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Best Friends Do Everything Together

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First Off, I love this site. Thanks to all the contributor and the new webmaster. This is about me and my best friend last summer (We are both straight.)


I have known my best friend Kevin for as long as I could remember. He lived across the street from me when we were in elementary school. He later moved to a large town on the slopes of a near by mountain, I thought that was the last I would ever see him. But we were separated for only a few weeks because we moved to a sub-division near his. We grew up together, played the same sports, took the same classes. We are both athletic so we are pretty well built. Anyway:
It was during the summer after our junior year in high school. My family and I had just came back from the Philippines (I am Filipino, Chinese, and Spanish.) I was behind with my senior project (I take an advanced placement course in which our report must be completed over the summer. The senior paper is a graduation requirement at our school in Hawaii.) Kevin didn't do much because he went to Japan with his family (He is Japanese and Hawaiian). His parents had to go to a business trip upon arrival, so it meant that he would be staying with us for about a month. My parents went to the mainland to visit family shortly thereafter. So I got the house to my self and Kevin. Since I had gotten my drivers license before the vacation, we were free to go wherever we wanted. After I got my paycheck from work, I bought a DVD player and several DVD's since Kevin had gone on a date with his girlfriend. Unfortunately my girlfriend was going to be away in mainland for the whole summer. So I had the house to myself. I worked started to work more on my project when my cell phone rang. Kevin's girlfriend broke up with him. I drove downtown and picked him up. On the way up the mountain I asked him, 'So what do you want to do tonight, I don't have much to do with the project anymore. I got a DVD player today too.' It was decided that we would spend the night watching movies. We first stopped at his house so he could get some clothes and pick up some of his discs. When we got home, I cooked some dinner and I took a shower. I was in some old gym shorts and nothing else. He wore the same thing too. I ran upstairs and brought down a stack of movies and some that I pulled from my older brothers collection of porn. He pulled some movies from his backpack, he too brought some of his older brothers porno movies. We watched one movie and decided to skip the others and get to the porn. I had been one and a half months since I had sex with my girlfriend so the movies excited me a lot. Within the first 10 minutes I became hard. I noticed that he to was hard when I looked down at him sitting on the rug. After about 45 minutes of the movie I said, 'That's it, I need to jack-off. It has been forever since I fucked Kelly.'
'Go right ahead,' he turned back to look at me and saw my throbbing cock sticking out of my shorts, 'Holy shit, you soaked your shorts with pre-cum!'
'I know' I dropped my shorts and started stroking my well-lubricated dick. I made it a point to go nice and slow, 'This is the first time I jacked-off since before I left for the Philippines, there is no privacy there.' I was just about to cum from the sheer pleasure of my slow hand on my slick cock. I watched the movie as the woman was doing 69 with a guy, I noticed in the glare was a reflection, it was Kevin watching me stroke my prick. I always wanted to jack off with him, but I he had his girlfriend and I had mine. I asked him, ' Enjoying the show?' he looked at me and was flushed, 'When was the last time you and Carrie fucked?'
'My birthday.'
'That is all the way in December!'
'That was when things went for the worse, I knew she was cheating on me, but I loved her.'
'Did you jack off?'
'No, she didn't like it. So I just waited.' I told him to sit on the couch, and pulled of his shorts. He had a nice, thick, cut seven inches with a mass of black pubic hair at the base. I was a little scared, but I told him, 'It is a favor for my best friend.' He concentrated on the movie as I licked my lips and took him into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down and moved my tongue around concentrating on the sensitive parts under the head of his penis. I heard him grunt after a few minutes and felt his body shudder. I knew he was going to come so I engulfed his whole length and deep throated. I moaned as came and came in my mouth as ropes and ropes shot down my throat. I winced when I tried to swallow but I took it all down. I kept on moving my tongue around some more until he was entirely flaccid. He kept on shaking and it took a while for him to catch his breath. He said to me, 'That felt great. Was that your first time?'
'I owe you.' He looked down at the small puddle I made of pre-cum. 'Let clean that up first.' After cleaning up my puddle, I sat on the couch and watched the movie. My cut, nearly seven inches was throbbing now and it was still over flowing with pre-cum. I could tell Kevin was nervous. I he began by licking up all my fresh pre-cum up and then began sucking my cock. It was pure ecstasy, he was going nice and slow. I was sure I was going to explode. After nearly 15 minutes, I couldn't take it, my whole body shuddered and I threw my head back. My back arched as he began deep-throating. He licked my balls and it set me off. I came and came for what seemed like forever. My body was quivering and I couldn't walk. Kevin stood up and said, 'Thank You.'
For the rest of the summer we gave each other hand-jobs and blowjobs, we agreed that there would be no anal sex. He got a new girlfriend and I broke up with mine. Other experiences will come soon. But remember Best Friends ARE the best.



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