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Best Friend's Boy Juice

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I grew up in a small village which meant I had a mixture of younger and older friends during my formative years. When I was 17 years old my best friend was a guy called Graham, who at 15 was two years my junior.

Graham was arguably the best footballer in the village meaning he was held in high esteem by our peers. He was confident and outgoing, with a bit too much puppy fat and a croaky voice.

There are two things he was famous for quoting in public. The first was that one of the other boys in the village had once asked to see his dick-Graham put this across as weird and freakish and the other kid had to vigorously deny this ever happened. The other was that Graham famously once said that when he was bored he wanks. This was quite a brave statement at the time and something that, in a friendly jokey way, nobody let him forget about.

Graham and I spent a lot of time together and shared many happy times playing football, computer games, watching TV and hanging out. Sometimes we camped outside at our houses and we spoke fairly openly about girls, sex, masturbation, life, the universe and other such things. He always jokingly said he couldn't wank and I took this as being completely untrue given his 'being bored' statement, his age and knowledge on the subject.

Graham's house was on two levels and his room was downstairs and fairly private. We were in his room one evening playing a computer game and as time went on he kept saying that he couldn't wank properly. I just dismissed his comments as I didn't understand what he was going on about. He already knew that I regularly masturbated and I wasn't sure if he wanted to know more details about what I got up to myself. As we continued to play the game he kept complaining and eventually admitted what he had meant all along. This surprised me: at age 15 he stated he could only dry orgasm and had never actually cum or had a wet dream.

This was enough for me and I decided to take matters into my own hands, literally. We were sat next to one another so I just looked at him, stared knowingly into his eyes and moved my hand over towards his crotch. He was wearing sports bottoms which were quite loose at the top. I slid my hand down inside where his boxer shorts gripped his chubby waste. I quickly passed the elastic and probed around-soon being skin on skin with his hard dick. It felt very small in comparison to my own but as I couldn't actually see anything it was difficult to judge. It was also quite tight for room down there and after feeling his dick I had a quick explore around. I felt his pubic hair which again was quite different to my own-it was softer and there wasn't the same volume, it seemed concentrated in a smaller area above his shaft. I felt his ball sack and cupped his balls which felt a bit strange because of the way he was sitting-but they seemed in keeping with the size of his shaft, and kind of hairy. There was an amazing sexual tension in the air as he focused on continuing to playing the computer game whilst I probed around his groin area which was strangely warm and satisfying.

I moved back to his dick, comfortably wrapped my hand round it and started to wank him off in the traditional way I used myself. At the beginning he lost concentration on the game a couple of times, complaining that I kept snagging his pubes before he looked back on the screen and continued with the game. There were a few more grimaces and adjustments in the chair before we had found a comfortable arrangement. I continued to slowly pump away on his small dick for quite some time. I asked him to let me know when he was beginning to orgasm and cum but he looked slightly confused and we both landed up focusing on the computer screen for a while as I rubbed him up and down. After a couple of minutes of steady rhythm he had reached the point of no return. His face flushed red and his breathing became more heavy and pronounced as I continued on my mission. There was absolutely no precum or lubrication and the only moisture down there was slight sweat as I moved my hand up and down his shaft, teasing his foreskin back and forward over his bell end. And then he suddenly signed, grunted and swore, leaning forward and moving his chest into his lap as he experienced the first orgasm induced by anyone other than himself. To this day I'm not sure if this was his first ever orgasm but his reaction would have suggested that. This was also seemingly another first for as he moved his chest to his knees, forcing my hand to release it's grip on his cock, I could also feel wetness: he had actually came. With this he seemed overjoyed and beamed with pride saying some words of exclamation and praise. It seemed like a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders and I had done him the biggest of all favours. My hand was pretty covered as I slid it out from underneath his clothes. He looked incredibly pleased with himself.

