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Best Friends (With Benefits)

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(Intro: I'm not gay, or do I want to be gay. I just enjoy having the presence of another man while I masturbate, and I enjoy giving others help at it)

It was a hot and sunny day at school. I was finishing up my last class of the day, and was excited to get home, lay down, and enjoy the rest of the day. The bell rang straight up 3:15pm, and I was on my way to the bus stop. My friend was right beside me, and he usually walks with me to the bus, because he has to walk home anyway. But something was different. I felt very aroused and turned-on by his presence. We were walking towards the end of the hallway, and I pulled him into the bathroom.

From this moment on, all of my moves were involuntary, somehow. I asked him if he wanted a hand-job. He turned around and headed toward the largest stall, without saying a word. I checked to make sure the bathroom was clear, and locked the door (At my school, you can lock the bathroom doors, and everyone does it, and the teachers don't get mad). I could hear him undressing, his pants dropping to the floor, his belt making a loud clank on the tile, and I rushed over to see him undress.

When I reached the stall, he was 99% naked. All that was left was his underwear. His body glistened in the florescent light. He had an average teenage body, no apparent pecks, slim torso and abdomen. His long blonde hair on his head was the only hair apparent hair he possessed, but I didn't care too much. I caressed his groin area (with underwear on) and abdominal area, and I could hear him quietly moaning every now and then.

When we made eye contact, it surged an even greater hard-on that I had before he started to undress. I began gripping his dick through his underwear, feeling his blood pumping through. He tugged at my head hair, which I assumed was a sign to start jacking him off. I tore off his underwear as quickly as I could, and started to thump on his dick. He had an average size dick for a teenager. It was a bit shorter than mine, but I didn't care about size. His sleek body was the ultimate turn on for me, so after about a minute of wanking him, I started to undress myself. I have abdominal hair (vellus) and some hair that is peaking on my upper chest. I have armpit hair, neck and back hair, and some on my butt. But, my crotch area has a thick forest of curly hair, that feels good on my skin when I masturbate. I've also grown a semi-jungle on my thighs and legs (I'm probably the hairiest kid in school when it comes to legs).

We moved to the sitting booth (My friend was originally sitting on the toilet, but they have booths for changing and such). He and I were both fully naked, our bodies touching each other at the slightest. We crossed arms, and started to jack each other off. With our other hands, we caressed each others chest and legs, fully embracing our bodies. We both panted and moaned at the same time, and we looked at each other more often. My orgasm started in my feet, rose up, and spread around my hip area. I felt great, and I assumed that my friend did too, because his moans were getting louder and louder. After just a few minutes, we climaxed on each other, him cumming on my chest, I cumming on his legs. After some silence and a few sighs, we got dressed, cleaned up, and walked to the bus stop as we would normally do. Since then, we have had more of those experiences, and we have fully extended our friendship and trust in each other.



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