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Best Friends Trips... With Our Dads P1

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Super long, but so worth it.

Part 2 is the steamy part.


College is one of the best times of anyone's life. No more high school, no more fake people you have to be fake nice to because they are in four of your classes, no more strict parental control. For me, this was exactly that, and more. I chose to go to a university that was a little over an hour away, far enough to get away from home, but close enough to go back whenever I wanted. My mom was pretty strict but my dad and I were more like friends.

Anyways, I am one of few people who got accepted to the school that I personally know. The whole roommate situation was daunting. Thank goodness for Facebook because I was able to find someone from a neighboring high school. Turns out, his dad was friends, rather something more than acquaintances, with my dad. The whole situation was great. We turned out to be pretty similar and we hit it off great.

The first semester went by and it was great. Our dads also started to hit it off. They wanted to take us to a beach house before the next semester started. It was just going to be us for, me, my dad, my friend, and his dad.

The place was right on the water, it would have been perfect summer hot spot, had it not been in the middle of winter. It was a mix of a bachelor pad and a honeymoon location. It was just two bedrooms so the respective families shared a room. It was a long drive and we were all tired. We blasted the heater and went straight to bed. I woke up with just my boxer briefs on and my dad with just his briefs. His calf was over my knee. I NEVER saw my dad like that, until that moment. I started to get hard. It was still pretty early because the moonlight was still shining. I wish it shined on the bed, but I just kept staring into the dark hoping my eyes would soon adjust. I was getting harder just thinking about it and I wanted to see if my dad had any wood going on. Something about laying in bed, sweating, got me going. Finally, I could see... But there was nothing to see. He was just asleep and sweaty. I wanted to just jack off and go back to sleep but I didn't want to wake my dad. Any movement would wake him up.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of the shower running, and of course with raging morning wood. I didn't care, I was too horny. I slipped my shorts off and jacked off to the thought of my dad showering, rubbing his hairy chest with soap, working down to his happy trail then around his bubble butt and up to his dick. I was about to cum within seconds and I hear a cough. My dad walked in the door. He looked at me funny, coffee mid- sip. I instantly stop moving my fist. It was such an awkward moment. I stopped, and we looked at each other for a few seconds, and then the cum shoots out.

My dad and I are cool, but not jack off in front of each other cool. Let alone, cumming for one to see. He joked, Did you have to do that where we sleep? and walked downstairs. I just ran into the shower and cleaned off.

I couldn't look at him in the face all day but we continued on with our day. I begged my friend to ask his dad if he could share a room with me and if our dads could share a room. They agreed since there was a couch that they could switch off sleeping. It was late and we were watching tv. Just hanging out, talking about what the next school semester awaits us.

Then the most random commercial comes on, Boys Gone Wild. 30 seconds of naked guys with stars over their cocks and then a quick doggie style clip with a star covering where they touch. We just looked at each other and busted up laughing. Then we talked about it. We both were horny, and were used to JUST jacking off in the same room. The house did not have wifi and this was pre smartphone. We got hornier as the time went on.

We decided to buy a porn channel, since it was a house full of guys. We know our dads would understand. We hoped. I knew my dad would. But by the time we found the courage to buy one, we were super horny and we bought the fetish package. We skipped the feet, the bbw, and we thought the daddies one was perfect.

We expected a big dicked man pounding a girl and her overly moaning her brains out. Boy were we wrong, it was some incestuous porn. It was a dad and mom and a daughter and then a dad and a step daughter and then a dad and son and step daughter. I wasn't into them talking about being family, but it was hot sex. We put it on mute and we just jacked off. We never do anything mutual, just simple jacking off. Then the next one seemed to be a dad and his son. We continued pumping our cock waiting for a girl to come into the scene but then the boy's mouth started to move south. We continued jacking.

My friend asked who in the right mind would get turned on by their dad. I was so horny and I said I would so fuck my dad. And then my friend looked at me, and took a gulp and said I would let him fuck me. I was so turned on. I could tell he was too since the veins in his dick were popping out.

We devised a plan to blast the heat and hope that our dads would once again strip down into their briefs. Then we could go into their room and let our wildest fantasy come true. We cranked it to 90 degrees. We sat in our room jacking off to the porn, waiting for the heat to be son unbearable. We assumed our dads to be asleep.

A quick 10 minutes into the heat wave, our door swings open and it was my friend's dad. With one eye open, he said to us to not turn on the heat anymore. I stopped jacking off and use the sheets to cover myself up and my friend keep going, saying he was so close. MY friends dad said wow and started to walk off and my friend screamed for his dad. He asked him to join us. He said that he knew he was horny from the morning wood that he saw. He knew he needed to bust one out.

There was a pause, and then he comes in. He just goes to the couch and watches the porn. My friend gets off the bed and sits next to his dad and couch. He somehow gets his dad to jack off with him. I go to see if I can get my dad to fulfill my needs.

I walk into his room and he is awake, completely naked, walking to the bathroom. I call him and he said it is too hot and he needs a shower. And he asked me where my friend's dad was and was hesitant to say. And my dad was like do you know. And I was like, well, he is in our room jacking off with my friend. My dad just looks at me and continues walking to the bathroom. I said that they asked for me to come get you to join in.

He said is was actually kind of horny, and joked that since he saw me cum, I should see him cum. I looked down and my dad said don't worry about it. And he said he will go just to make it up to me, so that things would be so awkward.

When we got back to the room, my friend and his dad already came. Cum was all over their chest. My dad and I sat on our bed. I jacked off for an entire 10 seconds before cumming. My dad kept beating his meat. Everyone was cum soaked and my dad opened his eyes and looked around. Then he got up and showered without actually cumming.

We never mentioned it again. Nothing happened the rest of the trip. My friend and I watched porn and jacked off but never got the urge for our dads... Until our camping trip.



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