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Best Masturbation- Please Reply

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masturbating is great fun... but I was surprised to learn of a potential harmful technique which i'd been using.


I've been masturbating for 8 years now... and up until this summer, I'd been doing it a completely wrong and potentially harmful way.
I love masturbating. I started in 8th grade. Up until then, I'd really had no idea about sex or what 'other' things I could do with my penis. The first time I masturbated was the first time I knowingly came. It was amazing... sitting in my bathroom just stroking away, and all of a sudden I had no idea what hit me, but this stuff just started pouring out of me. It felt amazing... I was so excited. Even after I'd cleaned up, five minutes later I could still feel some remaining cum oozing out of my penis. One thing that I've learned since then is that the more time I take to masturbate, the better the result. I've spent years doing these quick jack off sessions where I'd hump my bed while watching a porno or looking at a sexy magazine. The orgasms would be okay, but wouldn't last very long. And there would be absolutely no force when I'd shoot. Another huge drawback of this technique is the consequences that can be carried with it. I've read that the form of masturbation in which one humps a bed or a sofa places an excessive amount of pressure on one's penis... primarily on the extremely sensitive part, right on the underside at the base of the penis head. This can strongly affect one's ability to maintain an erection during actual intercourse, which I embarrassingly found out this summer when I lost my virginity (it was extremely difficult to maintain an erection even while inside of her, because I was used to being stimulated in a completely different way) Masturbating this way feels absolutely nothing like actual sex, because a woman's vagina stimulates the penis in a completely different way. Better ways to masturbate are either in the shower using either soap (which can sting) or on one's back with your dick in one hand and Kleenex in the other. This may take a while, but it's well worth it in the end... as I remember from the other night.
I'd spent an hour or so looking at sex sites on the Internet and, of course, reading stories from this site... and figured that since my roommate wasn't home, I could really relax before sleep. So I brushed my teeth, grabbed some kleenex, and jumped up in my bed. I started fantasizing about the stories I'd read from this site and in no time I was rock hard. I was using my left hand... but only my first finger and my thumb to stimulate my entire shaft. I worked by hard cock for about 15 minutes until I absolutely erupted into the Kleenex I'd brought with me. The orgasm was great but the best part was cumming. It was one of the best ejaculations I've felt in a very long time. I was completely spent afterwards.
After learning about the consequences of masturbating my original way, and learning of the benefits and pure enjoyment of the many other, most satisfying ways to get off... I haven't gone back, nor would I want to. If anyone else had heard about this, or can confirm what I read, please I'd appreciate knowing.



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