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Best Friends Sleepover

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This is such a cool site, I read it every night


My best mate, Lee had a birthday and he invited a few of his friends to stay over with the blessing of his father who said he would make himself scarce as lolng as we didn't burn the house down. we didn't. I arrived first as always and i went up to Lee's room to see if he was ready and as I walked in he was on his bed completely naked and jerking off to a gay magazine that I had never seen before. As soon as i walked in he looked embarrased and tried to cover himself up but it was too late, i had seen his erect penis and low hanging balls. "God, I'm sorry." He said to me as if it had been my bedroom he was jerking off in. "Don't mind me." I said calmly. "Carry on and finish, you need to." I said seeing the tent beneath the underwear he had covered himself with. Slowly he pulled the shorts away and I stood looking at the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. I walked over to the bed and sat by his hip looking at his naked body. At 15 he was well proportioned and had a nice 5 incher. I was a little larger but not as nice to look at. I reached over and stroked his chest flicking his nipples. He let out a long sigh and half closed his eyes as I slid my hand down his flat stomach passed his throbbing member and i cupped his balls very gently and rubbed beneath them. This sent him into the stratosphere and I smiled as he writhed on the bed and arched his back. I grabbed his cock with my other hand and slowly pulled his foreskin back revealling his purple cock head. There was a small leak of pre-cum and I don't know what came over me but i licked it off. At that point Zack walked in, he was 13 and the youngest of our friends. He stopped in the doorway and looked at us both, Lee on his back and my mouth over his cock. "Cool." He said quietly and he walked in closing the door behind him. He quickly stripped off and joined Lee on the bed feeling his own cock and already it was hard and poking up. "Roll over." I said to Lee and he did exposing his cute tight ass. "Get on your knees." i motioned to Zack and he did showing me his ass which was tight and smooth. I pulled off my clothes and got on the bed looking at two pert asses and I gripped Zack around the waist and using my other hand I reached round and gripped his cock. I slowly jerked him off and I said to him stick a finger into Lee's butt. He hesitated as he moaned slightly but he rached across and Lee moaned as Zach's finger slid into him. He began to hump the bed and i jerked Zack off. It wasnt long before the young kid moaned and his body tensed before he bucked and I knew he had orgasmed, dry but just the same. I released his jerking penis and I slid one finger into his ass as Lee turned over and gripped my stiff organ. He jerked as I fingered Zach who was breathing heavily and I knew he was about to come again. I started to pant and Lee Moved so that he was behind me and I offered his free hand my ass. Still jerking me off he gently slid a finger into me and I moaned loadly as Zack turned over and he began to play with my balls. This was heaven. "Don't stop." I breathed and I could feel myself near orgasm. "Oh." "Oh." I cried as Lee's jerking and Zack ball play tipped me over the edge and I came four long ropes onto Zack chest and chin. Lee stopped and reached under my balls to grip Zach who shuddered and he came almost immediately. I looked at his face, the look of sheer pleasure filled it and he sighed looking relaxed and his eyes slipped closed. Lee was next and I bade him to lie back and I got on top of him and kissed him, french kissing and i humped him, my cock against his and he moaned and groaned, letting out a short cry and I felt a warm wetness between us and i knew he had come. We showered together and was just finishing dressing when three of our other friends turned up. Needless to say that night there was a six boy circle jerk and we all came together coating the wooden floor in our cum. That weekend we sucked and jerked four or five times more and this afternoon I got a call to sleepover at his house for the weekend with the same friends. I can't wait. Hope you got hard reading this, so go take care of it and cum back soon.



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