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Best Friend's Wife

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True Story


About 15 years ago I was having marital problems and my friends' wife was really struggling. One day she was over with her kids and I accidently brushed up against her breasts and she looked at me and smiled. A few days later we received a call about 10:00pm that she was having problems with her furnace and if I minded going over to check it out. I got dressed and went over and to my surprise she met me at the door with a long silk nightgown which did not leave much to the imagination. Keep in mind that I was having marital problems at the time and had not had sex in quite a while. I went down to the basement and she followed me. Turns out the damper was closed and there was actually nothing wrong with the furnace.

We chatted a bit at the bottom of the stairs and then proceeded to head upstairs. She was walking ahead of me and somehow the glow of the dim light made her gown look extremely sexy. Once upstairs she asked if I would be interested in a drink and I agreed. We sat in the living room across from each other and more and more she was letting the nightgown ride up.

Her thighs looked milky white and appeared so soft. She mentioned that whatever I had done to the furnace made it extremely hot and she asked if I minded if she changed. I agreed and a minute later she returned with only a night shirt and she bent over to pick up the empty glass on the floor and I noticed that she was completely naked. I motioned for her to come to me and she walked seductively towards me and when she was within reach I reached over and slid my hand up the inside of her thigh slowly and deliberately. She moaned softly and I reached up and pulled her next to me and kissed her. She let her hand slide over the bulge in my pants and asked me to release it from it's confines.

I did as told and out popped my eight and a half inch rock hard cock and she took it in her hand softly and began stroking it up and down and spitting on it in order to lubricate it. I was in heaven and she slowly motioned for me to finger her clit. I slowly took my finger and pushed it in her moist pussy and began massaging her clit with my thumb. She let out a load moan and began shaking like a leaf. She climaxed for what seemed like forever and needless to say I followed with long ropes of cum spurting all over her breasts and stomach. She slowly sat down on my knees and kissed me passionately and thanked me for the help with her furnace both in the basement and the living room. I also thanked her, kissed her again and left for home. We have since met quite a few times which led to more masterbation and eventually to passionate sex.



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