time about how much more fun we could have had earlier in life, if we could have dropped the 'jerking off is gay' social stigma and just relaxed, there are so many opportunities in your life to have three and foursomes and live the life of the people on other sites but most people are sexually repressed and will never take that step into the unknown.

Ok, back to the fun stuff, he and I were at his house sitting next to each other looking at videos he or I had collected from the internet, and we were slowly rubbing our cocks and talking about how we differ in our J/O styles, grips and methods we have used in the past, when I couldn't take it anymore (I always wondered what it would be like to touch someone else's cock). I told him to look away because I wanted to try something. He took his hand away and looked off to the left unsure if I was going to grab him or blow him or what, but he was ready for anything I'm sure. I reached over and used a couple of different grips and j/o methods while he laid back in his chair and breathed heavily. It was very intense and hot feeling someone else's cock, you don't really notice the heat and pulsing when it's your own, sliding the skin (we are both cut) up and down and having pre-cum slide through your fingers.

So I settled back into the j/o method I have been using for years and he tells me he is coming, so I let go and he grabs his cock and has a huge orgasm all over his stomach, I then turn my attention back to myself and shoot a huge load into my hand.

The next time we get together we pull them out and are jerking as usual when he say 'Well, I should return the favor' so I leaned back and he wrapped his hand around my cock and started exploring and sliding it up and down, it was very cool and different. It is fun with a girl but they either barely touch it or rough it up....he knew what he was doing and I was trying not to come all over my chest so I could enjoy it for a while.

Since then we have not been as shy about it but it's not every time we get together. The last time we had a luncher we were watching a home made video of him and his wife, she was masturbating while he was taping then he got in to lick her and play with her pussy, needless to say I was rock hard and stroking. I went to his bathroom and got some lotion and sat back down, the vid was short so he started heading out to some of our favorite pic sites and loading up a bunch of smaller vids into the media player so they would play for a while. During this he went soft so I scooted closer said 'let me give you some help there' and grabbed his soft cock and started working it around and playing with his balls. He leaned back and let me work it for a while then reached over and we slowly worked each other. I said that it would be cool if we could get this on cam and he said 'hang on' and set up his webcam and set the software to start taping. The cam couldn't get us both so I said 'stand up, let's try this' so he stood up with his erect cock right at face level with me. I have to admit, even being straight I was tempted to try it in my mouth, (was curious), but instead I stood up and grabbed his cock and lubed it up while slowly pumping mine, then wrapped my hands around both, (I have large hands) and we both started pumping in and out. It was alot like the sleeve we used in 'part 2' but different.

I then said we should try the position we had seen in a video where two guys were laying down on their backs with heads at opposite ends of the bed and their cocks together, one guy was stroking both. So we got down on the floor with me on the bottom and he worked his way in between my legs and pushed his cock right up alongside mine. I added some more lotion and pulled our two twitching cocks together and started pumping up and down with both hands and bending back and forth stopping once in a while to play around or seperate them for a double jerk. He said 'I'm about to cum' letting me know that if I didn't stop he was going to cum all over me. Well I was feeling too good to let that stop me and I started cumming too. I could feel both cocks pulsing and jerking, cum was erupting all over my hand and thighs until we both shuddered and sighed. WOW, that was something.



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