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Best of Both Worlds

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I wish every one was bi-sexual


Hi, my name is Tom.

I am a 40 year old closet bi-sexual. I've been married for 15 years and had lots of great girlfriends. Everyone thinks I am straight.

In my heart I have always been bi but never had real sex with a guy. I have had the usual teenage experiences with other guys , comparing cock sizes, and we even held each others dicks to feel how hard they were. I always secretely wished that we could have had a mutual jack off session but all my friends are very straight and I like them, so I don't mind acting straight. It saves alot of hassle to just blend in.

Reading all these stories about guys jacking each other off has made we want to try it once. So I called the local gay alliance club and asked them if there was some place in the city where I could have a safe encounter with another guy for my first real mutual jack off session. They recommended a health spa that cost about 5 dollars for a locker and 20 dollars to rent a small private room for the day.

So I went there on my next day off, put my stuff in a locker and went to find the small private room. I dimmed the lights in the room and relaxed on the bed for awhile. I left the door to my room open so I could watch the guys passing by in the hall outside my room. It was a dimmly lighted hall but I could see several guys pass by occassionally. I lay there on the bed and was hoping one of the cute guys would just walk in and introduce themselves.

After a few minutes there was a guy at the door asking if he could come in. I smiled and said sure, my name is Tom, whats yours. He said his name was Dave, I'm 35. He had long brown hair and a towel around his waist.

He asked me if I was here for some fun and I said I sure am. I told him how old I was and that I was hoping to have my first mutual jack off session with another guy. Dave smiled and offered to be my partner. I felt my dick rise to attention with the prospect of what was about to happen. Dave closed the door, dropped his towel and let me feel and explore his handsome 6-inch cut rod for awhile. I pulled off my bathing suit and let him explore me. We rubbed our dicks together and we cupped each others balls and exchanged compliments about how hard & handsome and good it felt to do this with a guy for a change.

Dave admitted that he was bi and married also but has come to this health spa to be with guys once in awhile. He said that chics are nice but it is a special treat and kind of a male bonding experience to feel a guys cum rise up through his shaft and squirt like a fountain in his hand once in awhile. He said he was not into any of that kissing or butt humping stuff and I told him I wasn't either. 'You are my kind of dude' I said to Dave as I gripped his rod and rested my thumb on the tip of his mushroom cap.

'Mmm...' he said, that feels great.

I can see why chicks like giving us guys hand jobs & stuff. They are so nice to hold. I wish all guys were bi. It would be a better world and less overpopulated if us guys gave each other hand jobs more often.

Dave agreed and said 'sex is sex'. 'It's all good if it's done safely. Mmm...'

We continued to cup each others nuts as we stroked each others woodies. I was in heaven. I felt my self getting closer as I focused on Dave's dick. I admired his handsome mushroom cap. I was almost aerodynamic in shape.

Then Dave said he was cumming.

I cupped his nuts lovingly as I felt his dick stiffen even more. 'Mmmm.. Give it to me dude', I whispered. He shot three squirts straight up, gushed on my hand and then leaned his head on my sholder as I finished him off.

'Aw, Tom, dude,that was so awesome. Let me clean you off', I said. I toweled him off and then suprized him when I kissed the tip of his dick and thanked him for making one of my dreams come true.

'My pleasure Tom. Let me finish you off now.' He told me to lay down and he got in between my legs and dedicated himself to making me cum.

I closed my eyes and let him have his way with me. He cupped by balls and his hands felt so warm around my stiffining rod as I squirted and gushed three good shots on my chest.

'Mmm... Nice one Tom. I love feelin the power of a nice dick like yours knowing that I can make you feel that good.' He towled me off and then kissed the tip of my mushroom cap also.

'Thats the only kiss your gonna get from me' he said. We talked for a few more minutes and he said 'I'll probably see you here again someday.'

I thanked him again and he left. I lay down and just relaxed thinking about what had just happened. Being bi really is the best of both worlds.



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