We were still both sat next to one another and I examined my hand. It was covered with the clear boy juice he had exploded with moments before. It was most unlike my own-mostly clear and was amazingly pungent with a strong bleachy smell. In fact, it was mega smelly! I held my hand to my nose for better investigation. His body must have been storing up this stuff for a while, for his first ever release as it seemed so amazingly concentrated. I left him sat beaming and headed off up stairs to clean up with my wanking hand outstretched and immobilised. After a quick further examination of his produce I washed my hands under the tap and returned downstairs to quiz him. He didn't give much away but his reaction and weird cum confirmed to me that what he had said was true and that this was the first time he had ejaculated. After that we continued computer gaming for a while, then I returned home. That night I gave myself a special wank with my hand down my own boxers, remembering all the details and pretending I was the receipient of such a gift. I had a good examination of my own cum but the smell and consistency was in no way comparable to his special ejaculation.

I went back to his house a couple of days later, teasing him that he must have been wanking like a madman with his new found full pleasure. I can't recall the details but I remember being in his room whilst he peeled off his clothes for me to have a second go. This time I saw his dick in the flesh for the first time and my hands had not deceived me: it was standing at full attention but much smaller than my own in thickness and length but with a generous flap of pointy foreskin at the top. He had quite a straight cock and his pubic hair was mostly concentrated in a little black whisp above his shaft. I pulled back his foreskin slightly for a look at his mini bell end before rolling it back and pumping away. I was there for a good while having to change positions and hands, tugging away whilst he read a magazine. But the wank was abandoned as it seemed to be getting nowhere, maybe this is why he had such trouble in the first place-it seemed to take him a lot to get to orgasm. It probably wasn't the first wank he'd had that day-or maybe it was this delay that caused him problems in the first place.

I had one other go at his house a few days later when his parents were out and we were both sat in the living room watching TV. This was more successful and I brought him off again with my hand down his boxers. His boy juice was still fairly clear but slightly whiter and gone was the potent aroma-now that his balls seemed in proper production order.

It wasn't until shortly after when he stayed the night at my house did we have our first proper mutual session-until now it had entirely one sided. I remember we sat late at night in my bedroom playing Monopoly in our boxer shorts. We knew what lay ahead and before long we both had tents-him with his little dick pointing up like a stick and me with my bigger fatter dick poking out the side of my boxer shorts. I lay down on the floor as he sort of play fought and straddled over me, pulling down his boxers as I looked up at his balls and dick. I grabbed his cock and started pumping away. From there he got under the covers in my bed and I sat on the floor, reaching under the covers to continue bringing him off. Again he brought his chest close towards his lap when he came, requiring me to withdraw my hand as he squirted his tame jizz underneath the covers. I remember pulling back the covers to inspect the watery marks he'd left behind over my sheets.

Then it was my turn as I lay down on the floor and slowly pulled down my boxers. I teased him, proudly showing off my mass of pubic hair first, then with my rock hard dick snagging on the elastic, it bounced out into play as I pulled my boxers down, finally revealing my large balls and hairy sack sitting on top of my closed thighs. It was quite a contrast to his own setup and he looked at me slightly in awe. He hesitated for a few seconds, taking everything in, before reaching over and wrapping his hands round my throbbing cock. The cold air, teenage sexual charge and the feeling of him squeezing his hand round my cock, pushing my pronounced tube, gripping my veins and feeling my heartbeat.... I shuddered and shivered... and that was before he even moved his hand! After what seemed like a long time he started sliding his hand up and down as I looked down to seem my japs eye appear and disappear with each full stroke. It didn't take me long before I felt the most amazingly powerful orgasm brewing and I whispered to him to that I was about to come and to 'watch this'. I'd not had a wank for several days so put on an excellent show for him, squirting around 5 ropes of thick creamy cum all over my bare chest. He let go in shock and my dick continued to pulsate as I writhed in ecstasy as the last few dribbles dropped out of the tip of my penis landing on my pubes. For good effect I then pulled back my foreskin and ran my hand up my tube from the base of my shaft to show off every last drop. He seemed quite taken aback by the volume and thicker consistency in comparison to his own. I then cleaned up with a tissue and we both went to sleep, he in my bed and me on the floor, Monopoly game unfinished and the room buzzing with teenage hormones and the smell of jizz.

It's been great to read other people's stories on this site and thought it's about time I contributed my own-hope you enjoyed it!



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