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Best Friends With Benefits

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I was about fourteen years old when I moved to Boston from New York. Well I was back in New York visiting my best friend cause I was very homesick. We were together the whole day, I was happy but depressed at the same time cause I knew that after two weeks it would all be over and I would be back on the plane to Boston.

After the first day having fun with some friends we went up to her bedroom. It was about 10 o'clock but I was exhausted and so was she. We began making small talk of old memories and laughing then it got really quiet'. The lights were off and it was really dark the only light we had was the street light that came in through her huge window. I remember it was raining really hard. She then said to me I missed you so much, I responded with I missed you too. She looked at me again and was telling me she missed me and hugged me, this went on for another five minutes before I realized what she wanted.

There was lust in her eyes and my pussy was wetter than ever. I looked at her debating if I should go in for a kiss or not and if my hormones were getting the best of me. But no, I know she wanted it. I leaned in to kiss her and she kissed me back aggressively, she went right to massaging my boobs and kissing them I kissed hers too. My pussy was getting wetter by the second. I reached into her pants and started rubbing her clit, she was soaked and I kept rubbing faster and faster she was moaning and I could see her eyes rolling in the back of her head. She reached into my thong and started rubbing my pussy, I was moaning a little too loud and she whispered 'shh'.I was in shock I couldn't believe this was happening.

She than turned over and laid on her stomach with her ass in the air. 'hump me' she said. She got to the edge of the bed, I pulled down my pants and started humping her bare ass with my pussy, while she was humping the corner of the bed. I thought I was gonna cum instantly so my strokes were soft and slow. She was moaning and grabbing my hands that were wrapped around her waist. Then I got off and laid down on my back and pulled her on top of me, I centred her body where her clit was exactly on top of mine. We both moaned and started humping she whispered I love you I moaned I loved her too and told her I wanted her, she told me she wanted me too.

She humped me harder and I humped her. She was whispering I love your pussy and I love humping it. We each felt our juiced colliding together, she told me she was gonna hump harder into my pussy so her cum could shoot in me. I humped harder just hearing that, she moaned were making a baby and I told her I know and were gonna be great moms. She yelled get us pregnant, let me hump that fat pussy. Hump me. We were moaning so loud. She got off me and took me into her closet and closed the door and locked it. There was a little night light in there and turned it on. She fingered my pussy for a few minutes and I fingered hers, she opened her legs and said let's keep humping so I scooted into her legs and we went back to humping. 'aaaah baby harder I love your wet pussy I said. We humped for another 15 minutes screaming moaning and yelling then we looked at each other and said in union 'I'm coming!!!' yeah yeah. yeah right there ahhh our orgasms were getting out of control as we rocked back and forth till we dropped, she got up and kissed me opened the door and we went and laid in her bed. Laying in her bed she rubbed my pussy and I rubbed hers for a couple of seconds then our hands met and we fell asleep hand in hand.



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