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Best Friends

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I am 22 years old and have been masturbating frequently since about the age of 10. One of the best sexual experiences I had happened when I was 15.
I was at my best friend Carrie's house and we were talking about the different ways we liked to get off. Carrie told me that she had found some porno movies in her parent's closet a few days ago and said that she had never seen a porn movie but that she was curious. I said that I was too, and she then said that since her parents were both at work that we could get one and watch it if I wanted to. I thought that sounded like fun, so Carrie left the room and brought back one of the videos.
The tape had not been rewound, so when she put it in the VCR it was already in the middle of a pretty heavy scene. There was a man sitting on a couch with a woman riding his cock in reverse and there was another man standing on the couch next to the woman stroking his dick and getting ready to stick it in the woman's mouth. Needless to say, we were both pretty shocked, but also very interested! Then the camera switched to another couple on the floor in the same room. The man was doing the woman dogie style and he had a nice big cock. Carrie and I both almost fell off the bed we were sitting on when we saw that!
After about 10 minutes of watching this hardcore action, I noticed Carrie kind of squirming around on the bed next to me. I told her that this was making me very horny and she said she was having the same feeling. I then started to rub and pinch on my nipples through my shirt, and asked her if she cared if I touched myself. She said she didn't mind, and that she was also wanting to play with herself. We both sat on her bed watching the movie and playing with our tits. I got up and kicked off my jeans and started to rub my pussy. Carrie must have thought this looked good, because she then did the same. Some time later we both came to orgasm separately, but could not bring ourselves to stop watching the movie.
Then a scene came on with a man and two women. At first we kind of acted disgusted when the women began to kiss, but we soon were excited by this. Carrie said she of course would like to have sex with a man someday, but that she also wondered a little what it would be like to be with another girl. I said that I definitely wanted to have sex with a man, especially after seeing that really nice big cock we saw in the first scene, but that oral sex with a girl would probably be really good since she would know what it feels like to have a pussy.
Carrie then reached over and touched my breast. We both smiled and moved closer to each other. We started off just touching each other's tits and kissing. I began licking and gently sucking on Carrie's nipples. She started moaning and moved her hand down to my now very wet pussy. She began gently rubbing the outside of my slit and then slowly separated my lips and started massaging my clit. This was the first time that anyone's fingers besides my own had touched my virgin pussy and I was so excited my head was spinning. I eased Carrie onto her back and slowly kissed down her body from her nipples to her cunt. My fingers played with her pussy for a couple of minutes before I returned my mouth to her body. I licked the outside of her steamy pussy and slowly poked my tongue through her lips, this made her gasp. Hearing her obvious pleasure made me even more excited and I spread her lips open with my fingers and used my whole tongue with one big swipe up the middle of her pussy. I licked her like that a few times and then took her clit in my mouth and gently sucked. I thought Carrie was going to scream she enjoyed that so much, so I continued sucking on her clit and then put a finger into her hole. She told me to keep doing that and not to stop. I sucked her clit and finger-fucked her until she came to a loud moaning climax. She calmed down and said that was so good that she had to try to return my favor and she hoped that she would be able to do it as well as I did. Well, believe me, she did!! To this day, that was the best pussy eating that I ever had.



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